Why is Veeky Forums so anti-woman / family?

Why is Veeky Forums so anti-woman / family?

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Normans are such pitiful creatures

because roasties are fucking evil, dude

>Woman needs to LARP to pretend shes capable of supporting a family
>Posts typical roastie attention whore tweets

No ty

jokes on her i'm already passed out drunk by the time the super bowl starts

Now for the reality:
>It's 2028, your fuck buddy is out with a younger better looking Stacy as you're crying into a tub of Ice Cream despite being 300 pounds, barren, and more ugly by the day, your friends are gathered around the dining table discussing how men are all evil because no one will marry them or date them, your womb is rotten from STD's and the thousands of loads its had deposited in it, your about to suffer from heart failure in your 50's

Lol sluts will reap what they sow, ultimately they lose

What she doesn’t mention is that she’s completely willing to have sex with any of the male “friends” she finds attractive with zero remorse as long as she knows she won’t get caught or judged.

Do you really, REALLY have to ask?

Norman women are fucking disgusting.
They lie constantly, ruin your day with their moody bullshit, expect to be constantly showered with praise and gifts, fuck anybody who can advance their prospects in life, and latch on while you're winning and then walk away with half your shit while badmouthing you to anybody who will listen.
Women were a mistake.

saved, when i'll think i'm worthless i'll look at this to remind me that atleast i'm not a nuisance


this. that post is so fucking cringe.

This too. I'm actually very happy I dated a stupid attention whore once, because I learned my lesson. They may have tight pussies and can seduce you, but they will fuck you over.

In fact, I probably would never date a girl who actively uses social media again.

Nah, she's a keeper. That's fucking brilliant lmfao.

>dining room
>implying I won't be living in a one room shack in 2028 because that's all I can afford in Southern California

Someone actually took the time to make this fucking image. KEK

>holding an xbox controller
figure it the fuck out

/pol/ produces some gems sometimes

that sounds fucking horrible

Truer statement has never been said.

Dated a girl for 2.5 years, takes her one week at her new job before she starts flirting hard with a co-worker. I find out, end it immediately, kick her out of MY condo and then her and her parents have the nerve to come yell at me?? Like I'm sorry was I supposed to let her continue flirting until she fucks him? Then what let them both move in with us?

lmao women can sometimes be extremely pathetic, however.... there are good ones out there, the main takeaway that every user should take from all of this "woman hate" is to be very very very fucking careful before you even consider marrying a chick. The night she came to get her shit, she tried to take so many of my things... and again claimed it was my fault we broke up. Had we been married I would have been royally fucked.

So anons please, there are good girls out there but unfortunately, they are VERY VERY rare, do your damn due diligence before you ever marry one.

That's not /pol/. They would be screaming something about muh white race.

implying i won't be living in a bathroom having all i need while i'm not playing virtual reality games

five married men cheating
and shes the bad guy

>the thousands of loads its had deposited in it,
go on

how you find out?

she's lucky you didn't beat the fuck out of her

How pathetic are you, as a person?

>The night she came to get her shit, she tried to take so many of my things
This I can believe. Women love pulling this shit; they have a great ability to twist every situation into one which favors them the most. But
>her and her parents have the nerve to come yell at me??
confuses the fuck out of me. Her parents actually came to yell at you? What did they even say?

Why are women so anti-men (unless you are chad or tyrone) / family?

because they have been rejecting by women all of their lives

people here are spoiled beyond comprehension by mommy and daddy, they are used to getting what they want. Unfortunately women dont want them so they hate

sad truth


take the vasectomy boys a kid is a link you can't break (as a men, because the whore who killed his baby for 130usd damn fucking bitches)

Bunch of old men who have been hurt by women. I understand where they're coming from I'm just not there yet

consider the men's wives. You think they were alright. Pretty sure those wives married that man for his money.

I use whatsapp to talk to her, she only had me and her family on there and I was going to message her as I normally do but noticed her status was "online" so I figured she was msging her parents so I gave it 15 mins and checked again... Still "online", so I waited an hour and the same thing. Got home and confronted her, made it seem like I already knew, bluffed her, she caved and admitted to flirting with the guy.

I did something stupid and asked to read the messages, I highly advise you never do this because no matter how tough of a guy you are, when you read messages about the woman you love talking to another guy as if she's in love with him, it hurts man. It really hurts.

It was a blessing in disguise of course, better to find out now as opposed to later right? Doesn't hurt any less though. Stay strong brothers and just learn from others.

They got pissed at me because I kicked her out when I found out, It's not like she didn't have any place to go... her parents lived 10 mins away and I already knew they had an empty room for her to stay at (not that I really cared at that point but I'd never kick her out if she had no where to go).

