Just leaving this here

Just leaving this here.
We're at 6 going to 7.

see you at 7k

see you at 5.5k

See you at 5.4k

if anything, we are at #1

See you at 5.3k

we hit the head at 5.7K and have been bouncing around for a week

see you at 9.1K

Post chart. Its 6am here and I'm on mobile and I dont believe you.

The real “oracle problem” is that you retards think you can predict the future.

You’re degenerate gamblers who think memelines are superior to unpredictable whale manipulation, breaking news and institutional money.

10k here we come

See you at 5.2k

see you at 10k

see you at the sea !

We didn't make it above the neckline

All of your meme charts no better than tea leaves or using your horoscope to predict bitcoin's price.

Too many buyers waiting for a double bottom at 6k for price to keep up with sell pressure here, price will begin to fall back below resistance now that the fakeout which took us above the resistance diag has loaded the order book (you fell for a liquidity pump if you went long here). Then when we get there too many of those potential buyers will chicken out, turning the orderly step-down distribution phase we've seen up until now into full capitulation made worse by cascading margin calls plus a lack of ask side liquidity. Btc will likely fall to 3.7-4k before buyers will finally begin to slowly grind the price to back up to around the .786 fib at 15.8k until the next major correction down (predicting a peak in late spring at close of quarterly for maximum futures manipulation).

Did you factor the adoption curve into your analysis?

fundamentals take a back seat to price action especially for such a speculative asset like crypto

also meant to say bid side, i'm a few whiskeys in

its the whale manipulation, news, and institutional money that form the meme lines though

see you at 100k