Biz 77777777 GET thread

Make your predictions about crypto in 2018.

Also, only green ID’s will make it.

DGB will be in the top 10 mcap.

>Green get


Boring for some months, then small bump, them BRRRAAAAP up to ATH in like august.

whats ur prob???
were so far away


OP is gay

fuck... im a street shitter now...

Yeah maybe made this thread too early.

Rolling for digits

if dubs the 7 get will foretell the rise once more of dogecoin

Green ID confirms

EOS will flip Ethereum

Check the dubs, and green ID


Close enough.

Pay attention brainlets.

Almost got trips there m8, and a nice green ID.

You’re making it bruh

Big bucks ofc


All coins will follow Bitcoin forever

Can one buy a cheap house EOY with 3k LINK?

sure in detroit


$1 DOGE 2018

btc to 50k

Crypto is dead

Zclassic fork into Bitcoin Private leaving Zclassic ~50 usd and bitcoin private near 1k

LINK marines will BTFO everyone.

made it

It's gonna take over 100,000 posts until 7777777

So this is gonna be a pretty big thread.

Do threads usually last a couple weeks?
Quit fucking about, OP

US bans crypto

Proof that LINK moons. As predicted.

it will be a link get of course


LTC to 10k EOY. That’s all I got. Pls be green mommy.

you bastard!

If Link fails I'm killing myself.

50k $ end of 2018

Just Monika.

Please god let me make it


kek you won't make it, but i'll make it for you my friend !!

Explain Monika to brainlet

How many more times must be green?

We all gonna make bros Jesus said so.

Crypto dies this year.

Except for LINK.

anons if i'll become a millionaire i'll invite all Veeky Forums to have fun at my new house of 1 ha. We will have bitches to give us BJ's and drugs, lots of drugs

XLM used by banks

20T 2020

I hope it ends up being a shitty BRAP thread, desu.

I see big companies rolling out their own stable coins, or trying to; they will be terrible. I also see the field growing a lot, but most of specific applications and scam coins will fall by the wayside. Things will consolidate somewhat, and by the end of the year the 'tested' coins will be seen as an investment like any other.


Hawala is going to moon with the next announcement.

sounds great, how close are you to making it


Sweetbridge will become god

Tron new BTC

$3k OMG

You might have gotten luckier using Internet Explorer

There is still 87000 posts to be made you brainlets

$4k OMG

Bitcoin moons, bitcoin trash goes way down along with all other shitcoins bar link, digits/id confirms this

finally kek is back in crypto get ready for the bull

Buy CPChain.

SumpPlug Coin

ur mom
jk love u

te food the ico to get into now boyos

Would this thread make it to I think it's too early for that

end of crypto roll

EOY we hit 1 trillion mkt cap

There are still like 100k posts till that retard

Way too early.
Nice ID.

BTC will go for the most insane bullrun following a steep dip below 5k. Many of us stinky linkies will be millionaires



>tfw I will have enough Link to pay as SmartTribute to the sovereign AI when the ciborg singularity happens to avoid working in the ETH mines
Feels good

already made it


Satoshi be good.

Nibba what are you rolling for, we're still over a hundred thousand posts away.

hoping for link 1000 $ EOY

Bitcoin back to 20k in May