They were mostly pissed because that's the type of people they are... Being mad at me because I dumped her, meanwhile not realizing if she didn't plan on cheating I wouldn't have done it...

>my proof is a post from a Pakistani cockroach collectors forum

At least they dodged a bullet by not being with you.

hahahahahahahahah +1

These whores would get bored of the marriage life once they realized they can't fuck around anymore.

because even if you're not worth a lot women will strip you of whatever you've got

cringe! LOL

similar thing happened, asked to read messages hoping they were only the guy flirting, ended up seeing tons of heart emojis from the girl who supposedly i was the love of her life...

Majority of women live off their children, but demand equality at the same time.

Really some kike shit.

As stupid as it sounds brother, the blushing emoji and heart eye emoji stung like a bitch lmao. I'm sorry you had to go through that man, but we're gonna be alright. We'll find good ones eventually.

>t. Used up slag
Lol, every man believes this to their core naturally, don't be deceived


Take a look again because it does

because she can say all that shit and fool literally everybody and then out of nowhere turn into the worst thing that ever happened to you. women are a 100x long from the top.

since 3rd wave feminism, MOST but not all women are gold digging, SJW, man hating libtards that will sooner accuse you of rape/domestic violence than say hello to you. women are simply too dangerous in current year.

That thread is no older than 3 days, look it up, thats not even the cringiest part.

As some anons said above, it is worth if you find a good woman but damn thats prolly 1% of the population.

I've lost so many opportunities and bluepills by being with very decent women that I don't even want to think what could have happened if I had picked the wrong ones.

Man I wish I was born gay, for real.

chase a check never chase a bish

kek so if they didnt use whatsapp you'd just be a cuck right now. Well done.

I checked their Twitters and the first is a camgirl and the second is a porn actress. Their entire Twitters are filled with porn and sex related tweets. The vast majority are still depicting white male and white female. Very easy to avoid women like this in general anyway.

IMO the pain is good for you. Same thing happened to me, always thought it was just weak numales overreacting but going through it myself really was an eye opener. Girl was messaging saying how it was her first time getting fucked bareback in his car. Hurt me too much to think clearly and download a record of the conversation. I somehow even let the guy walk away scot free. Never gonna make that mistake again and get emotionally invested in a woman.

I'd prob be cucked AF, wouldn't of found out till she was fucking him most likely.

Ty based whatsapp

>"later that night, my husbands friend brad tells me he has some coke. while my husband puts our kids to bed and everyone else watches the game, brad and i go do coke in the bathroom before he bends me over the sink and fucks me raw"

part 2 of that tweet

As much as it would be nice to beat the fuck out of the guy... At the end of the day it's not his fault, yeah he might have known you two were together (in my case he did) but at the end of the day if you don't trust your girl to handle these type of situations you'll never get anything meaningful with any woman. You have to take the chance and unfortunately, a lot of women are going to fail that test every single time. The pussy guy hitting on my chick was someone who could easily be manhandled but it;'s not worth it to get a criminal record and ruin everything I have going for me. Those two belong with each other and not worth my time you know?

Your case if fucked up though... Like legit, congrats on coming out of that shit with your head held high.

>Ameriblubber culture

Nah, you wrong about that last part man. His and his whole family's is forfeit. If I can't make it to lamboland, at least I'll get the satisfaction of watching the piece of shit bleed in front of me.

Well man, if I knew I had like a month to live I'd prob do the same, but we are making it to lamboland man, one way or another.

I'm so fucking mad I discovered MGTOW so late in my life. Read "the tamed male" when I was 16 but you are retarded and horny at that age.

I'm glad I never had to go about shit like you did. But harming a women is never worth it, getting cucked by tyrone for a couple decades thanks to stacey IS NOT WORTH IT and only gives them ammo to keep fucking male rights.


All of them are """human""" trash.

its because when money is what you flaunt, money is what people around you expect, because it's a huge social necessity. faggots get surprised when they discover that girls only like them for their money.

>...I’ve already spend a lot of the money
>a keeper

Men are romantics pretending to be realists.
Women are realists pretending to be romantics.

>I did something stupid and asked to read the messages, I highly advise you never do this because no matter how tough of a guy you are, when you read messages about the woman you love talking to another guy as if she's in love with him, it hurts man. It really hurts.

this is the truest shit in the thread

Fuck desu, good luck with that shit


Just look at stories aimed at men and stories aimed at women, what is popular with each.

Every single romance women love has a love triangles, adultery, women making "mistakes" and it being brushed over as nothing, guys being toyed with.

