Dip Below 8200k incoming

Dip Below 8200k incoming

Who is this guy and why are there so many pics of him on the internet? Looks like Vitalik's retarded brother.

How dare you insult Prince Sminem. Die.

Poor fag though, but good short I guess

Some autist these retards decided to bully because his face looks funny
Literally some 12yo bullshit

Very nice

Yeah, I get why he's a meme. I just wonder where all his pics come from. I mean he wouldn't upload them himself, would he?

Pics are probably form vkontakte (Russian facebook)

He also loves tulips
And talks to trees
And has $1.5bn

You won't be a poorfag for long if that move isn't a complete fluke. Looks like you know your shit fairly well, user

Yeah I'll have to go in big at some point. But not nearly ready

this IS Vitalik when he was younger

The fact that you recognize that makes you better than 90% of people in this right now

Here we go, time to see if my prediction holds

It's not quite time yet though? It's underbought on the 1hr chart, pullback should be higher than its been so far no?

"Bully"? It is a celebration of this wonderful human.

Yes, Sminem is a holy symbol of gains for Veeky Forums. Do not dare besmear his name.

Can I have a quick rundown?

sminem looks better than I do, i am so ugly

Well Pullback should be at around $8600
Anything above a margin of $50 upwards shows a new trend.
Best is to sell contract if it rises to $8700, take the profit and go again at 9k

Or maybe look at $8630
at least you can get 50% extra

Hes the arch nemesis of the bog brothers


Pic was related....
Some people don't get autism

>The reptilians bow to the mighty Sminem
>At first contact aliens tried to merge with the human DNA, creating superior beings that would become masters of this planet.
>The first experiment failed, no single cell could harness the raw psychic power of the alien race. The cygote forcefully splitted in half in order to survive leaving the resultant offspring with deformed features, dividing the psionic power between two distinct entities.
>we refer to them as the Bogdanoff Twins.
> aware of the failure of their creation they desperately seek approval of the elder alien race by controlling humanity from the shadows.
> But then it came, the second experiment
>Successful melding of a single entity 200% Bog/human DNA. Less deformed features and much more powerful
>He doesn't own a home or have a single ruble to his name. Doesn't need it
>Contains all the DNA information of all life in every single cell of his body. He descends from every creature that ever lived, can generate offspring with any creature in the universe. He can create new life by merging DNA with his mind

>He is said to have 500+ IQ quantum brain but his mind working at 10% would warp the fabric of reality ending life on every being that has not a multidimensional nature.
>Being omnipotent and aware of the fact he has a gentle nature and tones down his psionic powers to a minimum to allow life to exist but is diminished to a 60IQ slav-tier intelligence in the process.
>His only goal is to bring happiness to all life
>The Bogs fear this creature and try to destroy him
>Sminem doesn't care, he enjoys the flowers and the little things in life knowing that he only needs to wait until the next heat death of the universe (has witnessed two)
>He mocks the twins by foiling their plan of bankrupting some Neets in an anonymous Cantonese basket weaving forum, just for fun
>for every Bog dump he provides a pump
>for every crash he provides a Bull run

Fuck it's so close
Fluctuating at $8590

Marry me

wtf did i just read

>crossing fingers

did you enter a short or are you still waiting for the opportunity to form?

Turned at $8632.....
mah hart
mah soul

shorted at $8975

So you faggots at least compensated him for ruining his life and making him a meme right?

Trying to hold......
>inb4 OP liquidated

a chained angel......

Sminem is living the life. Always visiting a place or in vacation. Good for you Cool boy Sminem.

allright, sold contract at $8543
500% seems like enough

not taking my chance just yet. Will be amazing if drops though...
this is why I'm not ready

Potential bearish spinning top forming on the 1h chart, it already formed on 30m chart. Still potentially happening

Let's see

Blue and black bounces at head indicates the test lines. So if it breaks the second bounce then we might potentially go past the 9k barrier. Who knows, let's watch and see :)