Explain objectively

I don't understand why nobody likes this coin. Literally is the working Bitcoin. The only excuses I hear are:
>Roger Ver is a scammer
>Lightning Network is coming soon (already working in testnet)
>Shitcoin only getting pump and dumped like crazy by whales

I'm trying to redpill myself from this but I just can't.
Help anyone?

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>speaking about yourself in the third person
You can’t hide, Roger

Its a gift from heaven user.
Why do you think It can keep these pricelevels? Because oldfags who made fortunes in BTC know its the real bitcoin.

All those FUD arguments are just redditors with tiny folios shitposting.

BTC will keep losing adoption and BCH will keep gaining adoption.

EOY either ETH or BCH will be top marketcap.

Roger's jewish

I agree and think most people are attacking the person and not the product, which is stupid

A factual argument against BCH might be that while they criticise BTCs method if scaling, They are yet to demonstrate their own method will work either.
>inb4 gigabyte blocks and graphene blah blah
Yeah it's possibly but not proven

Both are necessary to exist to provide scaling options and ultimately one may succeed. This is a necessary 'control' to BTC's hypothesis

Rodger ver is a Chinese miner boot licker, was a shill for mt.gox, AND HES MAKING THE FUCKING FROGS GAY

this is the face of bcash

>a guy that tried to pretend he was satoshi
>an ex con
>a douchebag looking faggot

The important point is that even if gigablocks dont end up being implemented, you need to scale on chain until layer 2 is feasible and ready.

BTC literally choses to DIE and lose all IRL adoption until an unknown point in the future where layer 2 may be ready.

BCH can scale now and have payment channels later on when 32mb blocks start filling for instance.

That buys 2+ years of comfy developing while the network can grow. Something that should have been done on the legacy chain.

>hurr durr bcash is a scam because roger ver sold firecrackers and jihan wu is chinese

>ex con
he sold fireworks on ebay you fucking baby kys

this also how would it be bad if he actually sold something illegal (which he didnt)
This is crypto. Him not giving a fuck about daddy govmint is a massive plus.

three washed up middle aged men desperately trying to cling to relevance through any means necessary.

i dont know whats more depressing, those three, or the hoards of people that will literally waste days of their lives trying to defend them and a bunch of chinks online.

easy, beacuse this coin has one target, to be bitcoin, but until its bitcoin it has absolutely no value
and it is very unlikely that it will become Bitcoin thats why its very very ver risky to own any bcash

BCH was already was a huge win for them brainlet.
They probably made a couple hundred million each already from it and they are far from done.

He has proven he is Satoshi. Can you prove he is not?
>a douchebag looking faggot
>Ad hominem

Stay away from this Chinese scam. Lol. You see how many proof-of-stake coins are out there now? This is obsolete. Generation 1, energy-wasting shitcoin. Once you guys are using up all 32GB of memory and the block size increases, what then? Game over.
Lol. Deluded bcash shills. I might not like Blockstream, but it's the only way forward.

yes, they're playing pump and dump games with a shitcoin, but they're only capable of taking money from speculators.

>we should use it because it has Bitcoin in the name
absolutely fucking retarded logic
instead of just making a better coin with current technology they decided to fork it so it would get a instant spot in the top 10. say what you will about nano, but look at how it came out of nowhere based on it's tech alone. if all those guys got together, made a new coin, and shilled it with their influence maybe it would be worth checking out.
there is LITERALLY no other reason to use Bitcoin cash other than >muh it has Bitcoin in the name
prove me wrong

What about mt. Gox? WHAT ABOUT THE GAY FROGS?

>That buys 2+ years of comfy developing while the network can grow. Something that should have been done on the legacy chain.
I agree 100%
A workable solution today beats a theoretical better solution in the future. Especially when they need to increased blocksize at a later date anyway.

