>implying there are people on this board who don't own Mobius

there sure are linkies who don't

Nobody knows the time of the price singularity.
But when it happens, everyone will know.
All across the world, voices will echo "..what's wrong? Is everything ok?"
A few vehicular accidents will occur seemingly for no reason.
Several pilots, delivery drivers, and one pajeet who forgot to close a submarine hatch will all last be seen yelling at their phones.
Binance will crash. Everyone scrambling to buy LINKs will see 404.
Etherdelta will become so overwhelmed with traffic it will slow to a halt. It will become unusable.
The only orders that will happen will be buy orders that have already been placed.
LINK will reach unimaginably high prices within minutes.
Every noLINKer's eyes will watch. The tiny LINK cube on coinmarketcap will be reflected in their eyes.
However, the ones who knew...the ones who had heard, but didn't listen...
their cubes will be distorted by tears.
As these tears fall onto rapidly moving fingers that are refreshing binance or etherdelta multiple times,
Haunting music rings in their ears infinitely.
The harrowing noise of the bells causes the noLINKer's soul to shiver...and scream.
Biz will be filled with LINK memes. All threads will be titled "You had your chance."
Monitors will be smashed. Laptops broken in half. Weddings, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, and other social events across the world will be plagued by the audible cries of noLINKers who knew the path but didn't take it.
Their hopelessness crushes them inside, but they keep having to wageslave, and forcing a smile on their face every day to avoid ever being asked "what's wrong?" again will eat away at their sanity.
This soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon, and noLINKer syndrome will be added to DSM-V and heavily studied.
Most normies will continue enjoying their playpens.
But the ones who knew...
they will become uncomfortably intimate with despair...
For they know they missed the opportunity of a lifetime, and another precious path to freedom has disappeared forever.

pnd scam

Look at that pump.

Stellar might be in a slump, but what's running off it is doing well.

yep. the goal is use the gains from all Stellar ICOs to increase my XLM position

poop loop will forever be stuck in a loop, pumping and dumping. choose the right side user, join us, and the one true god will have mercy.

Some people are actually going to think that mobius and chainlink are competitors if they read enough of this

FUCKING Veeky Forums

you niggers didn't mention a peep about LSK either

Ernest here, I think this can go x5.

yes sir please make the buy to the mobius very much

TFW you hold stacks of both LINK & MOBI

good fud stupid dog, i just bought 100k more link. mirin?

>TFW I doubled my xlm stack by selling at the top

Thanks mobius, maybe I'll buy back in when you're .5 xlm again.

Sir, SIR
I'm still accumulating SIR. PLEASE be quiet

That's cool and all, but how STINKY is it?

Walton partnership was not priced in when Mobius was $0.12. Reminder if you bought the Mobius dip at $0.12 you would have triple your investment by now.

>unknown market cap
>100% pajeet team

it has scam written all over it, dont cry when you get poo'd on


You sound stupid. Clearly, you're holding bags and trying to establish a narrative. I don't know why you bother because Veeky Forums is poor anyway.

Wtf is mobius. I checked out for 3 weeks.

>Theyre indians! They couldnt possibly be lying about their qualifications! The Indians in crypto are well known for their integrity! It says right here on the internet they went to Stanford!!

It's publically verifiable.

Do you actually believe anyone will fall for your pathetic attempt at creating a negative narrative around that project? People here care about making money.

If anything, the daily (and desperate) Link threads and the vicious attacks as soon as you mention their competitor (Mobius) who happens to have:

1. Smaller market cap

2. Better team

3. More momentum

I wonder who lives in a third-world country eh.

Anyway, move along faggot. Mobius is on its way.

Youre very defensive about this lmao, its almost like deep down you know youve put your savings into an indian exit scam

I have very little doubt that this piece of shit will blow past Link's market cap.
But I also know that it's going to crash sharply no long after that, since it's a shit project by shit people who will not hesitate to create empty hype.