I seriously am on the brink of cracking man

I seriously am on the brink of cracking man...

My gf left me for a guy she knew back in high school. She got weak and rebounded him coz we were going through some shit and had to seperate.

here I am at college...25, no friends coz of her. by my self...and dont know hwo to tlak to girls anymore coz ive been in a toxic relationship for over 3 years.

Help man, help me i'm having a fucking heart attack I want to kill myself or just scream and jump off a cliff.

Pls....I don't know if my future will be bright,,,

But i listened to thw biz memes and put down 25k link. Will I make it biz??? or am I just betting on a fantasy,,,

Also, general support thread if possible...

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Bump, I'm getting desperate for anything. Just some fucking communcation from someone would be nice...

day in and day out I sit alone in an apartment that I barely have any ambition to clean. I sit and listen to everyone around me have fun while I wallow in my sorrow and despair..


My family just repaid 1.3 mil usd in debt after a year.
If my 3rd world shit ass can do it. You can do it

I hate beign a weak ass bitch. But i'm trapped. I have no one man...FUCKING NO ONE...

Ive never been an introvert or antisocial...but nnow im trapped and have turned into a hermit with no ambitions






I really hope man...I'm desperate right now...I have nothign in my life...everything I thought or knew is out the window...

I'm on the brink of total destruction

Just buy link. Go all in nothing left to lose.

You're gonna love being in your 40's user, if you make it.
For all our sakes i hope Link moons this year, cause Linkies seem to be getting more depressingly suicidal & deluded by the second. I'm actually worried the Bitcoin Super Conference is going to attract some "crazies", could make things interesting, especially after the crash.

Double double dubs confirms it. Go all in and live like a king

Dude, just imagine the look on your ex gfs face when your stack of link is worth x1000.

In the meantime focus on yourself, get your degree, if you want friends pick up a hobby or something, start getting Veeky Forums. Just improve yourself.

Thanx user. I'll try

You do t need anyone, people are garbage

So..back your ass up and do something.
I mostly lurk here, but ill post for you OP.
I'm a survivor of depression, drug and alcohol abuse.I mix antidepressants with alcohol for years. I told my friend about it and they think it's a joke and told me to kill myself. I saw my mom cries because of me, finally i grew some balls and landed a decent job. Found my fiancée soon to be wife. Then good thing follows, my dad messaged me that we paid our debt 1.3 mil, he won government tender. Just believe and never give up op.

Tip : Learn coding or take tefl course, go to asia and teach english. They offer decent pay op.

I wishh you the best in life
if that bitch left you for a guy she knew in high school, she probably didn't deserve you anyway ;)

there's a lot more to life than being with a girl

what is coz?

You have us my dude :^)

I'm not liking how link has turned into a cult. Unfortunately I'm getting a bit deluded too, not just with link but crypto in general.
I never expected to become a millionaire in my lifetime and I thought the chance to become one with bitcoin was long gone but now I see there's actually a small chance of that happening. Fuck man, I'm afraid reality will hit hard af

That was me 10 years ago. Sat in my room and smoked weed for 2 solid years. Then threw myself way out of my comfort zone and worked in the skifields for a season with actual retarded chads. It sucked, but it was something, and I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I now have my dream job. Still no real friends, but I'm a introvert. Life sucks is my point but you can't have an opinion on it unless you live it. Fuck a 4.

i know that feel man, fuck her. The best you can do is work on yourself and move on

Hey man we’re all going through some shit. I’m still living at my parents on a dream of making some cool shit. Left my job in August on a promise that hasn’t panned out. Just keep your head up if you’re smart you’ll figure out how to fuel this time of your life into a meaningful existence.

lol you're the stereotype for a NEET, go do something useful instead of going to asia to teach english

In a year or two this pain and your ex will be an afterthought. You will hurt for a while, but afterwards you will look back on it and wonder why you even cared.

Be strong user. Oh and hold your fucking LINK.

> day in and day out I sit alone in an apartment that I barely have any ambition to clean. I sit and listen to everyone around me have fun while I wallow in my sorrow and despair..


Then get your ass out there and do something about it. You act like the world owes you something. It doesn't. She left because you've made the formal decision to be a whiny bitchmade fucking loser.

Well fuck her too then. Maybe life doesn't begin and end because of some skank. Do something productive. Take a shower, make a cup of coffee, run a fucking mile every day, start swimming, find a better job. No one likes consoling or being around a fucking loser, it's a hard lesson but it's the truth. You need to do better than that.

Take some time to get away from your neet mobile command station and reflect on life. Go to the woods, get a dog, spend some time with nature, read a book, move to a new place. There are people in the third world that can barely scrape up enough food to survive thankful that they at least got to see the sun today. Use this to gain some perspective on life, have a sense of humility. Don't compare yourself to him, her or anyone else. It doesn't matter whether you're good enough for someone else. All that matters is being good enough for yourself. We've all been there. Take care of your self.

