Is this the book that ruined America?

>Manipulate EVERYBODY you meet
>View every relationship as a business transaction
>Take credit for others accomplishments


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I never resonated with it when I read it. Same with Machiavelli.


>kike author

U dumb if you don't acknowledge Machiavelli

It's practically science

it's political science. yes, Machiavelli contains excellent insights.

48 laws of power is basically a very simplistic, dumbed down Machiavelli.

no, its an edgelord book nobody takes seriously

>48 laws of power is basically a very simplistic, dumbed down Machiavelli.
Yes, it's American, we knew that.

I'm not saying it's ineffective. I'm saying I don't live by it. It goes against my nature.

top kek
also, americans dont know how to read OP

I've been reading quite a bit of finance, economics and self help shit. Can you guys recommend the specific Machiavelli book you are talking about?

people who've read it gave me the opinion that it's neither good or evil. it just points out how politics/industries are navigated, and you are in charge of which laws you choose to abide by, and which ones you choose to do your own way.

Cuz based Dalai Lama said, "Learn the rules, so you know how to properly break them"

Read this, OP.

I read it. One of he huge problems I had was that This book assumes that people are clever enough to react in the way you’d want them too.
Which is not the case.

Discourses on Livy.
Probably the best theory book I’ve read.
Up there with the treatises

It's probably "the prince", it's one of the most well known pol sci books out there. People cant' tell if it's satire though.

It's the book that ruined NEETs.

cheers guys

Also check out Leo Stauss’ Thoughts on Machiavelli. Helped me through my undergrad

No, its assuming you are clever enough to read the mark and understand human nature. You also have to be nimble enough to adapt and change tack.

Hardly anyone knows this guys name. It may be a Meme book, but it was a short term strategy and no one has gotten anywhere from living a lie forever.

if you actually want to be admired in life and have a good one read Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus

it's good stuff to make you stop giving a shit about worthless circumstances

I'm American, though I'll admit that was funny.

I'll also admit that I glossed over the title. the US is far from ideal, but there are problems everywhere in the world. the issues in OP are even more relevant to mainland China.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Damn if everyone on /pol/ read these books, the board would actually be tolerable.

American here. I've read and reread this book every year. This will be my fifth time reading it.

do you have part 2 to this?

Which translation of the prince is best?

literally the same book

It's first say something nice to someone before you criticise or ask them to do something and I've spared you the torture of reading that book.

I read it once and understood it. No need to read again. Or are you one of those fags who "buys" books?

It's a good book but it's more or less Cliff Notes or various other books and biographies, no? I read it forever ago. It got marketed really well and became surprisingly iconic for what it is. Still worth a ready I guess, but it's not like if it gives big secrets, it's all common sense.

this book doesnt tell you to do anything it just shows you how things really work. its literally just common sense, doesnt surprise me people on biz dont like it

Machiavelli is an extremely interesting read on an historical point of view. Same with Tocqueville and Smith.

There are many contradictions in the book. Dumb people won't be able to make use of the book and smart people won't need anyway. A lot of the "laws" are self-evident for people with enough life experience. I think the book can be much shorter.

The cult chapter reminded me of something....hmmmmm.....can you guys help me out? I'm really sure it reminded me of something currently happening on this board regarding one project.....hmmmmmm

My favorite book is the mouse and the motorcycle. His helmet was made from a ping pong ball and he made motorcycle sounds that somehow made his toy motorcycle a real motorcycle.

lol Machiavelli was the first /pol/ack. I interpreted his work as being for the good guy who needs to use bad guys tactics.

/pol/ is 70% shills. Came to Veeky Forums last summer its far more productive being on this board. More entertaining too.


One thing this book doesn't mention is that these stupid tricks won't work on people that know you or against people with similar inclinations.

The author failed to warn the reader that following this book word by word and doing it irl is obvious as fuck.

i seriously recommend this blog and his writings to anyone who wants to know more on the subject of power, manipulation and generally just taking control of your life and those around you. this guy seriously changed my life.

funny what's almost as patrician is that /pol/ack's reading material is his aesthetics on that guide. Great font choice, easy to read, solid hierarchy. I'm impressed.

Haven't read any of those books tho nigga.

>Haven't read any of those books tho nigga.
Did you never go to college?

yeah, art school lol, had to read some gay leftist nonsense, and 40% of my courses were humanities. what a fucking waste.

here i am investing crypto to erase that memory

Thanks for this, looks interesting user

his twitter is also gold

When I first read that book it was strange realising that I already subconsciously did over half of those things.

48 laws of power and material like it is popular with certain kinds of men, and those certain kinds are ironically the ones who will never have any power at all.

guys who read gorge themselves on stuff like theredpill, the prince, various "manosphere" websites etc etc trying to be faggot strivers but never actually achieving anything concrete.

48 laws of power is quite frankly, a ridiculous book, written - like most "self help" genre stuff - by someone who has never done anything to give credence to his observations.

Among the chief problems of the book, is that the examples used all suffer from survivor bias. Many of these historical examples are painted by greene to be works of great cunning and manipulation, but are more often than not characterized by pure, stupid, blind luck. The nature of chaos being the only difference between some upstart getting his head chopped off or him becoming a head of the state in a grab for power.

It is also not coincidental that the crowd for these books frequently also consumes PUA material - and never gets laid. (if you're an adult and you actually believe "field reports" that read like someone typing with one hand wrapped around their cock, ive got a bridge to sell you) Too much analyzing, too much thinking, too much planning and definitely too much scheming. These people never move forward on anything, feeding their narcissism about their "potential". Well theres only one thing to say to these people: hows that working out for you, really, objectively, 15 years later?

Most of this stuff is pure nonsense. You might as well be one of the poor bastards who read james bond esque spy fiction for the amount of good it will do you.

hint: the only real problem most of you have is that you are lazy. Abjectly lazy. Prediction: you'll be exactly the same after your "life changing" reading experience. Sure you'll say otherwise, but by every objective metric....

You should be a motivational coach.

Into the trash it goes.

whole lot of fluff and not a single argument. it would be embarrassing if you typed this yourself and didn't copy paste it from some reddit critic

...pasta or not hes not wrong

autists read the book but fail miserably doing it

>its a ridiculous book and men who read it are ridiculous!

this is all that blob of text conveys, that and user considers self help to be a waste of time and if you need 'self help' you might as well lay down and rot because you'll never succeed

>ruined America
Most people don't even have the tenacity to fully follow through with a 3-steps scrambled eggs recipe.
Robert Greene and Ryan Holiday basically have a knack for going through mankind's history and finding interesting stories to retell.

I bet your girlfriend is fat.

Like, not super fat but just a bit fatter than her friends. Enough to notice.

hmm never though of it that way

>reading actual books that aren't kike brainwashing

>Not including the red pilled part 2
I see your tricks.

same here


>Is this the book that ruined America?
>Thinking people read books after 1999

America was ruined because they thought marxism was just armed marxism - they forgot the cultural side of it

Also this kind of book like 48 laws of power will not make anyone evil. Being evil is about having the right emotions - much more complex thing

"evil" women will still accomplish nothing. true "evil" requires intelligence, drive, etc

Did you actually spend time typing this?

he also reddit spaced. instant signal to not read a post

what a christocentric list

>I never resonated with it when I read it. Same with Machiavelli.
Same here. The book seems like a detailed recipe for living in a paranoid world where you can never trust anyone and enjoy a good night's sleep.