All eyes on ETC

all eyes on ETC

Retrace to 0035, then moon

entry point very soon

Its a pump & dump in progress, beware.

Looks like fork accumulation in progress. Order book is thick

any targets? I'm thinking about selling at 0055 but not sure wtf's going on longterm

you guys know there is a fork of this coin early march right?

Can you short this thing? It's gonna fall soon.

I'm out desu this is slowing down too much. (entered this morning myself).

Look at buy/sell, tons of people buying 10 or 20 but sells are going 200 at a time. Getting bad vibes.

Will rebuy at 0032 if it goes there.

yes you can short on bitfinex or bitmex, but I think it's still too early for this.

so is there even a roadmap for this coin, or is it just a bunch of chinks that have no idea how to do anything like bcash?

It's like dogecoin but with the impending fork still has 3-4x upside. Buy after 1.5x retrace tho

Literally a knife waiting to be dropped

Bought at 0032 WHAT DO I DO

sell sell sell sell


Wait untill 00325, panic sell


WARNING: Classic fibonacci double nigger formation forming..... look at RSI, look at MACD, look at volume....... we're gonna explode very soon.

>Classic fibonacci double nigger formation

will it dip? sure, people are daytrading. but the overall course till callisto is up up up.
check tradingview. this coin got momentum