Bitcoin $900

they give reason as parabolic crypto supply

I'd give this Jewess a serious pounding!

It's funny how we can instantly tell the kikes. There's just something that separates them from humans.

Ok, left middle or Right


>women talking about crypto

i bet they did this on purpose

They are stunning and brave indeed.

Wtf do they even mean by parabolic supply...

There is nothing to stop any pajeet making another fork of BTC, so the original idea that there are only 21 Million is a not really true, anybody and can make a BTC fork and the supply is unlimited...
how many are being shilled on /biz?

Stack them.

Don't they know Nano is the only hope for wealth distribution from men to women in crypto?

you can make whatever you want, as was clearly demonstrated when bcash tried to be taken seriously as bitcoin, there will only ever be one bitcoin, and nobody is going to accept a confusingly named altcoin as bitcoin, when they want to be paid in real bitcoins.

>the supply is unlimited
(((you))) are honestly retarded

we have superman, or a crypto millionaire who has bought viagra wholesale


They want!!!! what ever is easy and cheap, you must be an apple fanboi.

Yeah, right.

yes, i am right. and to think otherwise is to misunderstand how cryptocurrency even works.

How does cryptocurrency work, user?

egg shaped head/face and large nose. easy. even easier since she's on a fucking finance show

For me it's those bulging soulless eyes.

Surely it doesn't work by miners providing proof of work which establishes a cryptographic baseline for an ordered list of transactions, right? It's actually all about proof of github repository and control of media channels? The white paper is propaganda right? The underlying technology doesn't actually matter?
I'm waiting.

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