You never see this in stories aimed at men. It’s either a Disney-like story or a tragedy where it doesn’t work out.

It speak volumes in my opinion, and I don’t even think it’s all women, but a frighteningly large amount

Its not fair to say that biz is anti woman/family
I'd say the whole world is antifam and women are all hysterical retards.
Birth rates are lowering, millenials are having less sex.
This isn't a bad thing tho, there are too many people on the planet anyway. I say we'd be better off if we have a couple generations of lameducks.
The Planet thanks you for being neet and browsing image boards.

Ya it has a lot to do with women that care about status and always looking for excitement or an upgrade. I think most men just want to unconditionally love someone that loves them back unconditionally.

I'm glad I found a girlfriend who is loyal and who relies on reason rather than hormonal emotions in making decisions.

what is the omisego of women?

How old are you/her? Jc

honestly torn between total bullshit and absolute genius

Never get emotionally invested in anyone except dollar bills

>she picks the standards of what is a fun time
>By your friends she means her friends
>All shit you actually payed for

Yeah I love modern slavery I mean marriage

Chad and Tirone lmao

25 myself, 24 her


I don't understand the normie obsession with watching sports and being surrounded by people, I've always loved doing my own thing at my own pace, but maybe I'm just aspie.


>five married men cheating and she is the bad one
There are 11 bad people on that equation, user.

i never understood people blaming not their cheating partners, but the people they cheat with. i was a lover to several girls before, but i never felt as if i was the one doing some fucked up shit, i even told one of the guys that his girl is sleeping with me behind his back. dude thanked me and bought me a beer at a bar.

>tee hee lets write something taboo to get more cucks to my cam shows

Agreed. Maybe it has something to do with me being an only child but most people don’t value their alone time. They would rather constantly be doing something with other people and it’s exhausting to me

Seems like most of you guys get it.

I would highly recommend reading "the manipulated man", regardless of how red pilled you think you are. You will never be the same after reading that book. The pdf is floating around online, give it a download.

No. Stop removing accountability from her. It is not the guy's fault, it was your girlfriend's fault. If you're going to do anything stupid, do it to her. Because if it wasn't that guy she cheated on you with, it would have been someone else.

Exactly how I feel, just being around people drains my energy.

That is just introversion. Introverts are exhausted by interaction whereas extroverts are energized by it. The tendency here to shriek normie at anyone that can handle social platitudes is cringeworthy though.

you're cringeworthy, fucker

70 IQ africans, 80 IQ pajeets and 90 IQ muslims aren't antifamily, though. it's strictly a western world problem
the current competitive crunch we face in western countries is due to abundance of people from poorer countries. if they had the same slightly declining birth rates as native western populations, you wouldn't see this race to the bottom in wages. and if you think burger flippers don't affect your IT job, you don't understand basic economic principles: when the amount of low quality people balloons up, it pushes slightly higher quality people out of low wages jobs, who themselves push even higher quality people out of medium wages jobs, and so on. the effect reverberates all the way to the top as long as someone else employs you
if this trend continues i guarantee you you will see even more wasted resources and environmental damage. no civilization outside of whites and japanese make a conscious effort to limit their impact, and there's no reason to believe that lack of effort in other places comes from poverty. if environmentally conscious humans die off, so will the planet

So your solution is to hand the world over to shitskins? Fuck you for trying to make your hedonism and cowardice about saving the planet.

/r9k/ /pol/fags on the board

Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company

A good summary for the cancer on most boards

Because women can't into longterm and are entirely guided by their pussy tingles. You can't build any kind of successful business on that, user. The reason why you see all these rich geezers with a young piece of meat under their arm is because they've accepted that a real partnership with these creatures is simply impossible.

>when the amount of low quality people balloons up, it pushes slightly higher quality people out of low wages jobs, who themselves push even higher quality people out of medium wages jobs, and so on. the effect reverberates all the way to the top as long as someone else employs you

i don't understand.. the burger flippers lose their jobs then take burger manager jobs?

This is the cancer I'm on about.
Some women are nice, some are whores
If your only information about women is Veeky Forums or being rejected on tinder, of course you'll be bitter

Like guys don't like fatties, women don't want a male who can't provide for shit

Response of a white knight cuck, You remind me of my fucktoy's fiance. I'd enjoy cucking you.

There's a small bar nearby that a group of about fifty Eagles fans always take over when they're playing. I snagged a seat at the bar four hours before kickoff and hung out until the first Philly touchdown to experience the celebration. Then I finished my beer, went home, fell asleep at halftime, woke up early and made bank trading vol.



You tendie loving panty waste.

Muh blog

>Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company

im so low iq i dont even understand this quote