Enigma (ENG)


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1,400 eng reporting in

Very nice brother 1,038 myself, not enough to make it imo but a very fine amount to many.

Thanks man, I’m trying to get some more before it really takes off

340 here
Eoy projections?

a made a bug report on the catalyst github and the dev fixed it pretty quickly desu

Same, once I get my tax shit settled I'm jumping back in.

Who knows, if the market doesn't crash probably 50-75 (conservative estimate).

Huh? What are you talking about user, that post was shit explain again.

there is no need to be rude I think my post was clear

4750 here, will I make it?

What do you think of the demos on the website, like the trade bot and whatnot

I’d say so

I won't be satisfied until I have 1000 minimum.

How many for a node? ~4k here

Dumb question, but whats the reward for running a node? The transaction fees?

Depends on the coin. Usually pays a percentage in return for securing the network.


How comes theres hardly and FUD on enigma? Is it really that good?


Gonna add another 2000 next week once that faggot Lisk does what it’s supposed to do with the rebrand. That will be my last trade for 2018.

can you guys shill me on enigma? why will it moon? will it have multi billion dollar market cap?

What will eng be worth end of year?