Everytime i read a mining related thread here i cringe

Everytime i read a mining related thread here i cringe.
Majority of the people who mine/doesn't mine have no idea what they are fcking talking about. Even the semi decent sized miners. Hur dur Eth! Hur dur Etn! If you actually knew what the fuck you were doing you would ROI in less than 5 weeks.

I'm going to give you a small glimpse of what i do on a daily basis... im not here to teach you or to hold your fucking hands. Here is the reality.

>Be me a pro king miner
>Greet my group of miner friends
>scour interwebs for new shit-coins with masternode features
>we all mine shit-coin on launch for the first 2 days
>group our coins together(doesn't matter who since we trust each other)
>sell to plebians on discord who want masternodes as no exchanges are implemented.
>depending on the coin i might buy low and try to sell high for couple days(risky)
>depending on the coin i might even hold (bulwark, lux, mun, etc)
>i take $1,300+ a day on average but sometimes i can make $4-7k a day.

While on the other hand when i goto whattomine.com it says i should be earning an estimate of $250 a day.

It's a full time job. Not a fcking sit back and watch me earn muni. You gotta constantly research and look for coins and basically beg ppl to buy ur bags on discord.

Sounds like too much work

It is, but it's just like the real world.. People who put in more effort tends to earn more.

So you arent a miner. You're just flipping shitcoins and due to your manual approach you cant scale it.

You cant turn that 1.3k per day to 13k per day since you depend on manually shilling your bags

right 200 gpu's im not a miner.

do you have a warehouse?

This. I found turtlecoin just before was shilled on here. Mined 400k in 18 hours on a single 1080ti. Dumped at 26sats. Easiest gains of my life.

if u call some a place i rented out for $500 a warehouse sure.

good play user good play

No you're not, you're a fucking pajeet shit hands scammer.
By the way, you stopped sounding real at "trust". Okay user, sure

Here's some of the shit-coins i've mined in the past 5-6 weeks

Just because ur reality is being poor doesn't mean its that for everyone plebian.

I'm mining akroma, still worth it?

it's a long term play imo.
up too u.

raven looks really promising if u knew what's up but most people don't.

well people are sellin 1 aka for $1 each on discord which makes it much more profitable than most coins.

>>Greet my group of miner friends

This is the the part I have doubts about.

So you are saying you are finding enough new coins literally like, weekly, to keep this kind of action going?

I want in.

The first coin I ever stumbled on that wasn't being mined by a gajilion kekahashes was turtle and even that was a month in, but i still managed to be under wire to get millions per day with a laughably small rig.

so how are you scouring intertubes to find new unknown coins pre launch?

right i could easily dump this, but i see a decent future for this project.

don't mind hodling this one for a good while.
If not i lost couple days of mining its not a big deal.

I know you made this thread bc you have seen mine. Look I admit it I dont know shit but Im not one of those
>hurr durr mine eth you pleb
in a fucking 1080ti thread jesus...

Im thinking about leaving multipoolhub and go all in in day 0 shitcoin mining, but I didnt pulled the trigger. yet..

Also I have to admit it if you are not larping then you are the fucking man.

But I am totally alone in this, I cant cooperate with others without risking my profits and I am only mining with 25 1080tis in my home, not with 200gpus in a professional environment.

Also how am I gonna dump my shitcoins on others with my 3rd grade level english? Also how in the hell are you making 1300+ a day? You mine 500k shitcoin on day 0 and sell it to the pleb? On what discords can you do this?

you know it pretty damn well you were only lucky and it has nothing to do with your intellect.

>This. I found turtlecoin just before was shilled on here. Mined 400k in 18 hours on a single 1080ti. Dumped at 26sats. Easiest gains of my life.

sure, but now, do it again, and again, and again.

you got fucking lucky, that's it.

Lmao, thats why you have no idea what ur talking about.

Look at the pictures right above you. Those are the coins i mined in the past 5 weeks.. their was maybe 2x that amount but i can only mine so much.

