What do Veeky Forumsbros eat ?

What do Veeky Forumsbros eat ?
Pasta with homemade bolognese sauce and poached egg : $1.13
>not broke just want to minimize spending so i can save money

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That looks tasty. Chicken and carrots here. Want to be a good looking rich guy.

>not broke
>lives like he's broke

Your body is made of what you eat

Never be cheap with what you eat

let me guess, you don't even know who Warren Buffet is, do you

Italian here. Your pasta is shit.

Pasta sauce looks 3/10.
What's your recipe?

And you're not gonna make it in finance if you can not even roll some spaghetti. What the fuck is that ugly spoon in your dish you subhuman

Gtfo Bomberslut

non-italian here, nobody cares what italians think

Kys shit eater

how did you cook those? looks nice


What are you 8? What kinda portion size is that? I have to eat 4x that every meal just to maintain my size.

Filthy amerifat

Just finished it, tasted great.

not an amerimutt, I'm from yurop as well

Pretty sure he doesn't starve himself to save $5 though

Next time put that cucumbers in your ass

I want to eat well. This is where I want to actually spend money. Good meals are the reason for our existence.

If he lives like a poor fuck too then he's poor, is he saving for his funeral or when is he going to spend the money?. People meme here about monopoly money and the fucker is loaded on real money and doesn't use it, kek


Italian here. Good work OP.

Pajeet immigrated in Milano selling selfie sticks

wtf is that sausage looks like branston pickle, your pasta looks decently looked though


Investment Owl says buy $ETC

I make around 6k a month, so i wouldn't say im rich. But I'm not poor either lol

Nah, born in Italy, but moved to Canada at 5 and never went back. I like how OP's meal cost $1.13.

That’s fucking disgusting


How does it feel to never be able to cook for a woman

Normal homemade bolognese. But my cat dropped some cornstratch thats why it looked a little dark, but still taste fine. They're having a timeout cuz of that.
Just finished bulking, currently cutting to 13% bf so i cant eat that much


You need to mix the sauce and sauce you mangia cake. After you boil your noodles you add a bit of the startchy water in the pot, then you mix in the sauce and let it marinate a bit. You should melt the cheese in too if you insist on cheese (are you americans not fat enough)

this is why no one likes italians lol

are those caged cats? wft

Bolognese has a thousand recipes.

Why the fuck do you have a cat in a cage? Explain now.

For lunch I had Paris mushroom à la grecque, chicken pie, broccolis, celery and an apple, 3€20.

Now this is actual cooking, OPs pic made me kek, no one lives like that for long

Lmao wtf

seriously. what in the actual fuck. Let that poor kitter roam free. It’s not a bird ffs

They very rarely got caged, max 30 mins in a month. My sister is afraid of cats so everytime she came we caged the cats can't do anything she's terrified. For now they're in the cage for 10 mins cuz they dropped cornstarch and flour everywhere in the kitchen.

I'm Italian and i can't understand why the rest of the world eats Like shit.. you can't call that a pasta man

Put your illogical sister clean up the cornstarch and then put her in the fucking cage.


*make (blinded by seeing incarcerated kitties)

ok, I have never seen a designated cat cage before

Vegan chili with white rice
Costs me about $2 for a week's worth of food and is healthy enough to keep my lipid profile very good despite sitting at 220 lbs 10% bf (steroids)

classic nigger ...

Brits are the niggers of Europe wtf. Italians are ok.

What's that beer all about?

Jesus fucking christ that's a small portion, that's like 400kcal, are you dyel?

this caught my attention also

dont starve yourself user

Well I've released them out of the cage but now my sister is waiting outside the house. Weird family.
Yeah man usually i just eat turkey or chicken breast with brown rice but i ran out of those.i bulked too hard to 21% bf need to get 13% again. It is -13 celcius outside im just too lazy to go out to buy groceries.

Your bolognese has a terrifying slimy look to it.

