Brain Gang where u at

Get in here were mooning

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That ID-DBC color combo


fuck off pajeet nobody wants to buy your sideways tron tier coin


>Doesn't know about backing by NEO
>Doesn't know about binance listing soon
>Doesn't even understand the purpose of the crypto

DBC and BNTY back to ATH by EOM


holding 580,000 DBC. I can't wait to retire in 3 years.



Bro, you're retiring end of this year easy.

my point still stands. +5.50% is not "mooning" , dipshit.

I can confirm we have a solid pump in price partly due to Binance listing its first NEP5 token (RPX - which was NEO's first NEP5 Token, DBC being second)

SO buy and hodl.
There's also a korean listing coming soon.

I have inside info on DBC and guarantee we're going above $1 by mid year.

It's up over 50% since Feb 7th you fucking idiot

>30% up since yesterday
Fuck off faggot stop posting in these threads.

fuck i even forgot bnty exists

Ok those are some of the best I've seen yet

And dubs.

I just bought back in

Brain Gang dubs nice! Kick ass!

DBC will deflate before exiting the atmosphere

I've got some bad news for your prediction user. Chinese give eachother money on Lunar New Year. I wonder what crypto they will buy? Really makes you think.

Still holding 22k of my initial 100k bag.. every time I see these bullshit shill threads I want to fomo back in.. felt good to make a grand every penny it went up until it started going down pennies then 10 pennies then fucking 55 pennies. Eat a dick deep brain gang



38k deep here, I think the only reason we aren’t mooning anymore is because BrainGangGoodGuy sold a while back

>Bro, you're retiring end of this year easy.
What is the price prediction?

He was most likely an autist that became a heavy bag holder because he refused to sell when everyone told him to sell before it's too late according to someone in a discord channel that posted here, that's why he no longer posts. Probably some poor fag from India.

What a bunch of word salad! How could blockchain possibly "drive" a neural network at any effeciency worth while?

Stop falling for ICOs you morons! You have to be an idiot not to realize that there will never be an actual use for all these shitcoins, no one will use "Blockchain ledger technology for managing diary products" or whatever the sales pitch is for your shitcoin of choice.

>Wahh word salad! Wahh u r all morans!
Try and form a cohesive argument when you want to criticize something. It isn't hard.

I did! The core sales pitch its absolutely meaningless!

Please DO elaborate how neural network models can leverage a fucking blockchain you daft shill poo-in-loo!

>How could blockchain possibly "drive" a neural network at any effeciency worth while?
That is a cohesive argument user. If you had any experience with AI and wasn't just a shill, you'd know it.

He literally only had 1k invested , definitely a pajeet



green and dubs VEN $500 EOM confirmed

>a single question is an argument
Do you know what the word argument means?

Depending on the answer and the intent (Rethoric), it could be.

Maybe you could answer the question, im sure that would settle it.

Got 8800 DBC

50% portfolio in DBC and comfy af.

>there are people in here RIGHT NOW that didn't sell when it was 60 cents a piece

Oh my god, I've been waiting so long to dump these bags. If it isn't clear to you by now that this is an utter shitcoin, I feel genuinely sorry for you. SingularityNET is so clearly the better AI coin.

Google: Decentralised AI Summit.

>Check name of attendees.
>DBC was asked to present there.
>All these big names just having lunch together for no reason

Just fucking stop alright. Grow a fucking brain you cancerous little cunt.
Get that FUD outta here. Not that hard to research is it?

How about a cohesive database of memories to draw from. How about as securities to limit it. How about their main goal - reducing the cost of computational power.

Get outta this thread then you fucking shill.

SingularityNET is garbage and so is that CEO who looks like he's permanently on shrooms and he's just come on stage after taking a few hits from the bong.

Can't believe how easily a piece of shit toy like that "AI" robot has convinced so many people that AGI will even accomplish anything.

>huuur she has citezzzznshiipps in UAE

Wait, is that it? Jesus.

>who looks like he's permanently on shrooms and he's just come on stage after taking a few hits from the bong.
Kek, my exact same thoughts.

I feel so stupid, I sold some of my DBC to get AIG... Then lost 60% on shroom coin. fml.

DBC will go to one dollar.

How is SingularityNET garbage? It will be *the* marketplace for AI programmers, and eventually for AI entities to exchange value among themselves. I'm not going to larp like I understand neuroscience, but according to Goertzel, whom you'd tell is an actual genius if you watch his videos, the marketplace itself is designed to function like a neural network.
DBC has seemed nothing but shady and opaque to me. I'm open to being wrong though.

anyone who is from india or southeast asia has to be upfront about it guys
I was on BTC-Alpha yesterday and it was a total pajeet shit show(pun intended)
They have this livechat implemented

Some posts in here really give me the same feelings
>U buy coin now get real cash
>Moon incoming 5 minutes
>Buy now 10x your money in 2 minutes
>Buy SPA coin=house mortgage
>CMC=reading BUY spa= Real cash

I got physically sick after visiting this exchange
(before anyone asks, I was there because I was stupid enough to invest in TRF and I and somehow they thought it was a good idea to put it on this russian PnD exchang)

Anyways there is 100% some literal pajeets in this thread, u can tell from the way they write and choose their words

btw I'm not saying DBC is all bad but watch out with all the pajeets shilling this shit

Feels good

Yep. Neural network require massive amounts of computational power and a ton of data. This coin is basically bullshit. Anyone in real AI is just renting GPU clusters.