If BTC was a company the CEO and management would have been crucified. What they've done to the adoption rate is unforgivable

Can you explain it further? I like what you're trying to say. I'm trying to understand it.
What I understood:
Aims to be Bitcoin (then kill it). With that premise, Bitcoin needs to have no value and that it's why it's not going to happen, ever.
But what I see is:
Yes, it aims to kill Bitcoin by trying to be a better Bitcoin. It's not going to happen in the short term because we are still in the mining and development phase. But in the long run, whales that have both BTC and BCH will keep BCH and sell BTC to buy more BCH.
I want to be wrong, but that's what I'm thinking.

Investing millions into development and marketing, which they are doing, will prove much more profitable for them in the long run.

Its easy to to flame BCH right now, but BTC will stay slow and expensive and the longer it is the more brainlets will understand on.chain scaling is a must.

>three washed up middle aged men desperately trying to cling to relevance through
Yeah dude, every man over 35 should just kill themselves. What's the point of doing things if you're not in your youth right? There's always someone younger and better than you and if there isn't then people will see you as that"old guy" who tries to hard

>stolen 170M because of a code bug
I'm not paying for bad coded coins, but if you do and you're right, we will see in the end of this long run.

I just hate coins that add "Cash" or some other bullshit like "Classic" to a coin...

>Investing millions into development and marketing
This is also something that BTC supporters underestimate.
Simple trumps complex

If Roger keeps going to interviews with his 'cheap fast and reliable' upgraded bitcoin line he will eventually win people over. To defend that from a BTC perspective you need to sperg out and talk about nodes and decentralisation which is poorly understood by normies.
BTC position is much harder to defend even if their argument is technically better.

I think core devs have no understanding of business development or marketing and they need to wake up to this fast.

Has this thread just triggered a pump?

>BTC position is much harder to defend even if their argument is technically better.
Its so much harder to defend because they basically just promise to have something that works at some point in the future while BCH works now.

Roger, just turn yourself in! Tyrone is waiting for you

Exactly. But the price keeps going down and that means people are selling, so I'm not sure people understand or care about that.

Citation needed.
Also if he is, have him move an original address publically

>I like Bitcoin Cash (not Bcash, btw)

Everything is going down. Thats good for BCH, the soon to come bitpay launch pump will take BCH even closer to BTCs marketcap.

>scale it

>Microsoft: "Some blockchain communities increased on-chain tx capacity (blocksize increases), this approach generally degrades the decentralized state & cannot reach the millions... we're collaborating on decentralized Layer 2 protocols that run atop 'BTC' blockchain to achieve global scale"


Microsoft has officially seen past the shitcoin scams and is working on the Lightning Network. You'll see Steam back soon making a similar statement.

You fucktards can still sell your shitcoins and become rich within the next 5 years by joining at the bottom (YES, the bottom) of the financial revolution.

If you aren't rich in 5 years you NEVER deserved to be so.

Bcash is a shitcoin that you only buy when there's a pump imminent, so you can dump it on hopeless fools that were conned by the Bcash cult.

If BTC is the way to go, why it has lost so much dominance? With that reasoning BTC dominance should've go up (or stayed the same), not down.

Just remember to FOMO in when we hit parity corecuck


New shitcoins come out all the time, each oe taking a small percentage. What are we at now, 1400? Besides, in a diverse market, you have a lot of uncertainty.
I like it cause it gives me a discount on btc. Sooner or later, shitcoins will start to get phased out

I really see that happening, do I have low IQ? I always question myself about everything, but man, this is pretty much straight forward.

BTC people used to love roger.
That is until Bildeberg starting pouring money into Blockstream and Blockstream accessories.

Really makes you think, huh?

>roger ver is a scammer who doesn't care about decentralization
>tries to hijack the bitcoin brand because its just another fork without it
>Pumps the coin himself when BTC is dumping to prove a point
>He's a big crybaby and a total dick in interviews
>He works together with chinese miners to make them and him loads of money instead of being a non profit organization
>Pays for people to sockpuppet on reddit

BCH will be like 120 EOY, it won't make the flippening


Then why every non-BTC or non-BCH holder say so much about how bad being a Gen 1 coin is? We can't even get a single good coin having stable value, being cheap or fast... We had BTC but in December we saw the 1MB problem (solved already in August). The cryptomarket is a mess right now and I no longer know what to think anymore.