The first coin u stumbled upon was turtle because u browse Veeky Forums all day u tard.

you don't have 200 gpus


ya i don't

Where can I get more GPUS for cheap? I'm in the UK and the 1070s are going for £630 ($870), still worth buying them?

take me in. 25 1080tis. Ive got 2 more weeks in my workplace and Im free.

Im ok with crumbs. You can take most of my profits and I will still end up with more than enough for me.

Also how in the hell are you finding all of these new shitcoins? Most of them are total dead ends yet people buy your bags, every day? You are a total genius or a total larp.

give me ur discord and ill add you.

I find this funny but I was looking around in kika, möbelx, xxlutz for the best shelves for my mining operation and I ended up with the same.

Then I started to lurk gpu mining forums and plebbit and I realized evey gpu miner buys the same shelves as me.

btc tanked and the price isn't coming down...

i bought all my equipment when eth mooned to 300.... overpriced but i already roi'd multiple times over. Do as u wish

im not gonna say you are lying without a doubt but id bet a fair amount of money that you are lying about making that much and im a heroin addict we dont fuckin play with our money

i dont realize how lucky i am i was impulsive and bought my 1060 earlier than intended

Some Cryptopia transfer i've done with some sellers couple weeks ago. Over shit-coins.

When btc was around 10k.

>ITT: OP is a faggot larper
Wow such amaze you can mine. Like another user pointed out, you cant scale your operation from what youve admitted. You are just shilling shitcoins to other people and dumping bags. Meaning you are severing ties with people who are either too stupid or too gullible to know better at time of trade. I would say thats stupid because networking is so important in life, but maybe they deserve to have their ether taken from them for so little. Either way you know your days are literally numbered in terms of doing this right?

>Either way you know your days are literally numbered in terms of doing this right?

Does it matter if he makes mad cash tho?

Lol, like my thread stated you idiots have no idea what you're talking about.

discord gg/ 44MueQ

made it just for you, kind sir

reason why its small amount is to minimize risk between the traders. As their is no exchanges.

this is probably just a larp guys so dont get your hopes up

>Majority of the people who mine/doesn't mine have no idea what they are fcking talking about.


i've got 20 1080s and 6 days a week to nolife shitcoins

invite to your discord? I'm willing to invest autistic amounts into more cards if you're not bullshitting me

GRLC is so easy to manipulate
been lying on their subreddit and influencing the market for pretty decent gains

user from yesterday, still mining turtle.
Got 2.2MM so far.
BTW mining shitcoins doesen't work, I tried it, trust me. You need to mine the big coins to at least cover electrical costs, no one will buy your bags

>begging on discord
Sorry I'm not brown

Yeah I made a fuckton mining and selling GRLC before the market price crashed

>lying to manipulate market

What I see is that you're mining shitcoins upon release so that you can mine a ton as you don't have much hashrate to compete with.

And selling it cheap to people who would be happy to buy it up because they can be whales in that coin for cheap.

You take a risk with the shitcoin, they take a risk with it... eh, if it works for you I guess.

Most people like mining because it's PASSIVE income though.

sucks to be you negro
but really, who's buying this shit? it's a memecoin built on a dead meme

Who the fuck buys this shit?

Any tips for finding new coins OP?

This isn't true at all. I can work hard at McDonald's but I'll still make minimum wage. I can also break my back digging for gold but still end up broke.

On the flip side of the coin, I can hire a bunch of robots to do my manufacturing for me. Then part a pajeet less than minimum wage to sell my product. I put in almost zero effort and make 90% profit.

>1 rig
>mining turtle

please just kys

1 of many

Zcl on the nvideas

Where do you go to start looking for the newest shitcoins?

I have a few mining rigs, I'd be willing to join you guys.

chanmail at protonmail dot com


>3 rigs
>top fcking kek

ethhash for the rxs

Btw I know you are Larping about your 200 rigs, just trying to not embarass you too hard

keep going

How much hash power you got ma` nigga`.
You, not your entire group. Scrypt or eth for metric please.

i like how all the images are diff sizes and formats

but ill entertain it

keep going.