Jordan B Peterson has all the answers

The only place you can buy link is binance. Trust me user that woman will seem like a spec of nothing when you are inviting over models every weekend to party on your high-rise rooftop pool in a couple of years. Chain link is the next ETH despite all the FUD on here. Reaching rock bottom is a great place to rebrand yourself and start over and become anything you want. If you sign up and use my referral I will send you a few Linkies. Just reply back with your Link address and first 2 characters of your email.

www.binance.com slash question mark ref=22066579

Or scan the QR code.

Stop blaming others for your mistakes man

Im not teaching english though. I did went to shanghai for my uni degree.Now work in maersk ningbo. Some of my canadian classmates taught english and got paid around 5k usd a month without paying tax, meanwhile i got paid 10k with 35% tax.

Fuck, same here user. Here’s hoping Link makes it.

Jordan "Juice" Pedersen

Man, give yourself some time just talk to people on here. work on yourself and in a few weeks you'll be fine. having a girl pull that shit on you is brutal, and soul crushing but it's temporary.


jesus fucking christ
the actual state of link bagholders

are you faggots are all completely insane?

in years from now, anthropologists will write dissertations about you
maybe psychatrists also
i wonder if it becomes a special niche in therapy?

I feel your pain user. I feel as though i can see the door to escape wage cuckery, i'm reaching out for the handle, but the hallway just keeps streching further & further like a horror movie. In saying that, I'm being a bit of an insufferable punishing depressive cunt to be around, & am storing in the memory bank, who's being supportive & who is being a smart cunt trying to shit on me while I'm down.
It makes things much more interdasting.

If you describe your past relationship as "toxic", you should know you're better off without your ex. You need to let it go, bro. I think most of your sadness stems from her leaving you for someone. You are in no way inferior.

If you're not an introvert like you said, things can only get better for you. Take your time, sort your feelings out, but move on.

Improve yourself, improve all aspect of your life that you find unsatisfactory. You don't need to make giant leaps though, a small improvement each day goes a long way.

Best of luck user

Already signed up there. But I'd sitll appreciate a few links for a rainy day if you're kind enough to help a fellow user out..

Thanx man. =/


Stop crying. Man the fuck up.

Thanks. Screencapped this hard truth for my own future reference.

Also, to all the other fellow Veeky Forums bros out here. I appreciate the support. Seriously. It's making my night less horrible. Before I wanted to stab myself. Now I just want to try and finish school so I can get this useless degree and make my parents happy

Time heals all wounds.

You will rebound from this. Find the inner man in yourself. Get that key, unlock iron Jon.

>no friends coz of her.

yep theres the problem right there. heres a girl-pill. an unhealthy relationship causes a retraction in your social life and a healthy relationship causes an expansion. you'll know it when you see it.

if a girl boosts the quality of your overall life then shes a keeper and if she doesn't she can fuck right off, it was only going to get worse, not better. seek out girls who have healthy interpersonal relationships in their lives and avoid girls who don't make everything about them. a vortex of emotional energy. a good girl pushes you towards good things in life, doesn't suck you away from good things.

>and avoid girls who don't make everything about them


avoid girls who make everything about them**

Thank you for the advice and support.

I hope all you fellow anons make it in life

>Don't compare yourself to him, her or anyone else.

my best friend recently got out of a toxic relationship that he had since high school, his first GF ever cheated on him a couple of times throughout the years with her old boyfriends and he was tired of it, they had a fight, broke up.

he was chewed up inside for awhile and kept comparing himself to the other guys, he felt like less of a man.

a haitian guy at his job realized something was up and asked him why he didnt see that girl around anymore, he said "oh she started dating her old boyfriend." haitian guy said "good! she fuck you more now!" hes speaking from experience because hes had a lot of girls.

lo and behold a couple months later the girl comes crawling back and they're fucking more now than they did before. some girls like that are just slam pieces, you'll be on her personal boyfriend merry-go-round of regrets. its like someone who panic sells out and FOMO's in to investments. one thing goes wrong with one of the guys on their merry-go-round and they crawl back to the other one thinking he was a "safer" option or this or that. not good for monogamy but good as a slam-piece. if this does happen you just cant let these kinds of girls play with your emotions too much you kind of have to be cold with these types of women if you do choose to continue seeing them if/when they crawl back.

join the chainlink discord brother


Shut the fuck up and stop complaining. On the life pain scale of 0-10 a break-up in your 20s mixed with loneliness is like a fucking 3. Getting through this will make you more resilient, then in 2 years you'll be rich anyway so man the fuck up.

Sure. Don't text or acknowledge her existence at all until you don't care about her anymore. Don't fap so much. Try to keep an open outlook and treat people like they have wisdom to offer you. Try to limit negative/selfdefeating influences in your life.

