Conference predictions

Pump or dump?

I am 100% certain he wont mention Chainlink or really any news related to the coin. He'll just speak vaguely about smart contracts and shit and everyone (namely Veeky Forums) will be so disappointed they'll dump.

Not expecting much. We've been in this situation before. Unless they drop some major news I don't expect anything to happen.

Anybody still holding LINK doens't really care if they drop news. The meme has gotten old and the OG linkies aren't dumping.

I had lunch with ass blaster earlier today and he said that Sergey has been doing alot of PE lately (mostly jelqing and manual stretching) and he has made some really nice gains in both girth and length.

I predict that Sergey will whip out his penis and slam it down on the podium and say something to the effect of "pump on this you fucking stupid niggers!"

That's a buy signal if I've ever seen one. Alpha as FUCK!

This. Back down to .20 where another round of suckers buys in.

already priced in m8

He fucking invested in bathmates

Should i buy some??

I have heard he uses the extender while he sits at his desk. Not 100% confirmed though.

Fuck wanted to buy a year ago. People already got huge gains during the time

You only gain access from Sergey in person. Thus, you got to be at the upcoming bitcoin super conference. Just carry a happy meal bag in your left hand (really important detail LEFT HAND) and stare at him. Once he started to notice you scratch your nose with your other hand. Speak loudly "I ordered the hamburger without pickles but since I'm a stoic, I am in control of this situation and my reaction". Then unwrap the hamburger and take a bite. As soon as Sergey is not beeing watched he will approach you.
Congrats on this, seriously. You are now part of the CHAINLINK

I expect him to not mention CL by name, but I won't sell even a single stinky linky. We're too close to the end of Q1 to risk anything


Not a massive pump after conference. goes to 1 dollar. But moon coming later this year.

>fiat coming in on friday
goddamnit, i want to buy NOW

Either way it's a win win. If you truly believe in the tech, a dump gives you another opportunity to swoop those cheapass stinkies. If it pumps, it pumps. Collecting dong ducks please someone share more with me.

Yeah i believe you tbqh

the only goal of trading is to accumulate as much stinky linkies as possible before moon

kekked irl, thanks, just bought 100k