Pick your chad


better resolution

what's with the sob story backgrounds

What is this gay shit? GTFO.

How is this even gay dude?

Nobody who grew up perfect ever became the great chad

>implying sand niggers, kikes and chinks can be chads in any known universe

it's extremely homosexual. I am a straight man, for what purpose would I "pick a Chad" ?

to go hang out with? it's not gay dude

>No chad bestrfriend
I bet you have the best stable and reliable support group

holy fuck how much time did you spend on this user, seek help

The chaddest of them all is just regular chad
All these derivatives of him are laughable


Even though we have discussed cock sucking techniques not so long ago, we are cryptorich now and totally not gay. Try to post on fit.

you should have specified it was only for platonic friendships then. This sounds so gay, plus you post a bunch of pics of dudes with their shirts off. If I'm just lookin for bros to crack open a cold one with I don't care what they look like without a shirt off nor how much money they make. All I care about is if they are chill bros. GTFO dude

Why would an Australian play baseball?
I bet this list is made by an American, and yet you're so cucked you didn't even choose an American.

ok but once you crack open a cold one don't you guys ever like to jerk eachother off when the old ladies aren't around?

>sees a picture with guys and automatically assumes its about sucking their cocks
>calls everyone gay for no reason

why are you so on edge about this lmao

you should want successful friends, not losers

>dem muslims/blacks/spics are stealing our womyn
>wtf? they aren't chads

OP you need help man.... I'm serious this isn't something someone mentally stable would make

Never said blacks, i said sand niggers, and i never said muslims. I guess youre an insecure muslim sandnigger? Garuntee you dont steal the kind of girls i date, they would look at you like youre a filthy dunerat with the shitskin of a black guy but with none of the confidence or charisma

>tfw no hot indian chad only hot muslim chad :(

No dude that's gay

I only commented after the other guy commented. Nevertheless, one must be ever-vigilant against the scourge of faggotry.

First legitimate point I've seen so far. Duly noted

It's to make them "interesting" . The point is that if you're not good looking no one cares about you or your life, but if you are, girls make up these imaginative back stories of hunky guys they saw for 2 minutes on the subway "I bet he's a rogue with a heart of gold"

life is pain

Chad and Ali are sexy as fuck. I'm a straight female.

I would fuck some of them


What does this even have to do with business? Seek help OP.

shit skins cant be chad