>South Korea Finance Minister: Cryptocurrencies are Necessary For Blockchains to Operate


>first 3rd gen blockchain is live and running with a finished product


>First dapps. Smilegate, the 5th largest game maker in Korea, will launch Stove Coin on the ICON blockchain.


>ICX Vending machine live in action


>ICX ceo owns koreas biggest exchange coinone

mark 2.30min

>Dayli Financial Group, a house of Korean fintech startups, is working on creating an ecosystem called ICON that will allow government departments, universities, hospitals, securities, banks and any private company to interact without third-party networks that charge transaction fees or delay the process.

>ICONS EDGE: That’s where Ha believes ICON has a special role in the Korean ecosystem. The technology is already institutionalized, with the backing of the financial sector. It has signed on various projects for a securities consortium, a university, a hospital and insurance providers.




>Interchain & DEX inbuild, the 2 biggest subjects in 2018


>ICON partnered with RIPPLE

>ICON partnered with KYBER

>Partners with 27 financial firms

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Thanks user, just bought 100.

the coping is real

>up 40x

2500 ICX will i make it

Depends if you consider quarter million made it status

You think Swiss bro was larping when he said ICON has some new big partnerships in the works but can’t reveal due to NDAs?

yes, i recommend selling while you still can
this shitcoin is going back to $1

that will get me one great night at least

get out pajeet.

ICX has dozens of insane partnerships stacked up.

this shit came out yesterday:


brb partnering with the nations biggest information security companies specializing in mobile/ IoT internet security & next-generation authentication technology which works directly with the gov.

nobody competes with VEN and ICX partnerships i don't see any reason to buy anything but ETH VEN ICX

also NEO

NEO is cool on paper, but it's priced in, that doesn't mean newbs won't buy it. NEO doesn't have real world partnerships tho, like ICX VEN.

neo is marketing in the first place. icx has real world application right now. neo doesnt have shit but meme icos. if they dont get pobc blessing i see red.

ven has alot more insitutions backing it.

isn't NEO backed by the chinese government?

My portfolio's (in order from largest to smallest holdings) VEN, ICX, OMG, XLM. I have $150k spread among them.

Just gonna sit back and wait to be a millionaire by EOY. Maybe by August.

no m8..

my exact portfolio except worth way less and no icx

got 130 grand in icon. sometimes i wonder if im retarded but hope ill be fine

if i had to diversiry, unironically ven, omg, xmr, xlm, nas.


those kind of posts put on reddit dumbass. biz actually knows that Icxn will moon this year. People who hates on icxon bought High and sold low or try to FUD to get cheaper icxn >in most cases

not sure

only ven confirmed

ven isnt backed by central gov. big difference and thats all that matters.

I'll take a look again when it's rising

Neo is so fuckn priced in bc of airdrop end of month. after it nice dumP, mark my words

indirectly, cooperation with institutions WHICH are backed by government

>those downward spikes on the ETH exchange caused my extremely low buy order to get filled.

Feels good man. Glad to be back in the icon gang.