So it begins

So it begins

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been popping all day, its not gonna stop

getting shilled left and right

I tethered at 108 feels bad man


all over twitter

what coin is that?

what coin is that


Zcl is gonna go to 400-500$ easily before the fork if BTC recover

all my shit stuck on Cryptopia mother fuckers!!!

thank you ernest you beautiful motherfucker sorry i doubted you. lmfao

Im tearing up, finally making it lads!!!!!!!!!!!!

come home WHITE MAN

keep shits until it has connections

incoming 1.4m sats

mooning now


and do we think Bitcoin Private will be >$500?

This is going to be a two week Moon Mission... strap the f*ck in

should i sell at 139, dip will come sooner or late

At some point it will be $1k

facts-- the crypto sites have taken a shine to it

Define crypto sites

there was a positive article about it

Yes but $1k is months down the road, that's why I wrote 'at some point'. Don't expect ZCL to hit $1k and don't expect BTCP to get all the way up there in a week.

Yeah itll be a while. I just meant the sentiment seems to have changed (at least for now) from scam fork to something a bit more noble

Its suddenly being shilled all over twitter.

Shitcoin gonna get dumped HARD after the fork

It's not a shitcoin. I never thought it was. I watched their conference, the team seems relatively professional (for crypto teams), they have an active github and are actively getting exchanges on board. I'm bullish

everyone knows that , we just want that btcp gains

no shit, but in the meanwhile you can get 5x gains

same here, but for a while there people were/are
calling it a pump and dump scheme

Hodl until just before fork or just after to get the btcp ?

Half and half is the safe bet tho btcp will probably dive after the fork before rising again

I'm gonna go 50/50.

That 0.0140

when does the fork happen

Thanks anons, I might do the same. What will the price of btcp when forked, any idea?


The real question is if this is gonna dip soon, I mean we had a moon mission today

Gonna sell my initial buy-in amount closer to the snapshot as a safety procedure. Does anyone remember how soon before the Ignis airdrop did NXT start to tank?

Is this for real? Can see that happening

I dont think its gonna dip much unless btc goes down hard. Fork getting close m8

If I'm not mistaken NXT 3x'd or so the week before the airdrop up until like 2 days before, peaked and then people started selling off, it saw about a 25% decline, then dumped hard after the snapshot. Best time to sell was 2-3 days prior.

Thanks for that, might consider selling around next weekend then

Got bad news for you. Its more than likely than not that BTC takes another nosedive sub 6k. Unfortunately this is going to obviously hinder ZCL heavily if BTC does go down that much or worse. Market sentiment is negative and bearish as fuck right now unfortunately. Luckily I just loaded more fiat into cuckbase ready for the impending dip. Looking into buying ZCL, been reading that cryptopia is having problems syncing their wallet. I dont have a shittrex account. Any suggestions where to buy?

Also, from just looking through the graph of NXT's rise in December, at this stage of the month approaching the snapshot it went 3x (as you mentioned). 0.04 looks a good target then.

I'm bullish but we'll see. You'll have to wait for binance to buy probably

>mfw gonna miss out on easy money

FWIW some tripfag says Bittrex is gonna open registration soon

Thanks for link. Based user.

is cryptopia not accepting new members?

They are as far as I know, but their ZCL wallet has been having a lot of trouble synching to the network. So withdrawling ZCL from cryptopia has been impossible.

>not going to risk another bitgrail situation
>mfw sold my xrb at 33$ and gtfo of bitgrail asap

what the fuck 0.0144

What's happening, new BTC-pairing ATH coming in!

>Didn't sell knowing BTC is dropping after successful moon mission.
Do you pray as well?