EOS - eosfinexed - any good?

Not even out of its ICO phase and already 9$ for 666,269,545 tokens ... max 1,000,000,000 coins/tokens.

No working project - no proof of work/stake/anything and probably not even safe to use.

Best of all being compared to ETH while "begging" for ETH on their chain ...

Why is this shit so massively overvalued and hyped?

most recently by bitfinex who's already has ethfinex almost up and running:




^ also see the distribution fuckery

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The salt is real.

Check the EOS testnet. Fuck it actually, copypasta time.

Here comes the EOS redpill:

1. Will be faster than ETH will ever be (millions of tx/s)
2. Weiss ratings: EOS is *only* crypto to tie, and later SURPASS ETH.
3. $1B capital injection program for EOS projects.
5. No transaction fees.
6. Not vaporware. The testnet for devs has been out for months. Mainnet launches in June.
7. Can host Facebook on EOS.
8. EOS has partnered with big VC firms who will pick winning projects to fund.
9. Google co-founder Eric Schmidt has partnered with EOS through his VC firm TomorrowVentures. He provided a quote for an EOS press release.
11. Most VC funded EOS projects won’t do ICOs, they will airdrop to EOS token holders. Think of owning EOS as owning NASDAQ and receiving free stock in everything listed on it.
12. EOS tokens are real estate on the EOS blockchain. They give you access to EOS network bandwidth for dapps. You can rent your EOS out to devs for passive $, in addition to $ from EOS VC project token drops.
13. Real estate is better than fuel. You don’t burn it, you hold it for incredible gains.
14. Mike Novogratz (CEO of Galaxy Digital, former Goldman Sachs partner) & early investor in ETH, announced $325 million EOS fund. He sees potential in EOS over ETH.
15. Richard Jung, former CEO of Bithumb, joined Block.one to lead the Korean community.
16. EOS is the biggest thing in crypto since Bitcoin, and will probably flip Bitcoin and Ethereum.
17. Elite developers are excited about EOS. Much more so than any other platform. This includes Ethereum, Cardano, IOTA, Hashgraph, etc. EOS will crush all of them.
18. $100 - $1000 by 2018/2019

tl;dr EOS will probably brute force its way to the number 1 spot.

*Actually* screen shot this. It’s 2018 and Veeky Forums is still skeptical of and ignorant to the next big thing.

>this erc20 token is the eth killer

I can't wait for Dan Scamar to anally devestate you

redpilled ty user

How does this work? Would it depend upon the EVM, or is this simply a mechanism to distribute tokens for what will eventually be a closed, blockchain ecosystem?

Retards who can’t read and yell “scam! scam!” while unironically holding turtlecoin and chainlink

Yes sir they’re freezing all of the ERC20 tokens in June and snapshotting them over to the EOS blockchain.

EOS fud is mostly the result of it being a complex project. It’s honestly the strongest boy in crypto.

actually I hold a few hundred thousand in ETH

what a shoddy process ... whats the catch? not having to give you their theoretical shitcoin if you miss out on registering the EOS token till June?

besides why would this shittoken ever ammount more than 1/10th of ETH value at the 1B total supply

yeah ETH has no fixed ammount but i haven't seen it shitting out 1B coins (yet)

idk but nothing seems right about this - even crypto shills such as this ricer are suspicious of it



Doesn’t mean you’re not a retard who can’t read. If you were smart you’d dump ALL of your ETH for EOS. Screen shot this, bitch. Screen shot this and email it to yourself in a year. You’ll be worth maybe a million in ETH if the bull run continues. Guess what though, retard? You’d be sitting on over ten million USD dollars in EOS you gay boy. Understand that.

You’re holding AOL stock in the new era of cable internet.

Email it to yourself so you can look at it in a year*

Don’t be retarded. It’s not hard to register your EOS ERC20 tokens for the snapshot. It takes 2 minutes.

Also this is a very dumb comment.

“It has 10x more tokens than Ethereum, so how is it even possible for that to make money?”

The absolute state of Veeky Forums

Pic attached: it’s you

don't make me fomo pls ...

Pic related*

Ten million US dollars*

yeah, just look at that fantastic performance and super innovative work going on over at bitshares and steem.

eos shaping up to be a....30th place coin. wow!

nah ... you're the dunce ... just about any top 100 crypto is measured in approximate value to BTC ... common if you can't see that you're blind or willfully ignorant BTC 1 - ETH 1/10

Based, EOS holder.

Let's do some math just to get an idea or how big a potential moon shot could be...


Current market Cap
$6,066,139,522 USD
Circulating Supply
666,278,528 EOS
Total Supply
900,000,000 EOS
Max Supply
1,000,000,000 EOS

Main Competitor ETH

Market cap
$82,976,060,253 USD
Circulating supply
97,589,618 ETH

Second Competitor NEO
Market cap
$7,309,575,000 USD
Circulating supply
65,000,000 NEO
Total supply
100,000,000 NEO

So, if EOS reached contemporary ETH market cap, a singe token would cost ~(82.9billion/6billion)(EOS market price = $9.10)=125.73, or 13.82x gains.

