Do people here unironically believe the crash is over?

Do people here unironically believe the crash is over?

> so what

> so what

>bitcoin retraces
>hurr durr see guys its crashing hurr durr

Who cares bro? It's not like the next few weeks or month are gonna make or break you unless you sell.

We get it, you have a short position.

bull market incoming, avg bitcoin bear market is 71 days, current cycle we are in day 52. 4k-5K doomsdayers are fudders who sold at the bottom, they are persistent and desperate, ignore them.

These kinds of responses was what I was looking for to be sure we're having a crash.
This along with the obvious basic-tier ta/indicators.


We get it, you still haven't sold.

double trips

>bitcoin has a slight rally in a bear market
>huuurrrr duuuurrr bull run has begun

dubs and fiat bubble pops first

yes. 30k by april and my alts will moon 100x by may

op it bounced and is going straight up to 20k again!

I think a much bigger crash is coming that will affect a lot more than just crypto. The bandaid put on the 2007 crash will slip off eventually.

Wow, so people can be this naive?

In a few hours burgers will wake-up
See you down

>Feb 5th
>190k volume on bitfinex
>Largest amount of volume ever
>Muh crash
>Muh 3000

It was obviously manipulated, but it just shows the big boys are done playing with us. Correction is over.

In BTC, in dollars?

the only 100% truth i see from reading replies in this post is that nobody has a goddamn clue what will happen

only time will tell, and that's why Veeky Forums can't make any money

It's probably over.
I can see a drop to 7k but that would still be within normal.

ya its pretty stable, its been trying to break below support but the normies are starting to buy again.

it'll go more-or-less sideways for awhile still bouncing between current support/resistance and then it'll moon to new ATH

he meant 190,000 BTC daily volume, which is a shitload

But its different to have 190k BTC volume when its 6k then 140k when its 19k. There is less money in the game now

This is what I believe, a Jeb Bush market, stagnant and slow.

>He thinks low or even negative interest rates for 8 years is a bad in the long run
>He thinks borrowing money like madmen is bad in the long run
Heh you obviously don't understand economics