Jibrel going to get pumped

>Boxmining channel owner just joined the Jibrel telegram
>2 billion market cap incoming

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>OMG - nobody cares about random youtubers.

>random number

>2 billion
> not deluded at all

Hahaha all these haters on here.

Jibrel is gonna have a 10 bill mcap in 4 months.

(I have insider info)

Show us prove of your loans you haven taken out. Hope at least several 100k

No it won't. I have outsider info.

Dubs of truth

He already shilled in, so it's unironically priced in; members of his fanbase who wanted to buy did so already.

You dont have to buy faggots. Look back at this project in a few months and regret. You know that shitty “what could’ve happened” feeling? Yeah, that’s what you’ll be experiencing soo enough.

He shilled when the ICO was over and basically nobody was hyped that much to buy afterwards especially in the market crash right now.

Nevertheless everything is priced in.

I'll give you faggots a hint:

Jibrel will start working closely with the financial institutions of a certain country, in which the ruler is a covert homosexual

You dont have to buy faggots. Look back at this project in a few months and regret. You know that shitty “what could’ve happened” feeling? Yeah, that’s what you’ll be experiencing soon enough.

I will hold my bags for 2 weeks and when the details about the "strategic partnership" suck, cya. you can keep hodling afterwards, like 99% of the bagholders from shitcoins.

Still a good person to have on your side as far as youtubers go, he's one of the most trustworthy imo.

If you find the country, I'll give u fans a second hit

Has to be Canada then .


CANADA. What’s the second hint ?


It's not Canada you dumb cunts


Yes, but it's not France

Shinzo is as straight as an arrow.
Not Japan not korea

Did someone say deluded?

Saudi Arabia.


Easy one buddy : Oman

Putin likes young boys so that counts as homo

We have a winner

Looking at the other replies reminds me that this place really is like a roomful of monkeys sometimes.

What’s the second hint then ?

Jibrel will be working with the country's major bank and the sultans private fund.

Hint number 3:

Delve into Talal's past

There will be a total of 4 leaks today

mr insider how high do you think jnt will go sir

I suggest you buy as many tokens as you can afford

when will these leaks be announced

I gave hint number 3

I'm OP btw

>Delve into Talal's past
Looking for what?

u dumb cunt insider id is LICOJaWF fuck off

Stfu ur not faggot

Past professional experiences

something to do with jordan?

I am OP

his old grindr profile

so you're also an insider? post proof you are op RIGHT NOW

I'm not OP, I'm the leaks OP


naw i meant when will the rumors officially be announced by the team


By end of March

AHHHHHH I hate these larpers so much. Do you really think anyone believes you?

>Insider info guys
>Just follow these clues

cheers mr insider

can you leak something else?

Ok so there are
PwC connections
Some Saudi airport service
Jordan car seller
Spain hangar manufacturer
blockme cofounder

I told you it was related to Talal's past professional experience

Seriously? None of these.

I can tell you for a fact that boxmining is making a video on Matrix, has interviewed the CEO, and is very very very bullish on it.

Go in his telegram and search "Matrix".

Jibrel is a fucking meme, like the new LINK. Matrix is the bigger version of NEO in name and tech and team

What has this to do with JNT? I don't care about neo nor matrix, lmao

Clearly all you care about is staying poor

The obvious one would be the saudi family money connection

He was involved with "private investment funds" apparently? Closer?

You went into a JNT thread and shilled your garbage coin. I mean wtf? This is the last level of pajeets

This info seems to be kept on the low since it would otherwise reveal too much. The team doesn't like to give out any hints either, to keep the hype on the low.

>keep the hype on a low
>shit gets shilled on /biz and in asian funnymoneycommunities 20+ times a day

"Mr Tabbaa is a private investment Fund Manager for members of the Saudi Royal Family. " How about now?

The investment fund dedicated a percentage of their portfolio to crypto.

The fund will be using Jibrel soon

Will it be a significant amount?


good thing i bought 10k at 0.4

this will be max. 50 mio max (if even)
all this retards think they start with 2bio rn and they can get rich from this shit
this will take years you incels

Are we talking about multiple million digits or is it a plankton fund?

mr insider how high do you think we'll go this month?

cunt looks 10 years old. Thats an awful lot of job experience for someone who doesnt look like hes allowed to drink in his home country

50mil would be an increase of +50%. I like, i like.

Well it is already known. Unless you know the digits

If only I had more liquidity lol I am sitting on 3K JNT now, doubt I can mobilize more money before it goes >1 usdt

What do you think?

Last hint:

Twitter / Lyft / ****
South- East Asia

10/10 noone is allowed to drink in his home country

no it would not
learn to understand the whitepaper u stupid fucks

mr insider can you plz answer to this:

currently holding 10k. will this be enough?

I gave you enough hints it should be enough.

It is public info that the Saudi fund has been into info. It was unknown that they would be using the Jibrel Network

JNT is priced in. $1 EOY max.

Kingdom Holding confirmed
lets hope the infighting doesnt damage jibrel

Almost but not exactly

Are you the retard from yesterday who wasn't able to comprehend that tokenzied assets will reflect into a 1:1 increase once the system is up and running?

>Inbefore MUH read the whitepaper

What is CryDR contract? Tell me smart user.

One Talal helps another Talal?

Something like that

You're still missing the south-east Asia part

they won't
>explain to me brainlet
no thx, i'm not ur highschool teacher

Confirmed retard from yesterday who doesn't even understand what CryDR contract is, but he read the whitepaper.

I fucking love it.

who cares user, he likes being poor

mr insider you're killing me, can you just please be direct?


If you are telling me it is 360buy I will be very happy

Speculating because of this, guy wants to be the Warren Buffet of tech. Also connected to Arabs.

>i fucking love my own stupidity
>i have strong idiotic believes
u must be a burger

"A huge tech fund backed by Saudi Arabia and Japan's SoftBank is nearing its target of raising $100 billion."

hmmmmmmm, Japan isn't really south east asia though...


Yup not sure, but check this out though: bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-15/softbank-is-said-to-plan-up-to-25-billion-in-saudi-investments-ja146fd5
It's pretty clear if the "leaker" is not speaking out of his ass this has something to do with Jibrel.

However, there's also another financial institution in another Asian country related to Bin Talal

You know any numbers of the $100-25 billion? I don't know if you are larping or actually real, but the wait is fucking killing me. I have $50k under Jibrel since ICO and I want to become a multi-millionaire so fucking bad.

I did my due diligence not like you who keeps responding with random insults when you don't even downloaded the whitepaper yet. You will for sure make it, joining threads and FUD like shit. This is how you earn money.