Is it met NEO marketcap, gains would be marginal, because the market caps are already so similar.

EOS could reach price parity with NEO, but only if it's marketcap matches ETH... Would be challenging todo so, desu. Maybe if the coin delivers it could happen.


and that's ignoring that after all, gains should be measured against btc because who cares if your coin bumps up 10x if btc went up 5x, your gains are only 5x at that point.

the marketcap of everything would need to shoot up raising both btc and eth for eos to end up with a marketcap the size of eths.

Shhhh don't give away our secrets to pajeets

Dude steem and bitshares usually do more transactions per day than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined.

EOS is meant to host virtually unlimited Steemit.coms

Pic related: It’s me when I become so rich off of EOS that I have an existential crisis and never leave my bed again

> EOS is meant to host virtually unlimited Steemit.coms

i'm sure they can with no traffic hahaha ...


sounds like a reasonable calc if the market cap busts a nut... as of right now its squirming around 400B

yes, every steem/bitshares bagholder loves to pull out the transactions card, but they're not even remotely comparable when a "tx" means an entirely different thing on the bitshares and bitshares clones (steem, eos) networks.

it's also incredibly easy to get a high throughput network when limit the people who can secure the network to a handful of very high performance servers with 40gb+ of ram.

it might be reasonable, but again, if eth/btc go up 5-7x in the same space eos goes up by 10-12x, you've only outperformed the market by 5x, where as there would have been much much better opportunities.

it doesn't seem as attractive a buy at these prices to me.

>incredibly easy

The only real EOS competitor isn’t Ethereum. It’s Cardano, an EOS (DPoS) rip-off.

Guess what though?

The guy who fucking INVENTED DPoS also invented EOS.

Also Cardano block time is 10, 15 seconds and EOS block time is 0.5s

There is no competition. Kneel. Now.

competitor for the pseudo-decentralized blockchain space, yes.

This is insane. EOS is a better long term blue chip than Bitcoin. You’re so fucking early. EOS will be bigger than Ethereum. I promise.

EOS will most likely > 10x within 2 years and 100x witihin 5.

No, your gains would be 2x relative to BTC, lmao. Holy fuck.

Your gains should always be measured against dollars, holy fuck. If BTC goes up 5x relative to dollars, and EOS goes up 10x relative to dollars, then EOS went up 2x relative to BTC...

EOS is more decentralized than Ethereum and Bitcoin which are controlled by cryptocurrency illiuminati mining pools you fucking retard.

21 rotating supercomputer block producers out of thousands in rotation is the future of blockchain. The future of blockchain is FAST and SECURE throughput.



I won’t say it again.

this is all wishful thinking based on nothing though. we actually have data on how dan's past projects have faired on the market, and how he's managed (or not) to keep them up to date and in the public eye.

yeah, you're right, it's late here.

the point is measuring against fiat is a late adopter mistake because it masks the real performance of the coins you make, thats why you see so many bagholders on here so happy to see a 2-5x bump in price when they've been doing nothing but bleed ratio for the past few months.

nice memes but they arent very funny.

Dan has been able to learn from his mistakes. Steemit is like the 700th most visited site in the world or something, and only growing in popularity.

Dan is sticking around for the long haul with EOS. Even if he didn’t it wouldn’t matter. The parent company sold over $1B in EOS tokens. They can afford to train an army of literal pajeets to be the first god tier pajeet programmers if they wanted to. That’s how much money they have.

You stupid faggots realize EOS is a top 2 coin, right? And that it’s currently in the 10th position, right? And that it will be a household name in a year or two, right? And that it’s a bigger deal than Ethereum and Bitcoin, right?


Jk you can’t

he says he's sticking around, but again, we actually have past performance of his code, community, and loyalty to his previous projects. what more do you want to go on? assuming anything else is pure faith.

why do all you late adopter kids get so emotionally attached to your favorite altcoins.

> late adopter
> bought over 10k eos the first day of ico
> been the only guy shilling it here since then
> also early btc/eth adopter
> i said intellectually sound argument not “muh steem, muh bitshares”
> that argument is on par with expecting a painter to paint the same painting forever even though it was completed years ago

I’ve only ever shilled EOS to help you guys because I saw this shit coming months before their ICO even happened.

>early btc/eth adopter
and yet you think eos is going to somehow become a "household name" and be a bigger deal? a top 2 coin?

that's not early adopter behavior. you're not fooling me.

Honestly I've given up on getting Veeky Forums into EOS and I suggest you do the same. Every EOS thread gets FUD with muh scamcoin or the token is useless FUD. Obviously these brainlets are too retarded to do some research and see the potential.

Don't worry they will either FOMO in when EOS gets released in June or they will pink wojak saying why didn't they accumulate while it was cheap. Meanwhile ETH holders will probably still be waiting for Plasma/Casper/Sharting.