>low market cap
>real working product from a real company
>roger ver advisor
>new exchanges coming soon
>huge partnership about to be announced still under NDA
>binance listing confirmed

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delete this, we're still accumulating faggot.

>roger ver advisor

Wait, werent you promoting this coin?

The real bitcoin is BCH

how long you are still accumulating, faggot

I am waiting you to delete that fucking 70 ETH walls and 10 BTC walls , fucking idiot

>huge partnership about to be announced still under NDA

can you tell me more about this, send a picture of telegram chat for example ... i thought they were speaking about a KuCkCoin exchange when i saw that ---------
KuCoin is death of shitcoins we saw that again

rumoured to be PWC

what the fuck is PWC and why you say binance listing confirmed ?? the exchange was kucoin shit

btw i'm all in already in axpire but waiting for a pump to sell this fucker as whales raping too hard this coin rn

Literally less than 15eth would wipe the whole order book out and send this to zero lol

You bagholders got conned just accept it. When you saw them manually distributing your tokens that should have been a sign of things to come.
that 15 eth meme again

+1 small bag holder here can’t wait till this gets back to ico price so I can fuck it off and invest in something decent.

A video from a youtuber that clearly states he knows nothing about the token.

I can help with that.

>Axpire how have nothing to do with the blockchain work its an outsourced company in India.
>Manually distributed the ICO tokens, which shows their competency level for programming.
>Their existing product does not use the blockchain - the outsourced company will "crypto enable" it.
>Their whitepaper is a copy/paste of their product brochure
>The company they outsourced this to, advertises that if your company is low on funds to do an ICO to get money.

Clear cash-grab by bolting "crypto" onto a product. Anyone buying this will be holding HEAVY bags as nobody is lining up to buy this and everyone is selling below ICO price (that is a clear indication people want out)

>this random youtube guy is just a clueless nocoiner
if this is your type of research then you clearly hate money and bought btc at ath

Okay OP, if for 100k

The guys says in his video he knows nothing about the token - I dont give a fuck if he was the greatest youtube reviewer. If the guy says he knows nothing, then I'm going to presume he knows nothing.

I bought BTC at $350-400 in 2014 by the way.

so you watched his 15 something minutes first look in 5 minutes? amazing.

Why would I watch it?

I invested $10k in this shitcoin, I did my research after I invested and I saw what a scam this is and got out.

WTF would I put aside the actual research I have done on this project over a guy on youtube that states he knows nothing about the project. Did he invest $10K? NO.


> 40% below ICO

you stupid?
>binance listing confirmed
is it being '^soon' confirmed?

>I don't watch it because I know it's shit
>butthurt impatient ICO buyer
>actual research = biz fud threads

I make most these threads on BIZ by the way to warn any other idiots from buying this.Facts are not FUD - if any of my points are not valid then please let me know.

You are literally supporting companies outsourcing blockchain work to India for a cash-grab.

You just need patience

Even if this was above ICO (Which will never happen) I would never buy it.

This was a clear cash-grab, if you can't see that then you deserve to lose money.

>other idiots
if your fud are facts and your points are valid, then please provide solid proof that they outsourced the resolver blockchain development work to india. and not just a fucking screenshot of a token distribution email. and then explain why this is actually bad, except that they took er jerbss.
btw. you can't.

> what the fuck is PWC

>Here is a pic of the Dev team.
>Go and look in the whitepaper, they mention the outsourced dev team (9 members).
>Also they talk about them in their blog

Enough proof?

oh no, experienced smart people. now I understand why burgers are butthurt.

>why is this actually bad?

No reply
Just racist FUD

I'm in Europe not the US.

Do you work in a large corporate environment? (I work as a consultant so I have a lot of experience in this regards)

If you did then you would understand why outsourcing is never a good idea and never works.

Its an extremely good cost-saver but the quality of the work is never at the level you would have with in-house staff. This has nothing to do with Indian's - some of the best Engineers I have worked with have been Indian.

Even if we removed this fact...these guys manually distributed the ICO tokens that on its own shows the level of programming skills we dealing with here.

I work with software for machines that cost thousands of $ and the necessary software and licenses too. most of this shit is even from german companies and they all suck. have you ever tried sap? or worked with siemens or telekom software? I don't see a difference between in house, outsourced, whatever. still no valid point. but if it works for you, I'm glad you sold your bags and keep on making your baseless fud threads with just two points: muh outsourcing & muh token distribution.

