I love LINK. Sexy Hylian Boi

Checked and accepted.

See you at 107 after the conference

$107 per LINK confirmed

how much usd is this piece of shit worth right now any way ? if its over a dollar i will apologize

'scuse me pranjeets

ChainLink is either the next ETH or the next DavorCoin

Wow impressive stuff.
Wake me up when you flip DOGE

>There are people on this board who still think link is just a meme

Expect a pump pre-conference then a massive dump.

This is the safest bet. Still wouldn't mind seeing my little stinkies fly though

Below 50c?

are people seriously buying this shit? you finally fooled people outside biz with meme magic I guess

$1000 EOY

Yep. Gut instinct is that it is premature for big news. If it drops like last year, expect well below 50c, possibly 30's

Give it a month or two.

>expect well below 50c, possibly 30's
Fuck I hope so. Got a fat cheque and would be great to double my stack

>a month or two

>conference in 3 days
>Mainnet a couple of weeks away
>Another conference in 3 weeks
>Partnerships next month

You are a brainlet, m8.

look into it. Oracles are one of the most vital parts of crypto. And if you look at it, LINK is open source, has a great team, and has amazing technology. It's a no brainer to implement link for any company using smart contracts, which will grow exponentially this year.

Isn't it different than before SIBOS? I mean isn't a dump already priced in?
People expected amazing news at the first conference and got disappointed - now they should know that Sergs doesn't feed pumpers with buzzwords and ""partnerships""

Charts appear almost identical. Spike to 0.52 on October 16 2017 the date of SIBOS conference and dump as far down as 0.19 by October 31 2017.

Mainet is not a couple of weeks away- testnet is. They're very different things.

Buy the hype sell the news. I'm bullish on LINK, just not in the short term.

Depends of many things. LINK is already oversold, we are trying to recover from a crash, no one expects great things from the conference anyway.

If BTC breaks $9000 today and starts testing $10000 by the conference, there will be lots of FOMO.

Testnet has been out for months, brainlet. Simplified GO mainnet coming in the next couple of weeks.

Simplified GO mainnet basically is a testnet
current testnet is a centralized ruby net

Sergey explicitly said "simplified mainnet".
Get fucked.

Yes, which is a testnet, you fucking brainlet. It won't be used for anything but testing.

Alright, so it's just retarded speculation without any underlying indications of important news - just like always.
Well it could be an easy way to increase your stack, but it's kinda like playing with fire imo

simplified mainnet not testnet you fucking brainlet

Missing the point. There is going to be a huge dump when the conference comes and goes without any announcements retard.

The market moves in tandem. Sensible to take profits and put them in another alt which will continue to rise after.


the more Veeky Forums becomes the only community interested in and talking about chainlink, the lower the attractiveness and price goes

>I don't know anything about LINK mainnet, please spoonfeed me

its a >simplified< mainnet, learn to read

If I take a shit and call it a Nutella, will you eat it?

There is a bigger probability that there be more people FOMOing in, than retards dumping their bags.
Reminds me of the retards who "sold the news" on the SEC hearing, causing a few massive red candles, that got eaten in 3 minutes by FOMO

No but if you give me a nutella and calls it shit I would eat it

there will be a dump, digits don't lie

No there isn't you absolute goon.
The two situations are not comparable at all.

LINK-massive hype- only company to be invited twice to SIBOS and fuck all happens.

The price is going down.

>open source
Please lead the way to the github full of commits viewable by everyone

Please don't buy any link

The only place you can buy link is binance. There is so much FUD here but this is the next ETH. DYOR and you will see the MASSIVE potential LINK has. If you sign up and use my referral I will send you a few Linkies. Just reply back with your Link address and first 2 characters of your email.

www.binance.com slash question mark ref=22066579

Or scan the QR code.



Does that mean you can see my full email address?

mfw when i bought link during the new years dip

You apologize for acting like a #95 vaporware scam erc20 isn’t garbage

I’m so happy Veeky Forums gets to finally dump this trash

2 devs, good at LaTeX whitepapers, can’t program

>buy the hype sell the news
t. grug

we are rich ahahah Veeky Forums is RICH!!!! AHAHAHAHA

>You apologize for acting like a #95 vaporware scam erc20 isn’t garbage
>I’m so happy Veeky Forums gets to finally dump this trash
>2 devs, good at LaTeX whitepapers, can’t program

don't use this fags referral
also binance is not the only place you can buy link anymore, brainlet
fucking referral fags I swear, fuck off you street shitting beggar

No I can only see the first 2 characters the rest is **** :) sending now. Good luck user

>Isn't it different

No, the crypto formula is really simple, hype leads to pump, news leads to dump, unless the news is fucking amazing.

dont buy on huobi ffs chinese support is fucking dreadful

Big dick fellas have been buying LINK for the past 2 days, no signs of letting off

I bought at 70c

same. when people were saying it was 'dipping' and that it would never be under $1 again...

Sergai did a good job

Can you feel this sensation that cannot be described by the senses? This is The Singularity, it is present here and when the right time comes, we will all witness It

quite pungent my dear

When is conference?

you listened to biz

16th-18th Feb