>instead of being a non profit organization
Bitcoin is libertarian faggot. Non-profit lel

Greed literally is what makes bitcoin work. Its essential to the protocol.

Bitcoin Core disregards free market forces and doesn't give a shit about the quality of its product, thats why its doomed to fail. The fight is already over.


Don't be mad Bcash is trash, forked by only 20% consensus, and because the majority didn't side with you, you decided the only way forward is to claim Bcash is Bitcoin (defrauding newcomers) and spamming the network to support your own agenda.



>Bcash is trash
nice arguments!

Contrary to popular belief, BCH has always been open to 2nd layer solutions. Just not by sacrificing speed and cost of the entire system just to funnel profits into one company.

No one has ever liked Roger, except Tyrone
Because people shill extra features
>>Bcash is Btrash
Fixed that for you
Nope, Roger is shilling on "muh Satoshi's vision" even though Satoshi-Sama talked about actively making improvements to the system, and changed the block size personally

I'm all in on BCH. The amount of superficial criticism here on the personality behind it and not it's product is a comfort.

BCH is in a better position to grow regardless of who "wins" out in the market cap dominance. By solely looking at ROI and not the ethics within crypto, more people should be in BCH.

Perception is reality, or chain link wouldn't be the shittiest shit coin that ever was

corecuck shill, the post

Roger just turn yourself in already. Tyrone is waiting for you in prison

thanks for bumping

Not a single argument provided, kill yourself shill.

No you're not stupid. You're obviously seeing past the paid shills and fearful corecucks who sold their coins for next to nothing in August lol

BCH will reach parity soon enough, BTC is a shitcoin. Bitcoin's (BCH) adoption is growing rapidly, the price is only this low because the market is full of retards who haven't actually realised BCH is the real bitcoin, when the revaluation occurs it will be sudden and sharp.

>My adoption is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for bigger blocks for anyone. In fact, I want my use-cases to be inflicted on others.

One reason: they have invested in BTC already.

It's emotional. Nothing more to it. I saw this when I sold all my BTC and got free from the shackles of emotional bias.

>0.02 rupees have been deposited in your account

I bought BTC in August to have BCH. I'm so glad I did that and didn't sell my BCH. Thank you, now I know I'm not crazy, just need to be patient.

The problem of scaling has a long term aspect and a short term aspect. A one-time permanent solution would be great but we don't have now, so why not implement something now to mitigate the problem in the short term while people continue to develop a long term solution? This seems like it's just basic common sense. Why do we see entities like Microsoft shitting on any approach that doesn't immediately fix it for good (even though they don't have a fuctional fix either)? It seems hypocritical and stupid.

>go to bitcoin.com
>at first glance it seems like a newb friendly site for bitcoin
>slowly but surely the cashie shilling gets uncovered. newbies think they're buying bitcoin but they get bcash
absolutely disgusting. what a jew

The fact that you're seeing more and more threads about BCH is evidence enough, and the fact they're full of spam bots spreading low level FUD is even more promising.

I remember when I bought my BCH back in August for ~$300 a pop I'd jump on Veeky Forums and there was hardly any discussion about BCH, now there's several large threads daily.

In a few months from now Bitcoin (BCH) will be forking to upgrade again and I expect the price to explode upward to it's real value.

Imagine what would've happened if BTC had 8MB blocks in December. The price would've skyrocket (even more) and I'd probably wouldn't sell my BTC @$18k.

People don't like it because BCH was started by the banks to make BTC lose its threatening position over the banks while they accumulate more BTC.

