What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

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Give me the answer! Riddler! ?!?!?

>buy the bags I've been accumulating since the last tweet

who cares what this cracker has to say, another PnD

Nice tweet but where is their whitepaper?

What's a whitepaper?

who the fuck is this faggot

this shit this is the worst thing about ven
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holy shit did you guys saw this?

OMG vechain is the new bitcoin

New VEN article: medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-tech-sneak-preview-8834d5dde843

A paper that is white.


Is anyone surprised they didn't show any software? Lmfao

Passing off a machine they bought from one of the chink hardware manufacturers as "built in house", ignoring the fact that they're a blockchain project and are apparently this all-in-one dApp solution ethereum killer, but wait...

They have no software

Jesus this fucking project

Those will be the coins listed first on PBoC crypto exchange.

VEN fudders are the biggest retards. Ya PwC, DNV-GL, and Breyer are all backing up a scamcoin sure.

This isn't NANO, this is a real project with real enterprise support.


You people are getting more and more pathetic

You have seen.

Strange CCK doesn't post a thread this time.

What do you mean Breyer?

Jim Breyer, billionaire venture capitalist
Invested in multiple successful Chinese start ups
Which turned out to be baidu, tencent, alibaba etc
Early Facebook investor
And only invested in one crypto, ethereum
And now vechain


get joosted

Breyers I Cekreme, apparently all natural no scam here.

It's Cisco

Screencap this

Of course, yet you couldn't say anything to refute it.

The coin is vapor

They got incubated by PwC thanks to Bitse (who vechain fudded last week, like scumbags). PwC have given them their other connections but they are only being made because they restructed the VEN blockchain (if it even existed before then) to be completely free to use for whales. I'd say MOST companies would jump at the chance of a free to use public blockchain that they don't have to develop in house, if the project are PwC affiliated. The problem is, given that none of the companies have to pay to use the blockchain (and DEFINITELY get given free VEN as part of the "partnership"), there is literally NO value in it for holders like yourself, but you don't see that, because venboys don't care about tech, as long as they see the word ""partnership"" every so often

Don't say I didn't warn you

hahahaha this reach lol
salty walty go back to shitting in the street

try harder newfriend

here you go

just the ones with the biggest mass appeal

>what do you mean Breyer?

Confirmed salty walty
They literally have a private blockchain testing with companies currently getting ready for mainnet
All points legit BTFO’d

You arent wrong about the abscence of product available to public. However, it would have been impossible for Vechain to scam dnvgl in particular, which is a corporate entity devoted to assurance and compliance. The literal i-dotters and t-crossers in their respective sphere of influence. Their interest in working with Sunny speaks volumes more than lack of information available to the public ever could.

I don't think they are scamming the companies, they they are scamming the little guys (i.e. everyone that is not a venture capitalist or business)

You don't even know how the economy works for it do you...
You fail the understand the basic mechanisms for public blockchains

Educate me

Tell me how companies being given free VET and therefore generating free THOR whilst not even having to use it because the blockchain is free for those with a certain amount of VET.. tell me how this benefits the little guy.

The little guy stands to make a decent buck as VET gets locked into nodes. As for THOR price I think it's too early to say but that could probably generate some money as well

This is probably what you're looking for. I think uncertainty does exist with this coin, but those who bought in early will only benefit. As more people want to use it, the price will go up.

Saw this on Twitter. Hopefully CCK replies with further clues.

source on free VEN?

you have seen.