Your goal is not vengeance, it's to stop caring about externalities that are beyond your control.

Good luck user. We're all here for you.

gotta try loving yourself my man! You are not alone :)

Mind and body are the same
Eat healthy and go for walks/go run, it aounds like boomer advoce.but really does help

if you have Link you're golden, link is a revolutionary technology so it'll be worth more than bitcoin, give it a year or two

oh my god stop being such a fucking pussy. listen to yourself. there are people on this board born in 3rd world shit holes like venezuela and you're here crying because some bitch left you. who cares? get in the gym, study, focus on your career. maybe you'll make bank on chainlink but don't count on it that's stupid. whatever you do stop being a fucking cuck crying about it doesn't fix anything. success is the best revenge.

sometimes we mistake pain with anguish. Sometimes they are joined...pain and anguish. I believe that my pain defines who I am, that I am nothing if not in anguish, I believe I deserve to feel the world's anguish because of things I have done and have also been thru in the past. These beliefs have driven me to a place of decay and void of humanity. Careful! Don't be that person who has to kill themselves just to prove they deserve to live, YOU. WILL. HAVE. WASTED. PRECIOUS. TIME, and some lessons are learned too late.


>Help man, help me i'm having a fucking heart attack I want to kill myself or just scream and jump off a cliff.
Relax. I know the feel - or at least I can remember it. It's standard to feel like this after a break up but it goes in time. Just need to ride it out

I kind of envy you. Crypto and life has made me so desensitised I wonder if I'll ever care this much about a woman ever again....


The funniest thing about Chainlink is that most of the holders haven't even read the whitepaper, and everyone knows this, so it's super easy for whales to just say
>this white paper is incredible! you're missing out if you don't buy this
>DYOR tee-hee
Yeah, well I did read the whole thing, and if you actually put the time in to read the damn thing, you'll realize that the what they're trying to do is impossible, and they know it.
Basically it boils down to this two man team came up with a philosophical question, attempted to answer it with a fancy white paper, and are selling it to the unwashed masses to make a profit.
>two people
>1 philosophy major
Get the point?

You are an evil fuck.

>own 25k link
>asking for handouts
Fucking kill yourself, god you sound like such a loser. I wageslave living in a 1 bedroom apartments with 2 other roommates, my parents are dirt poor retards and I’m trying my best to escape that fate. Do something about your own life instead of whining and begging like a worthless little faggot.

Didn't read it did you?

Unironically go to /r/redpill now for help. You're too weak to make rational decisions, listen to everything they have to say as they are logical about women and know how to push their buttons. You need someone to guide you for now, the feelings you're having are will subside over a few months, focus on yourself, exercise to let off steam.

Get off biz and go to a gym you faggot

Did read it, did not seem impossible. Is your contention about the tech or the adoption?

I only have 2.5k link and dream of sitting alone in an apt all day with no one bothering me. I’d trade lives with you in a heartbeat

smoke weed silly

yes... YES!!! use that negative energy to continue your existence!! its probably the most rewarding and sweetest fruit you can every taste or that exist in this world for that matters to be in low sitting bitterness, then to rise and see those who thought you were nothing will be on their knees begging for XYZ amount because they got themselves into debt. even if u dont disclose how much u have, and you just say im struggling to get by, people generally won't question you 2nd time most the time, but they can sense that your not doing bad... that 25k stinkie linky might be the biggest manifestation of wealth rival to ETH. question is, what are you willing to settle down for? sell eth for 6 dollar? 16 dollar like when i sold? 400?? or 1.4k? remember that eth still has room to grow

I feel for you man.
Been with my gf for 12 years.
Renovated an old house together
Got 2 boys age 9 and 6
Found out she cheated on me last saturday.
Yesterday was my 30th birthday.
Thebonly thing keeping me sane right now is the hope that my 20k LINK-stack will make me financially independant enough so that I can afford a nice house and a lawyer to get custody for my boys.

Good luck man, be there for your sons

oatmeal bro here, i have 3k link.

you assholes are really sob storying with 25k???

I'm taking my second shit this morning right now.

Godspeed op

shit advice. unironically the best thing I ever did after a breakup was quit weed

Look, I feel for you, and I'm not trying to get you down, but please don't be all in on something that has a very small chance of success. Diversify your holdings if you're only in link...

If not, more power to you, I hope things go well. Just know that it's more likely to go well for your other holdings.

Also, when did she cheat on you? Time frame makes a bit of difference maybe?

Time heals all wounds.

You have yourself and that should be all you need, i was beat and locked inside most my childhood so I had to use my mind to escape.

I learned it is more important how you think than what you think. Forcing yourself to think positively will change everything in your life. How you treat other people, your happiness , what your spend energy on etc.