Explosion will start when bitpay rolls it out.
Pretty hard to deny its usefulness when 20-30k online shops have BCH in checkout. Add to that everybody using coinbases new checkout will have BCH

Publicly co-opting the bitcoin brand to confuse normies.
Imo good companies make their own name instead of riding on the popularity of the brand they are co-opting

Bubble could have gone to 50k+ if bitcoin was still fast and cheap. Why arent more coiners blaming Core for this? They are directly responsible for us not reaching 1T marketcap.

Someone explain to me why this is better than litecoin?

>corecucks fail to realize jihan makes up 50 percent of btc mining
And when he switches it will be glorious

1. Litecoin is a shitcoin pump & dump (ask charlie)
2. Litecoin is not bitcoin
3. Bitcoin (BCH) is Bitcoin

Kill yourself for asking such a stupid question, shill.

This is the best part. BTC shills will simultaneously hate on Jihan and praise BTCs superior security in the next sentence yet that security stems directly from based miners such as Jihan.


I was told litecoin is technically better than bcash because it's faster and cheaper in the long run.

>it's faster and cheaper
No need to thank me, guys!
(But if you really want to send donations to 3LLZz50BiteMyKikeAssIIV3)

Litecoin has 1MB blocks. But I can agree that it's faster than Bitcoin just because it has 2.5 minutes per block and 4x the marketcap (easy fix to the time per block). Adoption to Litecoin would drive Litecoin to the same dead end Bitcoin is.
>I like Litecoin


Who told you that? Your kike overlord or the supreme pajeet at the sweatshop?

Anyone who calls Bitcoin Cash bcash is clearly a paid shill, kill yourself please.

Why does nobody like it?

>Roger ver as front man
>Tries to be bitcoin through misinformation rather than merit
>big blocks are more centralized and they don't scale well either. Even eth doesn't scale well and it's light years beyond BCH
>toxic supporters that are always hostile when you don't want to support their fork
>rips on btc but just a copy of the source code anyway
>shilled as a currrency, but supporters are mostly late adopters that just want to see their coin go up to the real Bitcoins value. Otherwise the price might as well be $1

It's a shit solution and just a desperate attempt to steal the brand

all good arguments

ANd what "merit" does BTC have exactly?

Nice (arguments)!

If BCH is a shitcoin that makes BTC even worse, and I'm being objective here.

bcash is so bad that not even microsoft likes it


If bitcoin is so shitty, why the fuck do you want bcash to be bitcoin, bshill?

Bitcoin Cash can have 8x the transactions per block which makes it a useful Bitcoin fork. Also, without the bottleneck we had with BTC we wouldn't had those high fees either.

this guys a liar, read my post

already know what you're gonna say

>“Microsoft are part of the conspiracy against us” - BCH Community.

Still worse than %90 of the coins, the "bitcoin" part in the name doesn't justify it.

So if I fork bitcoin and make 100mb blocks, it's 100x better than bitcoin and it's better than bcash. Would that make my bitcoin shit the real bitcoin ?

M$ talking about how decentralization is bad is like the banks talking about how BTC is used to fund terrorism.

By that logic, even fucking turtlecoin is the real bitcoin.

Microsoft have been wrong many times. They adopted Bitcoin early and they stopped supporting Bitcoin payments not long ago. Steam did the same. We are still in development phase and this is software. Mistakes happen and get solved. If Lightning Network finally works and gets adopted, I'll change my mind and FOMO in like an idiot with no regrets.
>I like Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is not working as intended, and I want to use my software called Bitcoin

see, told you. lemme know when you have something to say against A YEARS WORTH OF RESEARCH BY MICROSOFT

>15 posts by this ID
No, you won't.

in the long runbitcoin will remain digital gold and digital currency will be a gen 2 gen 3 coin- not a shitcoin fork of bitcoin that uses pow. pos is the future. bcash shills are getting desperate, shilling their gen 1 shitcoin every fucking day.


Burn in hell you fucking shitbag

bcash willnever be a useful anything. it is a shitcoin fork of a shitcoin. gen - coins are obselete. no amount of polishing will make the bcash turd shine