Holders thread

>tfw we all be millionaires in our retirement time

I can't help but wonder what to do with the millions bitcoin will provide me when it's worth $1,000,000.

>Being this dellusional

>thinks media attention did not happen yet

what the fuck are, you stupid you digimarine clusterfucker

I'm a holder but not delusional or stupid. I know it's never going to happen.

we're literally at return to the mean lmao. Wheres memechart 2.0?

This. We've already seen the mania phase. It's possible that 20k is never seen again.


we're going down to 6k guy


Why are you still in crypto then?
I know why, because you believe what op posted, otherwise you would just leave that market, yet here you are posting that smug bullshit.

> Thinks "Institutional Investors" are already in
Probably with only their toes, like 1% of their assets.

If you check the meme chart, when Institutional Investors start coming in, they cause the first sell off.

They'd manipulate the market to get in cheaper? You don't say?

What fucking retards still think we're before "Media Attention?"
WTF. We literally had media frenzy and then greed/delusion/new paradigm all in December and Early Jan. Yeah, sure, you're an early adopter man, keep telling yourself that. I bought BTC at $200 and even I don't think of myself as "early".

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, Microsoft and hundreds of other companies have millions invested and have partnerships, that isnt institutional investment? They are institutions and theyre investing..

You can believe that blockchain is the future of certain industries without being a greedy, gullible retard that thinks his shitcoin is going to 10,000x this year because he heard it happened to someone else 2 years ago

EOS will probably 10x minimum u gay bitch so I mean u mad

Any Sureremities in the house

your mom

>we are at institutional investors
>it will not go x10000

Look at your post, look at the chart. It will skyrocket and you should be greedy now.

Media like TV news, not business news you retard.
As long as you don't hear about bitcoin mad gains in main TV news in the evening it is not media attention.

But bitcoin belongs to the finance section. Not everybody even trades regular stocks, to begin with

Almost all of the partnerships i mentioned happened last year. Microsoft and google were partnering in late 2016/early 2017. Then in December/early Jan we saw market 3x and alot of stuff go 10-100x. That was the boom, febuary has been the crash, we are entering return to mean and will be on a slow but steady climb for the rest of the year, no moon in sight sorry. I wish you were right and hope you are- id make alot of money, i just think theres too many younger people here counting on a moon that probably wont happen

>not understanding what this is really about
Imagine technology 10 years from now. How will blockchain tech be implemented into all different aspects of society? Remember that we have barely seen implementation yet. This is still really early, user.

They interviewed Olympic athletes on CNBC. Multiple countries, people who are young with a little spare income.

Some of them had friends who got some, but a common response was I think it’s too late to make money on.

If bitcoin rises toward its highs and is shilled bigger in the msm, you haven’t seen CLOSE to mania.

I blend in with normies. (Most boomers would probs call me a loser) but I have my finger on the pulse. They don’t know anything yet

>Imagine technology 10 years from now.
Tether-like cryptocurrency with smart contracts that is used by normies like PayPal?

With your logic everything is about to moon, biz media talk about everything possible. Ever read Forbes?
Housing bubble was in evening TV before it popped.
Normans will come, mortgage their houses and put it in btc - GLOBAL currency.

> Bitcoin will have a money supply similar to the world economy

Leeches get the salt, your time will come.

Stop thinking only in terms of replacing fiat. Think contracts, medical records, voting, and more.

>How will blockchain tech be implemented into all different aspects of society?
Most of the "blockchain projects" are shit. Concepts like "decentralized storage" are useless garbage.

>Normans will come, mortgage their houses and put it in btc
But they already did.

A lot are shit, but you'll start to see yhe legit ones die off as quality projects are implemented and more start to be conceived.

Did you miss December? That is exactly what already happened.

*the shit ones die off

>Think contracts, medical records, voting, and more.
Blockchain is useless for most of those things. Those are regulated fields where a regular database is much more efficient.

>regulated fields
>not seeing the potential for blockchain to unironically aid regulated areas

This. It's almost all useless garbage. The technobabble is used to cover up the fact that they are solutions without a problem. This doesn't mean that crypto isn't a great way to make gains but we have to be realistic.


>use Amazon as an example
>leave out where Amazon currently sits

The media has to step up their quality of fud.

why would that be even remotely comparable? god you guys are stupid, comparing unrelated shit. it's 100% unpredicted what will happen. that's normal. it's literally a lottery.

It was in the regular news at least in the US. Every teenage girl and boomer has heard of bitcoin. Coinbase was the #1 app for weeks in December. We're way past media attention. I was delusion too but now that reality has set in, it hurts.

>implying everyone thathas heard of bitcoin has researched the rest of the market and understand the tech
>implying most of the people who bought in December didn't understand the tech and immediately sold at the first panic

It is global economy, we still have trillions to come into that market. USA was just a warm up.

That's not what a bubble is about. Bubble is when you hear the word "blockchain" applied to all kind of things where a bit of research clearly shows it has no place at all: "vegetable marking", "tracking medical records" etc

This is true even for "quality" projects. I remember a developer saying that running Dapps on Ethereum is pointless because operating costs are much higher than a centralized system. I don't think the fundamentals have anything to do with the price movement though. Certainly none of these coins are usable as a currency.

The timescale is in years bud if true big we'll be in a year long stagnation.

If you use that chart, bitcoin's peak was almost "2 years" ago when matched with Amazon instead of the 2 months that it actually was. Even if this chart does hold true, it won't be that long until we see a new ATH.

>comparing a local market where things were only open 9-5 and the only way to find out about companies were either through the word of mouth, looking up the stocks, or talking to someone over the phone about it vs a global market where anyone, even the poorest can open up an account and put money into the crypto market