Time to separate the boys from the men

all memes aside, where do you see the ATH on this?

$983 Eoy


can any one of you pajeets post some screens about the hyperledger/chainlink relation? thank you

cant call the ATH because we wont see it in our lifetime, but LINK will be $100 by 2020 at least

you can screencap this

Estimation needs to be based on the following:

>how many nodes?
>how much LINK does each node hold on average for staking/reputation?
>how much buy pressure is there for new nodes?
>how much transactional value is being pushed through the network?
>how much speculative pressure is there on the token outside direct transactional value?
>how is user sentiment about future changes to the network?

Given that literally all of these things are unknown quantities it's retarded to make price predictions of any kind.

$20 TRILLION BY 2020

Unironically 1k within 2-3 years if some of the rumored partnerships are real and they don't shit the bed along the way. Unironically overtaking BTC or at least 2nd place if they can get a SWIFT partnership.

4k per link is undervalued

$1500 eoy 2019

5 bucks at best truthful answer here

I'm actually going to be realistic. I think 2018 will be all over the place but we'll for sre hit $200 in 2019.

I need a lot more than this to quit my job.

Can't estimate. If it doesn't get replaced by some currently unknown system; there is no upper limit.

I have no idea if it's a meme or if people are serious.

It's a serious meme.

Price will be $176.23 EOY. $625.91 EOD. $3264.93 by 2024, at which point the tech will start to change.

Screencap this.

Wtf is this .....user???

I was here when "Buy Eth" was a meme spammed in every thread. It's happening again but with LINK. Don't miss your second chace.

you realise it would need a market cap of over a trillion dollars to reach that right? Of course you dont, you dont know what a market cap is, youre a retarded linky lmao

Last 7 digits of my Id will be the price eoy. Check em

at least a 50 bill market cap

Will i make it if i keep trading like this? Im poorfag and only have 2k links. Doesnt look like i gain anything and maybe the trading fees will cost more lol

nice id be happy with almost 80mil

Whats the other main coin yall are holding with link? Aside from req, probably. Mine is neo.

You realise I could mint a trillion tokens and sell you one for $1 and we would have created a $1 trillion market cap, right? You realise that market cap is an absurdly shit metric because it doesn't take into account staking or anything, right?

yeah, you're retarded.


>Market cap is an absurdly shit metric

I cant be bothered educating you on this since your understanding of basic economics is completely missing, ill just say this; go find me 1 coin where the market cap graph does identically mirror the price graph. Ill wait.

>he doesn't understand how staking works
>le marketcap

stay poor eurocuck

I think that the 2018 eoy price will be equal to volume of my erect penis so I guess 38.5$

about $3

You realize market cap doesn't actually exist right? Of course you don't you're a newfag

$20000 EOY 2023

$20-$30 if it ends up in the top twenty and possibly even $50 if we have another ridiculous year like 2017. No less than $10 though. I'd be extremely happy if all the turbo-retards that keep screaming $1k are right, but I'm trying to stay reasonable.

This is just for 2018 though. I think it will go a lot higher in the long run if crypto keeps snowballing.

No fucking idea. Screen cap this.

no less than $100.

checkā€™d thank you user

it'll be enough for me once mainnet and staking is online


right back at you