Only coins worth discussing


If a coin/token/project is not on this list, it's so shitty, uninteresting and scammy that it's not even worth the time to talk about it

coins/projects/tokens that are still in ico / barely out of ico, that could make it to this list

>no cardano
good stay the fuck away from my long term hold. I dont need you retards fucking with it and turning it into the next link


good list but you forgot KNC

>no bazingacoin
You sick faggot, how dare you.

probably the vaporwarest vaporware project in all crypto, also one of the most overvalued coin ever
don't you have a youtube video to comment on you mouthbreather preteen fuck
0x > KNC
oh shit you're right


Glad you included WTC

Veeky Forums likes to shit all over it for some reason


Can't wait for you to FOMO into BZC, OP

you forgot about Bottos (BTO) and i.exec (RLC)
these two are the real deal

Just bought a bunch more.
The price is just too good right now.

Jesus the walton rebrand...

What the fuck, seriously.

a random memecoin made by a random user, with no fucking purpose?
are you fucking serious right now?
whenever I look into it, it doesn't convince me, don't really understand most of the shilling on it

I'm not saying this ironically, this is an objectively bad list


Can someone shill me on ENG?


>no REQ

you don't bring anything to the table, nothing to discuss, you just came here to pretend to be smart, and called the list shit, when in fact, you are dumb as hell
your opinion is literally worthless
ask me how I know you are under 14

These are the most solid projects in all of crypto, don't be delusional

Just because it doesn't include the shit coin you went all in on and now hope and pray for a day when you can sell your bags

I'd add zcash & related, bnt, and fct

First time on Veeky Forums buddy? Triggered by three letters?

ask me how I know you're from reddit

ChainLink is not a scam

surprisingly good list. you forgot qsp tho

QTUM 500$ EoY

you have to go back
>response actually from the youtube comment section that was popularized by preteen fucks on Veeky Forums migrated from reddit
>apparently I'm the guy from reddit

NANO, Trinity, and Elastos as well as Origin Trails

>response actually from the youtube comment section

How would you know that? Why are you reading comments on Youtube?

Checkmate, redditor youtube kiddie faggot.

guess you missed the live dev talk of it

>le reddit maymay

>why do you know where my epic comebacks come from????? STOP THAT! KYS! KYS!

>no stratis
> will laugh at you fags from my lambo

>guess you missed the live dev
what happened during the dev talk for trinity?i havent been keeping up

i have neo and iota as hedges, I have some btc and eth and ltc. im slowly accumulating cardano.

it was extremely shitty and dissapointing
killed all my anticipation for the project
they streamed a phone cam recording of their product "working" in real life
>is dis how i greentext

replace ltc with XRB. it will have bigger growth desu

I stopped right there. You cant be serious with the Grandpacoin.

ill have to watch it, thx for telling me cuz i havent bought trinity yet but i thought it would follow the growth of raiden

>the coin, the first coin, the biggest coin, that literally decides if alts, the market, and everything lives or dies, is not worth to be part of a discussion

Shhhh......still accumulating.

>accumulating a random literalwhat shitcoin made by a random literal who user from biz, that has no purpose or function at all
audible kek

Agree more or less

What about SKY?

I don't see in the token economics why the token itself would go up



thanks just bought 100k

daytrade it user. Its always pumping and dumping worst case you own some Cardano. Its just a hobby at this point cant have too much Cardano, but dont tell those EOS guys that paid 1 billion for their ICO they are a sensitive bunch. All well versed in C++ I imagine.

LTC is dogecoin tier, the only reason why it still exists and still has a high mcap is because it's old as fuck

Probably got burnt from charlie's dumping

No LINK but rubbish like stellar. Sad.

I fixed it

Waiting for OP's rebuttal

>No Pascalcoin
Beginner detected

Silly OP, the only coin worth discussing is ETH and the unified global economy it will usher in

Your list unironically lacks something.

You stake the coin to produce coin hours which will be used as currency in the sky ecosystem

It's gonna make 23andMe and all these fuckers look like incompetent idiots.
But DYOR, it's very solid.

I don't see it happening yet

Why is JNT on that list?

>has EOS but no ADA
>has XMR but no ZEN
>has VEN
>has AION but no XRP
>has EXY
>not a single exchange token

Missing Zcash, maker, and skycoin.


If you're gonna judge the projects by "solidness" (whatever the fuck that means, I imagine the team and their perceived ability to deliver a working product) this list is nowhere fucking actual.
If you're gonna judge projects by "ideas" (AKA promise to achieve something ground-breaking) this list is also shit and biased, since it omits a lot of competition (my guess only tokens on BINANCE make it to the list :)) )

Just be quiet and accumulate. I'm happy it's not being shilled as much. We had a couple of PRL threads and they were nice.

>exchange tokens
>:)) )

lots of autists gathering for one little thread

>tfw you find a good coin and Veeky Forums tries their hardest to ruin it


I don't think it's going to move much until Q3 but it's still worthy of being discussed.

> not listing tel

at least 1 of those coins isn't available on binance yet


Why does BAT get so little love on this board?

Indeed an autist is attracting other autists, on the other hand you've got so much friends!!! Truly sad thing is that even you will profit off crypto revolution believing till the end you die that you were RIGHT :))

>no ADA
not gonna make it hon

only things I read in your abhorrent nonsense babbling

I haven't checked and I'm not going to. Why does he have EOS but not ADA? You either put both of them, or none of them. Simple as that. The only reason it's not there is he's emotionally attached. Hence this whole list is invalidated. because it's not based on logical approach.

OP is a faggot.

:)) :)) :)) :)) hey dog :)) :)) :)) :))