Dude, you made like $1000. I mean, I guess a little here and a little there and it adds up but this is Veeky Forums not /g/. Making $1000 in crypto is completely unremarkable unless you are doing it at least every day. Now git gud

Mining is high risk, low reward.
You spend 50k to build a rig that is obsolete in a year, to mine shitcoins and hope that people buy the bags. You can never mine the safe coins, because big mining centres are more efficient and you cant compete. Traders become millionaires, miners only hope to make up for utility bills and break even on their overpriced GPUs.

i haven't mined eth in 6 months and i have added rigs since then so i can't tell u.

Calm down kid. Majority of miners from my day already got their staking amounts. Noone is gonna waste time on your bullshit to get an extra 2%

This. And how much longer can they keep the hype up? How many variants of the same PoW coins already exist with no use case? We all know this is all driven by speculation but at some point people will start saying "we already have one of those" and they aren't going to buy the bags.

You can literally see the background tiles brainlet.
Moving on, I'm selling the asics to boomers, just sold 1 yesterday for 5k

rigs are 2k though, brainlet

show ur whole setup not 1 rig at a time kiddo.

not impressed by ur 30 gpu setup.. once u get into the 150 range i might be.

This. I made like 8 ETH just by buying into the Lamden ico and selling on ED that week.

btw top kek u bragging about 1 asic miner.

I have 10 s9s and 5a3S that I'm dumping as we speak. I also bought a Baikal for 5k and sold it for, not even going to say it lmao

>shows me 24 gpus and 1 asic
>thinks hes a baller
>top kek
>is this real life?

I only keep these at home, only have 40kv contract or somewhere close to that


>shows nothing
>thinks anyone is falling for his LARP
>greentexting top kek

>17,000 akroma

legit retard we got here.
i posted them.

/biz is probably the worst board on the whole chan.

No other board has such highly saturated amount of scammers, shills and lying greedy assholes who are ready to fuck you over for a shekel. Maybe some fag boards have their deviants and /pol has its (basement-dwelling)skinheads, but that's nowhere near than /biz.

Just think how many lives have /biz scammers and shills ruined with their "advise". And worse yet - they just cannot stop bragging about their "achievements", encouraging others.
Literally this is the den of (((reptiloids))), if you think about it.
/biz memes are good though.


>reposts pics saved from Veeky Forums
>I posted them

How much solar energy would be required to run a single miner

It really has gotten bad. It was pretty decent back just a year ago. Now it's just 90% trash. You can't even lurk long enough to find anything

say what?

1.2x10^44 J total means you would need about 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001 suns

im cpu mining, rn my advantage is that i dont pay for electricity

So sharing 200gpus with 10 niggers means you have more hashpower than me? lmaoing at your commie life

nah between us 12 we have 800 GPU's

That sounds doable, Arizona has at least 3 suns worth of solar energy

Is it still worth to buy 1070s to mine Ethereum for $870 each? Just looking for passive income for rent and bills while I trade coins as a traders and invest into ICOs.

No, youd need that fraction of the sun inside a closed 100%efficiency fotovoltaic cell

fuck me mate, that's a killer setup you've got going. Makes me wish I mined more DOGE back in the first few days it was released. Assuming you were wage-slaving full-time before swapping to mining, what was the process like? I've got the funds to pull off what you're doing but I'll probably die from stress overload trying to set all that up with my current schedule.

btw you can crank the memory to 600 on 1070s

Where do you get you shitcoin info from?

How and where do you learn of new coins?

I don't think thats quite right

Didn't factor in variables like the actual sun part or the fusion product, that's why I put 1 less 0 in there.

I also mainly do CPU mining, but my disadvantage is that I have to pay for electricity (got a good rate tho). 1280x 32 core blade servers, expanding with 1200 GPUs and 280 Phi nodes at the end of the month. But falling prices since dec have been tough.

The start of mainstream VR will be when mining dies. People will pick up Vegas @10bucks when you all have to fire sell

>pro king miner

Fuck you phunkism you larping shitbag soy boy

Nigger you have a cave???

Isn't electricity expensive asf in the UK?



whats up man! how are things with you? Have you dealt with the drainage problem?