Here we go - cup and handle forming

ZCL to the moon

that's a weird fucking cup
I still believe it'll go up 5x though, ZCL holder here


holding 60 ZCL. Will I make it?

Here we go faggots to the moooon

>to the moooon

iv got 350 ZCL and i was thinking of holding through the snapshot, but now im more inclined to sell when closer to the date if the price is favorable and see how BTCP price plays out early on

my grandmother can do better TA, wtf is that

Ms paint

Lmao that's not a cup you idiot

>tfw becoming an perfect cup/handle
>tfw have a stroke

>le cup and handle

This hurts to look at

but its true desu

My BAT brother, this cup and handle has been forming for over 6 months.

What color lambo are you gonna get?

you right

Is there any reason it's been pumping? I don't see any news.
Or has early fomo started? I looked at some other pre fork coins and most took off about 10 days before, so this could be the start of that

I'm about to FOMO
Am I gonna regret this?

Only if BTC shits the bed again before the fork

Lol if you're not all in on zcl

I was thinking of this too. Or depending on state of the market, maybe hedge by selling half for profit before the fork? I think it is going to pump high now and then dump before the fork

>30min candles

The importance of the "Cup" is long-term market stability at a lower price then steady rising... how can you see that over days?

30 min candlesticks is retarded technical analysis.