I'm not even larping here, the product deployment I work with costs about $20 million, thousands wouldnt even cover the licensing costs.

You confusing a re-seller/vendor with outsourcing an in-house function.

I'm sorry if you don't even understand that simple bit, you wont understand why outsourcing is bad.


It's painfully obvious that you're larping. Outsourcing never works? Are you retarded?

The fact people bring up the outsourcing as an issue just proves that 95% of people in crypto have no idea what they're doing and no idea about business. Apple outsources ALL their iPhone manufacturing to China. Guess that "never works" huh.

As for the manual distribution, they had to do that because they allowed people to change their receiving address if they had lost it, so distribution directly via the smart contract wouldn't have worked. Their only crime is being too accommodating of stupid ICO contributors.

The absolute state of Biz.

I'm still talking to that guy who admits first to put 10k into some tokens and then secondly did his research, right?
>10k is nothing for me I'm not even larping here

The Problem with AXP:
1. working product, but it's zero related to blockchain
2. the blockchain part isn't even in whitepaper stage

Theyve got zero idea exactly how blockchain will be integrated. Ask them. Read their whitepaper. You will get zero technically exact answer about what exact place blockchain will be at in their picture

Tldr the blockchain part isn't just not a working product, they even havent got plans how exactly its gonna work

Having someone manufacture a product for you and outsourcing a function that is supposed to be in-house are two completely different things.
Do you think Apple's programmers are outsourced to another company?

Are you fucking stupid - 99% of ICOS allow you to change your address prior to distributions, how is this the reason that they needed to manually distribute the tokens.

Was this your first ICO??


Their whitepaper is like they copy/pasted their product brochure.

Most crypto companies are just an idea with a white paper. AXP has a working product. Token economics were explained in the telegram

You seriously think that a smart contract for a token allows the contributing addresses to be changed before the tokens are issued? Seriously?

You're on this thread talking shit and you don't even know how smart contracts work, or blockchain for that matter.

Blockchain is immutable you pajeet. When you put anything on it, including a smart contract, you can't change it.

Any ICOs that allow an address to be changed before distribution have to distribute the tokens manually via a script. They obviously didn't do it by hand ffs.

Great hold for a year. Their site says the software won’t be Blockchain enabled until 2019

Jibrel let you change the withdrawal address. I think firelotto too

Check the distribution wallet and check the timings of when they sent it - it was done by fucking hand.

If you too stupid to see that then you deserve to be a bagholder of this shit.

If they do that, then they hold the tokens in a wallet and use a basic script to send them out one at a time.

If you want to use smart contract distribution, you can't change receiving addresses.

There are plenty of other reasons not to use smart contract automated distribution too. For example, less network congestion and no single receiving address and therefore no single point of security risk.

They couldn't script the token distribution and they couldnt even program a fucking dashboard. I had various token amounts ranging from 70k to over 150k. The final amount was wrong, I had to chase this up with them.

You really think that they decided to copy and paste each address, one by one, instead of writing an INCREDIBLY basic script that would do everything for them?

Come on man. Engage your brain. They might have manually sent to addresses that were changed but the bulk can be sent via a script very, very easily.

So a script, is going to send 1 address now and then another address is in 1hr25mins? Do you understand how automation works?

This is how the distribution was done, some morning they wouuld send 3 batches and call it a day.

>Most crypto companies are just an idea with a white paper. AXP has a working product. Token economics were explained in the telegram

They didnt explain jackshit. They keep answering with pasta and dancing around the subject. Blockchain will be optional if it ever gets actually integrated. So what if none of their clients choses to buy the blockchain module? Why would clients do that, if full resolvr feature set is available without using the axp token (which means resolvr will be successful while the token you are holding wont)

Thats the huge mistake ppl make with those usecase tokens. Will the usecase require the token. If not, then the usecase, working product and existing clients mean nothing to your token.

>perfectly said.

What company is going to go the token model and take on all the headaches that it introduces when the product can just be purchased without it.

