The next x100

Get in here faggots.

Fucking autists stop shilling this shitcoin. I swear to god this will be a self fulfilling prophecy and will moon and I’ll kill myself.

But I’m not buying out of principle.

It's going to moon because banks and rich Arabs are going to tokenize portions of their assets faggot

I don’t give a fuck of it moons. Will not buy some piece of shit pajeet shitcoin, I’m not a subhuman.

>I swear to god this will be a self fulfilling prophecy and will moon and I’ll kill myself.
>I don’t give a fuck of it moons

Imagine being this fucking retarded

I don’t even care about my life faggot

Bags getting heavy

Got in at 33 cents. No bags here.

I hate when you people do this shit. Upload the logo but then don't say what the fuck the coin is. Suck my dick

There are like two other threads on biz right now and it has been shilled to no end the last week. If you don't know what this is by now you're a complete retard

Jabroni Nodes.


Already in

Already in but want more. So stop shilling it niggers.

JNT being above a dollar defeats the purpose of the coin.

The logo is literally making fun of 9/11. Just fucking lol at the idiots who think this pajeetcoin is going anywhere.

I'm a Redditor. I come on here for quick flips.

fuck off with this meme

the coin that saved crypto


I don't like that Veeky Forums is holding the majority of this shitcoin.

>ChainLink v2
Looking at the graph and comparing it with the previous Veeky Forums memes REQ and LINK, it will bottom out between $0.15 and $0.2. Set your buys there user

So how many of these jibbies do one need to obtain lambo in 2 years?

Nice investment logic you have here, mate. Are you rich yet?

>So how many of these jibbies do one need to obtain lambo in 2 years?
1k should be enough for a Perfomante when we hit 10 billion marketcap in 36 months

Denial. Can't change your DNA idiot. CRISPR ain't that advanced yet.

I wish i would have never invested into the coin. Guess i either have to filter all jibrel / jnt related threads or just avoid Veeky Forums for the next months. This is getting on the LINK pajeet level and that after days of trading.

your brain is pegged to 1 IQ retard

you really are a brainlet if you actually think Veeky Forums holds any substantial amount of jnt compared to real whales and investors

fuck off with the shilling let it grow organically, it'll explode soon enough when prince suleiman and his cronies tokenize their assets

I-i have 500 JNT. I whale now?

I have 50k and I'm probably just a shrimp in the JNT sea

that's the logo for bait. Seriously, just look at it, it's a fucking bait hook.

the project will speak for itself soon enough, the biz pajeet shilling needs to stop

At least we will know pretty early if the project has any future. When the partnership with the al mak family is under delievering, then i can dump my bags at least. The x2 gains should be safe no matter what.

>fake conferences
>plagarized white paper
>value tied to rupee instead of USD
>Designed to never go over a dollar
>literal Indian tether
>(((soros))) funded
>alt-left state terrorism sponsor
>banning people from telegram for asking why it’s impossible to go over a dollar