Which language besides English, is most Veeky Forums-relevant?

Which language besides English, is most Veeky Forums-relevant?

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Tough call. Mandarin is the meme language for business, but I wouldn't recommend it. Unless you have contacts within the CCP, it will be hard to earn a lot of money doing business in China. (reminder that most of the people organizing trade are just prestigious wagecucks instead of business owners) Japan is very 80's; furthermore, the only value it seems to have is technological prowess, but it's not really worth the effort.

If you live in the U.S. it's gotta be Spanish. You'll be able to organize the cheap labor for your projects easier. You can talk to customers in Spanish, and they'll naturally trust you more. (the fools!) German is what I'd recommend if you do a lot of business in Europe, but it acts as basically a fusion of Japanese and Chinese; mostly used for wagies, but still has access to technology. Arabic, however, is the true choice for a Veeky Forumsrealite. (because we all know that everyone on Veeky Forums is a native Hebrew speaker) You get to sell weapons to terrorists, buy sex-slaves, and earn billions from oil contracts that you by from the corrupt government by promising to line their pockets.

Buying and selling sex-slaves would be so fun if it wasn't so risky.

Russian cuz Sergey and Vitalik speak it

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>you will never be a 16th century Turkish nobleman who regularly buys the highest quality slaves from the market
Why even live?

the language of faggotry

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Mad respect for that guy. Fucking baller of the century alongside Satoshi

>loner in grade school
kek, try 27 years

honest answer here. you don't need to know any language besides english, because translators are a dime a dozen and can be hired dirt cheap.

I can tell you've never been out of the states. Travel a little, kid.


in that order

Russian might come after those if Russia gets its act together a little more

german? really?

try a programming language

>feels superior to other people because hes been on a holiday before

grats man huge accomplishment we're all really proud of you. Ive lived in 4 different countries and nothing is funnier than people like you that think boarding an aeroplane somehow makes you enlightened and cultured

Russia is an insignificant economy that's increasingly isolating itself. If you're into oil, gas or crime? Sure, otherwise it's more useless than Swedish.

>Projecting this much
Let me guess: you lived in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia and now you think you know the world well. Lel.

Singapore, Korea, Brazil and Sweden. But keep going on packaged holiday deals and telling everyone back home about how the culture and food is so incredible and no one else would get it, they all want to hear about it and dont think youre an annoying insecure douche at all

>Mandarin (+Cantonese for hk business and 3rd world Asian countries)

Cover 90% of the world

I speak Russian/English impeccably with no accent

for some reason today it came to mind that I could be some sort of international liason for Mercedes or Lexus
(or any other exotic manufacturer, really)
they fucking love Gelandewagons and LX570's over there

I'm just a kiddo though, still just pipe dreams of corporate wageslavery

German + the English that you already know will let you communicate and get respect anywhere in Europe, where a lot of international business opportunities lie, and on the internet, where German is the next biggest language to English

The other one in Europe is French, but anywhere you can speak French you can also speak German, and some places you can only speak English, German or the native language

Asian languages are impossible to learn, so I'll skip them. Ditto for Arabic.

French has high supply, but also high demand.
Spanish has astronomical supply, very high demand.
German has medium supply, medium demand.
Portuguese has very low supply, medium demand.
Russian, low and medium.

French and Portuguese have served me well. American, but international-focused white collar job.