Wake up user! your position has been liquidated!

>wake up user! your position has been liquidated!
what do

i'll show you liquid you little brats


Nice, you bought my company?

Try to win it back until you go broke, it's what I did.

Wait like 6-8 years because I'm not a degenerate.

familiar image

It happened because none of that money was technically "mine". I started with $200 in May and cashed out $400 in June so all of that has basically been Monopoly money to me. The bear market hit and I said eh what the hell its just Internet funny money let's make a few gambles. Then well yeah, that happened. I have like $200 total to my name. One month ago I had $7500. Feels bad man.

What did you do? 100x leverage no stop loss?

Guess you girls are going to have to make up the losses for me :)

W-where are the rock CDs?

>biz is becoming patrician



Yes. Multiple times. I didn't lose it all in one go though.

Why would you pick this op

brapiti brap brap

5x leverage on kraken. i’ll mever make that mistake again.

Although i definitely thought yenten would be worth more than just a mining coin


I see. So you're here to cheer me up, right?

No they are here to collect

whats this from?

Did I click /tv/ by mistake?

I want to KISS


Don't worry, loli squad. Thanks to my significant hedge in etherhell, none of us will ever go hungry. Smart contract secure dividends will keep trickling down until the sun engulfs the earth.

50x leverage
barely not liquidated.
fuck just have to wait, have to wait..

got greedy and didn't close position at 50% profit. what a retard.





What do you think this will do in the coming year?