Having a negative mind set Breeds negative outcomes

Bummer. I thought you were joking but it turns out you are just retarded.

Goddamn what a cunt to selfishly do that to you and your sons. I genuinely hope you make it. At least since you're 30 there's still plenty of time to find someone else, 30 is a peek age for a man to pick up women.

we gon make it sonny

Read the white paper, then talk to me.


Learn something
Create a new business
Go out and talk to chicks/Use tinder


LINK is not my only position, but it is my biggest. I knew of bitcoin in 2010 and didn't mine/invest. I knew of Antshares and didn't invest. And I knew of ETH in 2016 and didn't invest....I get the same vibe with LINK and this time I don't want to disappoint myself again by ifnoring my gut feeling. Also, I invested only what I can afdord to lose anywys.

She cheated on my the last 6 months and based on the conversations I read on her facebook with her best gf. She would have left me a long time ago, IF this guy would have wanted a relationship with her. So it's not only the cheating but also beeing used as a backup plan which hurts even more.

We're all in this together, user.
If you are able, get out of your own head.
Go volunteer, help those less fortunate than you. It was a big help to me when in a similar situation.

It's like asking a Christian to read the bible. Not gonna happen. All I need is faith in the one true ERC20 token, and its prophet Sergey

Maybe you should read it again.

OP change it to VEN.

You will make it marine.

Go to gym. Srs. Eat healthy and work on aesthetics. Then do yoga and meditation for your mind. Basically keep yourself busy rather than staying in your place sulking. You'll gonna make it user. Also pick up a combat sport like bjj or muay thai. Learning how to dominate others feels good

>I invested only what I can afdord to lose anywys.
You're a smart man, unironically.

In that context I'd say it's going to be hard to defend her. However, you should consider waiting a few years for your Sons to develop a bit more.
In my case, my oldest brother, who was about 12-13 at the time turned out the best, I struggle with commitment and mommy issues, I was 11. My little brother got it the worst. He's a fucking tranny now, I think he was 8-9 y/o.
You need to consider the well being of your children in the long term future, and if you have to work out some kind of a "truce" with the cheating slut in the mean time for their sake, I highly recommend you consider it. By all means dump her ass as soon as they're ready for it. But if they're 8-9 y/o they have no way of dealing with divorce realistically. And I say that from the stand point of having pretty clean and non-ugly divorced parents.
Good luck man.

>caring about women

Fucking faggot kill yourself, you think you can come to Veeky Forums and act like a normie bitch? Grow some balls faggot and if you’re horny go fuck some prostitutes.

also, praise the sun

Maybe you should read it in the first place.

This, but multiplied by 100

You'll be fine user, but not until you make the effort to improve yourself and get past this. Go to the gym, learn a new skill, find some new friends (even if they're just super casual acquaintances at your gym/bar/class/whatever).

Ok pinky

Appreciate the tip, but I can't bring myself to be cucked even more.
I'll try my best to be around as much as possible and talk with her in a rational non agressive tone in front of the kids.

>I can't bring myself to be cucked even more.
It's not cucked if you confront her and acknowledge that it's over between the two of you. As long as you let her know how it's going to be: a loveless marriage until the children are developed enough that it wont affect them. Maybe consult a lawyer on the matter, because I don't really know if there is a legal arrangement that benefits that kind of arrangement.
Most importantly, and it sounds like you've done this already, let yourself cool off and don't play your hand too early. She doesn't know you know yet (presumably) and that's a powerful position to be in, so use it wisely. Bide your time and figure out your game plan, plan out every detail, and only when you're sure you have all the angles covered, then confront her.

user I recently got out of a toxic relationship while in college as well. But you know what? I went out and threw myself at every opportunity to meet girls and new people. Hit the gym, started trying to eat healthy and soon my goals in life started to overshadow any thoughts about her. Occupy yourself and you'll forget about her. And listed to some Jordan Peterson bruh

Sup OP
same boat as you bro, probably got like 1 friend who I can barely trust, and no family

doing dodgy shit that i cant speak about to make money, only thing besids crypto

the crippling loneliness and depression gets to you man im not gonna say some bullshit try to cheer you up, but i will say this

until the day you decide to kill yourself
atleast try to achieve as much shit
becoming a high functioning depressive w/e
just do something

i hate life too man i cant make sense of this shit half the time but it is what i is, good luck dude

Just remember this dark period when your link is worth a million. Hit the gym until complete exhaustion in the mean time. You'll make it man. I promise

i’ve literally gone broke buying chainlink. i have more chainlink than USD

Linkies gonna be on suicide watch 2019

I love you all. Thanks for the support

It's really hard for me to refrain from calling her and asking her to come back. I've been making a fool of myself for the last 2 hours trying ti get a hold of her....

I'm done though. Gonna work on myself and future potentials.

I love you all, thanks anons