Uh huh. So explain it then. What does a neural network need a dedicated blockchain for? Node coordination? You can do that in simpler ways (like a conventional VPN kek) - and if you did need a blockchain, you'd use a DAO on Ethereum, or a custom Stellar token or something.

GTFO pajeets.

Maybe read what DBC is about before spouting garbage. No use to argue with someone who doesn't even know the basic concept of the project. Thanks for the free bumps, though.

DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, (DeepBrain Chain Gang!)
Spend 10 racks on new DeepBrain,
My bitch do love ChainLink (ooh)
I sold a coin, I forgot its name
I can't buy a coin without any gains
Rather go and buy Ripples
DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, (DeepBrain Chain Gang!)
DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, DeepBrain Chain Gang, (DeepBrain Chain Gang!)

None of that is something you would apply a blockchain to. Sure there is a need for pre mined training data (aka memories) and to be honest I have no fucking idea what you mean by "securities to limit it". I have a hard time seeing how a blockchain would reduce cost of computational power, sorry its word salad, jump ship like the Indian rat you are!

Binance listing soon, If I were reading this I would buy any Neo Platform token you can because Binance just allowed for them to be posted to binance, the first being RPX. QLC DBC are a couple good ones.

Since its your thread, why don't you give a brief summary of the concept of this blockchain scam?

You seem to be very defensive but without any real arguments against people calling you a shill / stupid for falling for this.

Im no AI expert by any means but I have read whitepapers about neural network computing extensively and tried out various neural network APIs as well as made rather crude attempts at implementing my own network schemes. But since you are an expert, you could tell me what the deal is and why I should involve myself?

Still no argument? You can't even try to defend your shitcoin?

I'm bumping this again. All anons need to see that you've got NOTHING.

Look pajeet, there's easier ways to make money than this. Go gamble on some games, play some Ethdungeons, go buy into Ethpyramid while it's still cheap. But enough with these dumbass shitcoins that nobody will EVER want.

B-But... I bought this coin at 60 cents, and I want m-my money back.

You're basically asking me to do research for you, do you also want me to hold your hand? You know nothing about the coin's purpose, yet you keep arguing about it and saying it's a scam. I'm willing to argue when you learn the basic concept of the coin. DYOR. I also find it weird you keep FUDing in a DBC-thread and you don't own the coin.

>this coins a scam
>"no its not"
>prove to me its not a scam
>"no do your own research"

Hi pajeet, why didn't you get out at 60 cent high? You had 6x profits staring you in the face and you decided to stay all in?

>this coin is a scam because I say so
>I haven't done my research pls sir explain why it isn't a scam?
I won't because pajeets like you say the exact same shit in every thread without any backing to your argument.

The onus is on you to prove your claim of why DBC is worth anything.

idgaf, bought in at 8 cents sold at 62 LOL

>unless you spoon feed me basic information that is easily accessed from archived dbc threads, their website, their telegram or their subreddit, articles and youtube videos, that means I'm right and dbc is trash
All that means is that you are imbeciles. You really shouldn't be surprised that people ignore retards like you in these threads.

Bruh hows its feel to be below ICO price right now

Checked... holding 35k.. hoping $5 eoy at least. Will we make it anons?

Lol you are a retard. They're not building a neural network with DBC, they're providing computational power from the miners for cheaper access to power AI related data.

Go back to shitting in your designated Nigerian street faggot

>They're not building a neural network with DBC
I never claimed this?

he's right. this is pure buzzword bullshit used to trick uneducated investors (you). the idea makes no sense. blockchain is nowhere near as fast or scalable as centralized cloud computing services like AWS nor will it ever be. this is not what blockchain is for. it provides no benefit here. you are retarded if you fell for this scam.

They're just hoping it'll got to 0.60 again so they can sell their bags they bought while FOMOing up to ATH lmao

>Team with actual experience
>Active team
>2nd NEP5 coin (after RPX)
>NEO backing
>Binance possibly listing more NEP5 tokens soon
I never even read the whitepaper lmao. This shit will go up regardless of real world usage. Bought 2.5k at $0.15, sold at $0.50 and rebought 7.5k @ $0.15 after the crash. Will sell 2/3rds at $0.50 again and just leave the rest. Never been comfier.