I'm sorry that you don't hold more REQ

Switch REQ for ETC for fork moon

Shill me on Wyvern.

I bought REQ at 0.04 and at ATH it was 30% of my portfolio but I got JUSTED hard.

How did you read it blacked out? I’m unironically still trying to accumulate but DYOR.

After staring at it for a while I was able to make out the letters somehow. Can't see them anymore though.

Man, I was so close to selling when it hit $1, but I let my emotions get the best of me. I'll try not to do that next time. Still easily one of my favorite coins


still holdin

There was a dude that said he would be pumping link with a couple of his whale friends like 2 days ago .

If this is the case, i just want to say that hes a faggot for cucking me out of cheap link. This shit will moon no matter what once mainnet gets launched. We dont need these pumps

I got justed really hard today. Was hopping back and forth between LINK and REQ, trying to increase my stack and then LINK just kept mooning, while REQ dumped to the pits of hell.
t. 50k REQ, 10k LINK
Are you unironically retarded?

Every single forkcoin dumps

Creative shill tactic.

Cpt. obvious, yes you have ~3 days after fork to sell for 75%ATH value, after that you are too late indeed...

If you have at least 10k stinkies then you don’t daytrade since that’s enough to make it. I still like REQ but I can why it’s going down with the whole coinbase thing.

(p.s. in this topic: people who stay poor)

Yeah, samefagging from his phone, that W looks like a V, no way someone could guess that out
Saged for ninjashilling

I’m not samefagging, this is a LINK thread and it will stay that.

Yeah, right faggot. Outright 5D chess shilling. Kill yourself.
I keep 10k stinkies and 30k REQ on my Ledger. The rest is for swing trading on binance.
No it doesn't you fucking retard, are you blind?

Nani the fuck is "the movement token"

Also the coinbase FUD is literally pajeet-tier. Doesn't affect REQ fundamentally whatsoever.

It’s a shitcoin that I got for free in an airdrop. I’m holding it since the liquidity is so low I can’t really sell and I got it for free so why not hold it and see what happens.

You must be retarded; it is very easy to read on my screen.

4 minutes to identify a coin from a W and an N. Why are you "both" so defensive of the shill if you tried to keep it secret?

I could read the whole thing you fucking retard. I suppose is also me, this time posting from my microwave, huh?

Guess so. You made me take a look at it, so congrats

Let me know if you find out where to buy that shitcoin, you faggot.

With high contrast. You didn’t read it street shitter.

You made me look up Wyvern. Well done, this is how you shill.

Unrelated but how did you make delta show you portfolio percentages?

I suppose my genius-tier brain generated the letters. What is it like being a

i want to kill that motherfucker
was planning to buy more link soon when my money gets in
at least i'm increasing my stack by trading

It's dumping already, am hoping for 5.5k sats. Starting to feel fomo here.

Literally took 10 seconds in Paint. Kys.

You’re too defensive of this shill, you and op both unironically use unironically too much, and you did not guess wyvern first try within 4 min of OP.

I contrasted it because you said you read it, not edit it.


>he's defensive he must be a shill
>he's not defensive therefore I'm right
So what am I supposed to do, you nigger?
>use unironically too much
The whole board ironically uses "unironically" too much, faggot.
>I contrasted it because you said you read it, not edit it.
I did read it and I posted the edited file in Paint as a proof that it's readable. You can do the same yourself if you don't believe me. Why are you so butthurt? I could honestly say that I find Wyvern to be an absolute shitcoin, but then you will say that I'm backpedalling on the "shill", so what's the point? You're an absolute faggot.

It will dump hard after the conference. No news will be announced. Mainet is not until Q3/4

I do hope so, but since I sold 1/3 of my stack, expect singularity on Friday.

I’m good with either of this scenarios

Yeah, I mean, I'll make it one way or another.

The original is way more readable than the zoomed in, somehow. Just have to tilt my screen back and it pops out.
So what the fuck is wyvern?

An exchange protocol, decentralized exchange and a DAO to govern the exchange with profit distributions. The market cap is tiny just under $1 million but trading is stopped on coinexchange right now due to token swap.

>Step 1: Make popular topic thread
>Step 2: someone "discovers" hidden clue
>Step 3: Shill the "hidden gem"

>5D chess