and people said VEN was dead


Cisco partnership confirmed.

you have seen.

Who is the woman in the background of the picture?

that is so vague what the fuck is he talking about.

fucking chinks are so cringeworthy

It's just a way for VeChain to communicate to early adopters what's going on without breaking NDAs. That's literally what this is, we know it's not fake since earlier CCK messages were all correct.

This. 100x this.

I've tried to clue all my mates on to the tweets here and they think im delusional. It is 100% flags for accumulation



the kid has spoken.

When is rebranding?

not entireley

>SEEkers COnstructs --> SEE-CO ---> CISCO

>messages were all correct

which one nigger

Messages so vague they can be applied to any news.

>All are correct

whilst I don't disagree, the timing every time is beyond coincidence at this point.

Yep - messaging talking about books the day before a deal with a publisher was so vague it could have been about anything. Message about smoke the day before the China Tobacco announcement could have been about anything.

assblaster mentioned an exchange in his last thread...

Who the hell is assblaster? Link?

lol cryptomarkets are influenced by people like Coca Cola Kid and Assblaster

I meant an upcoming exchange, and he refused to name it. Something along the lines of fiat pairing and experienced devs

exactly, link

Europe oriented exchange, not located in Asia.
But considering big players are gearing up towards crypto, it would be silly to think China won't make a government approved exchange or at least set some compliance requirements. If Assbalster is right, those exchanges will serve as a fiat gateawy in the first place.
Also they are probably in talks with big Asian crypto projects like Vechain, Neo and so on.
I'm surprised there are no leaks yet.

Looks like Paddme