We are late adop-

>we are late adop-

i see what you did there but msm says bitcoin is the devil

Good luck "hodling" for six years just to break even with your December "investment" lol.

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Does some actually unironically think it will take 6 years or even remotely close to that to reach new ATH?

Holy shit imagine being this retarded. Damn.

>comparing the totality of the equity market composed of billion dollar multinational corporations with actual products to edge lord meme coins with no intrinsic value

in a few years time, bitcoin will be analogous with fedora wearing atheists

Blockchain networks have less inherent value compared real stocks which include tons of shit that have actual real world value.

Some blockchains will reach stock market level value (LINK, REQ, FUN, ETH, and many more), but the majority of coins/token right now will die and the value will plummet to zero. I hope you've invested smartly.

Making an analogy with the chart he posted, retard.

thats why blockchain stocks will be the next big thing. if you are really a legit company there is no reason you shouldn't list on the stock exchange like internet companies did


Sadly user, yes. They fail to take into consideration that this crypto market, is a global market. Anyone, anywhere at anytime in a 24 hour day can access it.

The market over there is from 9-5 Monday to Friday. They only have 8 hours to put their money in and take it out.

Do you want to know why the roaring 20s took off like they did? Because people became so fucking fascinated that you could make a lot of money just with bits of paper. Now people are greedier, but richer than ever before, and you're going to bet they're going to put their wealth into this market.

Soaring 20s.

The mind boggles at some of these brainlets

Hahaha that’s like me saying: some coins will still be around, ETH, TAU, AXP hahahahaha

>comparing crypto to real world companies that actually do stuff

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Screencap that shit and talk to me again in a couple of years you immense brainlet. Blockchain tech is about security and efficiency. FUN fulfills both criteria as it brings down the over head cost of Online Casinos(at some point even more than just those) and makes it very easy to comply with regulations no matter how strict. I am not saying it's a 100% guaranteed win, but these are the kind of techs you want to look at, because they have a chance of being adopted by companies who own real world assets and thereby become cemented in the real economy.

Well, the whole point of the BLOCKCHAIN is that it is run through a distributed ledger.

There is no "company" to list on the stock exchange, since the blockchain is decentralised and the projects move forward through different methods other than how regular companies work. (i.e consesus methods like POW/POS et.c)

what do you want to compare it with? the forex market? 5 trillion trading volume per day.

latest crypto trading volume: $17,822,512,381

One could instead see the tokens as the "stock exchange"
As it is a form of paying miners, node operators et.c.

no thats not the whole point of blockchain. blockchain is a technology and can be used by private corporations to provide services just like all companies

I thought pepe was an alt right icon leftypol?
You give up on that narrative?

I was overstating it a bit.
Of course companies could have internal blockchain-protocols to help run the company more efficiently.
But, I really don't see that blockchain stocks are going to be the next thing, sorry.
Please, enlighten me.

>he doesnt know


there are lots of "next things" blockchain is just one of them.

>but msm
what's msm?

main stream media

you should've compared it to the dotcom bubble to be honest

>six years
>the absolute state of Veeky Forums

except crypto is pure vaporware, it doesnt need more than a few B

It's likely the opposite will happen. The Stock Market will have to integrate to the blockchain system, like how messengers integrated to telecommunications.

that doesn't change the stock market at all. when internet came all companies had to adapt and adopt the internet. Before the internet people had to hire a special and certified investor to buy stock for them and with online trading everyone could just buy online. And this happened decades ago before blockchain

comparing stock market to crypto market
> absolute state of Veeky Forums

>everyone could just buy online
But you need a fuckton of papers to sign and then there are brokers fucking you up. The concept of blockchain is still to futuristic for the current age.

if you live in 1st world country 90% of everything you use in you daily life is part of this stock market cap
you must be retarded to compare make pretend internet bux without even one working product to this

3 months from now btc will be 20k+, and I know btc is garbage

jesus I didn't even notice the crypto line at first

isn't that the whole point of OP's post? we haven't reached the adoption stage yet apart from a handful of companies accepting bitcoin