From the telegram: “We can offer meaningfully differentiated security through the provision of our software in a distributed, secure and egalitarian manner - there is a decentralization edge. We reduce the incentive for cyber security threats through the use of a unique, AXP token. We also leave an immutable trail of transactions that provides value throughout the auditing, compliance and reporting process for any client that is required to understand company spend and profitability data. Regulated hedge funds, for example, need to report fund expenses to the SEC. Any user of our software will also be able to view, in real time, spend data across the company, providing live data for intelligent profit maximization”


This is a copy/paste from their

Here is a question for anyone else working in the finance sector (I do).

Why would any bank put this information on the blockchain when some vendor spend etc is confidential. Yes we regulated but this information is available to the regulator internally and kept for X amount of years.

>This is a copy/paste from their

Exactly. And Dilbert tier sales droid speak hiding zero info behind a wall of positiv attributes.

well it is -50% below ico price, it's at bottom, it cant get lower, whales are just fucking with us with these sell walls

do you trust the eternal boomer?

if there's no buying interest it will get lower until the next alt run.

lmao man I fell for the scam too, at least I lost my hope... stop being deluded

Who gives a fuck? There is no need for product to have sence, all it need is hype.

Yes the general consensus is that you guys got scammed - so good luck with that "hype".

>general consensus = you and some biz shitposters

bc this shit does'nt need any blockchain at all
they are a simple software company who decided it would be good to aquire a few millions from internetfunnymoneyidiots instead of going through the hassle with a bank loan (because you must pay them back, lel)
so they attached some blockchain buzzwords and gave this roger ver faggot a part of the money and thats it
look, i know that you feel played....
bc u got played

Hows those literal pajeet bags?
This entire project was a money grab and they aren't even denying this
The only way you can be saved is if it pulls a confido or a bitconnect resurrect

>they aren't even denying this


back to ico price....
>mfw: insert jpg of those two girls giggling covering their mouths

>Veeky Forums got outplayed by a bunch of boomers at their own game

don't feel bad it was shilled here during good times when everything would minimum 2x

>calling this a scam
kys faggot
hurr durr indians, you always fud with this but fact is you're just fudding like a faggot

oh look, it's not even outsourced

Yep their existing product is made in-house nobody is denying that. Enabling it for the blockchain (which isn’t even needed but discussed further up) is done by the company in India (Dev screenshot above).
>cash grab
>heavy bags

>Enabling it for the blockchain (which isn’t even needed but discussed further up) is done by the company in India (Dev screenshot above).

Are you retard?

spits his butthurt bullshit again because fud = facts I'm not even larping here

we were JEETED

>They mention the development is done by the company in India in their whitepaper (but you probably haven’t read this)
>The devs are listed as being from the company in India.

Lol all that info an you believe an admin on telegram that doesn’t actually work for the Axpire? Lol

whats the subreddit also notice the black baby

binance listing confirmed

A literal poo coin

u retard, its not a scam
they just use the lax regulations regarding this funnymoneyshit to aquire money from u faggots

they hired ver, so u would know (if you are'nt the newcoiner u are) that this thing is mostly a pnd shitproject

only reason to buy in was to flip after the pump
u were too slow (maybe slow in the head idk)

all u can hope is to get rid of ur bags asap when (if) the next pump comes

that is all

so inspect a increasing shillactivity for this shit, because there are a lot of bagholders now

don't be one of them

You can’t even blame them they manually distributed the tokens over 3 weeks. The guys that got it the first couple of days dumped it and the others were bagholders even before that got their tokens lol

devery and axpire is why ICOs need regulation. do no harm but have a way to recover funds from scammers.

>only reason to buy in was to flip after the pump
>u were too slow (maybe slow in the head idk)
Holy shit I actually remember what happened. They gave Ver and their other advisers tokens weeks earlier to get a head start on dumping. Was pretty hilarious to see the cope topics with all the ICO investors wondering how tokens were already on exchanges yet they didn't even get them yet

I'm honestly tired of your fud

What does this prove exactly?
>Heavy Bags

>tfw too slow in the head

stay strong believer

normally advisor tokens are vested, like the team tokens
what tells u that?
was a planned pump from the beginning
since they are us based and future regulations are unknown, they have to at least pretend to be anything other than a cashdonation from retards

ask urself, with what intention should i fud this?
to buy in lower?

Sure looks like it, you've been in this thread for hours

look at this newcoiners
don't become a deluded bagholder

I don't hold this one anymore, I still follow it because I will buy in later, you're pathetic

>below ico price
Fucking retards measuring in USD lmao