Do I Fall for the shills?

Do I Fall for the shills or is this along with XLM one of the most promising projects? What’s the difference between xlm and omg? Onl did some research at omg

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minute 13:45 covers OMG says it's the best coin this year

Omg is a good pick brother

Whether you buy it or not doesn't bother me, but this will be fucking insane and will change crypto forever.
Up to you bud.

>I didn't find anything in a one minute Google search in English and most of what they're proposing didn't make sense to me, so they're a garbage coin
Open up! Here comes the airplane! Nyooooom!

I have seen people who dont understand OMG or understand it incorrectly, but holy fuck that dude is on another level.

Obviously has no clue what he's talking about.

Can't believe I actually spent 10 minutes reading such a retarded FUD post.

wtf is this... this guy has completely misunderstood this whole project. I'm amazed by his lack of understanding. It's almost as if he deliberately misunderstood and tries to portray it as something it's not.
His other articles are equally retarded.

Can anyone explain the difference to XLM for me?

Do you guys think omg will ever be a $150-200 coin?


If he doesn't know what procurement is, I have lost all faith in any of his arguments to follow

I'm ready to make it, I have 25 omg


Keep this shit serious

There is no such thing as shilling OMG OP.

We're doing you a favor.

If you're too brainlet to get it then your loss.

1500 reporting in.. FFW 2 years please.. i want to be retired on my 80 grand a year passive income already

Yep. It's a scam. Notice how the fudders fail to refute any of this criticism?

Fudders BTFO

if you just work a little longer you could invest in shit and retire with far more.

Already have some OMG. Too poor to afford more. However, is XLM gonna be a solid investment? That's one ship i still may be able to catch.

Lmao what an absolute retard. How is it possible that this guy writes a fucking novel about OMG but still does not even understand what it is in the first place

Well you could buy some NEO or XLM or QTUM and transfer 99.9% of of it to your dedicated wallet and relax.
Or you could buy some piece of shit like OMG and try and transfer it to your Norman wallet and find out you have to pay a wealth transfer fee of 10-20% of your shitcoins.
OMG is just another pajeet scam to burn Norman and if you bought it YOU ARE THE NORMAN.

Bro srs just hodl and you will be rewarded

>Can't afford OMG, but can afford XLM

Are you fucking retarded or something? XLM is 10 times the marketcap of OMG.

Not a pajeet, and it's you retards talking about making $50 per coin a month in staking

>look at me I know words xd
Real life brainlet.

>97.66 OMG
We don't want you here.

That 97 link cost me $1300 :( I am trying to cope

tfw bought at 20$

still comfortable. Just look at the current market cap and compare to ridiculous moon missions like ADA. At least OMG has it going on

I heard the number was more like $100 per year but who knows

Lol no one said that, i will be fucking stoked if its 10 bucks per coin in a year