I really, really, really, really like silver

I really, really, really, really like silver.


And you also really really really really dont like gains.


I really like silver too, but it's such a bad investment.

I've been buying 1oz bars from jmbullion wit my gains every week, although I would advise against getting 10 oz bars. If the price of silver goes super high, good luck selling 10 oz of silver

david seaman has been buying silver. his jew nose seems to be able to make money off currency and related items. the fact that he is buying silver means it will likely moon, and play as a hedge for crypto holdings

are APMEX bars good? I've been looking for details on the veracity of the silver contents and having difficulty trusting them as well as JM, BOLD, and the others recommended by leddit. looking to buy with 5 - 15% of my paychecks.

Canadian maples


2012. Got 20k savings. Two friends each told me different things: one said but silver one said buy this thing called bitcoin.

Decides to buy silver because MUH GOLD SILVER RATIO IS CRAZY.

Silver gained 6%. Calculated if I bought 20k BTC.


Fuck stackers.

>implying you would have held all the way to 70 million

Stop with this "what if" shit. You would have sold at +50% max

Suck my dick, silver and gold is worse than just letting cash sit under a pillow. Try sell your silver and gold? Below spot price.

Stupid thread. Put all your cash to crypto. Even the worst performing coin like Doge and DGB gained 2x in a year.

Gold and silver? Nope. Zero gains.

I have to second this to some degree. I got into silver back around 2012-2013 because libertarians and conspiracy people shilled it. I heard about btc at the same time. Bought silver then and ignored btc for a few more years. It is always good to have a little bit as a hedge though.

>Try sell your silver and gold? Below spot price.
This guy gets it. Never buy physical gold and silver.
If you have a shitload of money, invest in some silver and gold mining stocks so you don't get fucked when the Jews blow up fiat.
If you are poor, roll with crypto. You'll either make a mint or lose it all and be able to make it back again in 2 months.

These suckers won't know the prices dealers give them when they try to sell back the very silver or gold they bought.

Even selling via eBay has fees and extremely tedious listing all of my hundreds of ounces of silvers.

Own like a single ounce of gold in fractional denominations as a hedge against complete societal collapse. That's all it will ever be good for. It's not an investment.

kek I had a maple once, gave it to my drug dealer as payment for a 1/4oz

it would be worth like $22 now, and a quad is $50 at the least

how is circulated silver coins not better for this?

how much you got?
400 ozlet reporting in

So the 100oz bar I bought with 2 btc last January was a bad investment?

Personally I would've bought a huge amount of smaller bars. It's a lot easier to sell off small denominations of silver, and you won't have to demand 5000 dollars for someone to take a single bar out of your hands.

OP last name is (((Silverstein))), confirmed.

Why the fuck is an exgoalkeeper's financial plans relevant?

The price will literally never, ever ever go 'super high' Sorry kiddo. It is nice to hold or keep in a safe if you're a little autistic desu.

>buys silver
>Corrodes as you pick it up
>Corrodes as you set it down

>Look at it
It corrodes
>Smell it
It corrodes
>Think about it
It corrodes

Wow what an investment

i just unloaded a small amt of silver a couple months ago and yes it was a pain in the ass to sell on ebay. at one point, one of my packages got lost by usps but luckily they found it and rerouted.
coin shops will pay you $1 UNDER spot for silver.
so even if you manage to buy AT SPOT, you take an immediate loss if you try to sell when the price has been flat-lining.
having said that, silver really is beautiful and it is the shiniest metal and the whitest metal. it also has very special properties and can kill almost all bacteria and viruses.
i've learned my lesson and i would not keep a significant sum of funds tied up in gold and silver. i also missed out big by buying phys when i could've gotten btc at around $200-$800 (which was when i first heard about it from zerohedge but foolishly didn't look into it more).

silver doesn't corrode if you put into a fucking airtite container, dumbfuck. just keep it away from light and air and it will not "corrode". what's really happening is that it's tarnishing, which can be cleaned off, but continued exposure to light is not good.
its not an investment, it's a hobby and 1 possible hedge out of many. you should be diversified across multiple crypto and some physical just in case fiat and digital shitcoins take a massive hit and funds flow back into physical.

or you can continue talking shit on Veeky Forums about a subject you know nothing about. fucking teen faggots on this board mostly these days.


cept every 30 years it goes x10

>"Fucking fuckity fuck I hate fucking fucks"
Wow way to prove your intelligence.
How about you sell your fragile shit metal and buy some gold.

Why invest money in an asset that you have to spend money to upkeep? You are the fucking retard here go put away your garbage "hobby" before it depreciates in value more hurry lil cuck

Me too. Silver is the money of proper gentleman.