Best value tasty meal - Tuscan bean soup. Get the biggest pot you have. Fry off some smoky bacon or gammon, then throw in a couple of chopped onions and some crushed garlic. Sweat. Throw in a bit of dried chilli or sweet paprika, depending on preference. Chop celery, carrots and add to pot. Any fresh herbs you have plus salt and pepper. Dried mixed herbs are fine instead. Add tins of beans: haricot, red/kidney beans, chickpeas/garbanzo beans/, cannellini beans, borlotti beans, or butter beans, try for two or three different types at least but the more the better. Cover with stock (chicken, veg or beef are fine, not fish ...). Add the rind of a piece of parmesan (makes a huge difference to the flavour). Simmer for 25-35 minutes. Add some greens of choice: spinach, spring greens, kale, savoy cabbage at a pinch and cook a little more until greens are tender. Devour with grated parmesan and hot sauce to taste. Costs about 50 cents a portion, loads of protein and vitamins, no techniques needed beyond chopping and can opening and is delicious. Also freezes well.

it's so cute tho

Yes thats a clean corona bottle, cleaned it 4x then put it inside the microwave to kill the bacteria or any residues left behind. White cat chewed the drinking bottle 5 times and also broke the drinking fountain petkit 2 times (50 bucks each). Last resort is a glass bottle. Im going to be a meme aint i.

>Just finished bulking, currently cutting to 13% bf so i cant eat that much
with that tiny meal full of carbs you'll lose your muscles. You need to go keto or atleast keto-like to lose fat and keep muscles

>sloppy runny eggs
>steak cooked to "rubber boot" temperature

I still calculate my macro every day so i guess im still ok. Although im only on -500 calorie a day so prob gonna be a slow cut.

instead of abusing the cat how about you cage yourself and get rid of the keys


Any tips on getting a poached egg like yours? Mine always fails.

There's literally nothing wrong with being frugal

I am a non-Italian and i don't understand why Italians think they are so much better than anybody else. You can't yourself a human man

Dude they're not abused. I put them in a cage cause im cleaning flour and cornstarch they dropped in the kitchen. Plus my sister is here and she's afraid of cats. They are only in the cage for around 30 minutes every MONTH. Dude i've been in the foster program for 4 years now, saving cats from kill shelter while your ass is complaining day long.
No need that much salt dude is stupid. The swirling is the most important part.

Italian here. Agree with you. Sta gente non capisce proprio un cazzo di cibo

I liked the Corona bottle; didn't care for the cage. I'm glad it's only used in exceptional situations. My cat gets put on the balcony when I mop, so I understand.

Thanks for being a stand-up dude with the fostering.

can confirm

Because we are better, all the things you dream of come from there

Pasta with baked beans and mycoprotein. I buy and cook in bulk to make things cheaper and less effort. ~£0.68 (~$94) per meal.

this are the shit i'm coming to Veeky Forums for

Veeky Forums is full of catfags so don't worry about it.

Nothing I dream of comes from your nigger country full of gypsies you faggot

Basically 3x these. Costs me $20 for all 3.

i know ill die sooner but it was worth it

oh boy you have no idea how wrong you are

it looks like a giant pigeon shitted on your plate, sir

Literally every time I visit Rome I only eat ribs at hard rock cafe. Sometimes the Texan burger.
Italian food is absolute garbage, even shit-eaters like Mcafee are disgusted by it. Americans make better pizza, the Chinese make better noodles and every other European prepares meat better.

Alright thanks

I have crohn diseases i rarely try something new. I have a nutrituonist and he said that some protein died with heat (100c above idk about Fahrenheit). Sorry for a being broscienced dude, but am i being bamboozled believing most protein dies with extreme heat ? I'm really in pain to drink 3 servings of whey and chicken breast everyday.

>crohn diseases
can you tldr that

Protein chains unravel once heated. You see that in action when you cook an egg. Nothing dies there, please tell your nutritionist he's retarded.

>not broke, I just want to waste an hour of my time cooking pasta, making custom sauces, and poaching eggs

You know you could have probably made $20 easily with that hour you wasted. And in terms of discounted cash, that's $50 in the future.

So you thought you were being clever by only spending $1.13, when in the real world you actually lost $49.87


Like, Tesco's beans or ? And how do you add the protein powder?

>eats burger from shitty fast food
>thinks noodles and spaghetti are the same thing
your opinion doesn't count

basically chronic inflammation of the gut/intestines. Dietary restrictions can be severe when it flares up.

The worst case of ibd/ibs disease. Some did operation to get rid of their big intestine. I can't really absorb food nutrients that well. So i can't eat most food, i have appointment my nutritionist every week. So choosing food is a little bit challenging.

how are ribs a burger you spastic? Italian food is just copy-pasta wannabe Greek food just that Greeks do it much better.

Plus, real salami comes from Germany

Where are you from? Let It out!


Chad meals

You want a dietician, not a nutritionist. Anyone can just call themselves a nutritionist, but dieticians have to be educated and certified.
Case in point: proteins are denatured at high temperatures, but that just makes them more digestible. It's why cooking was such a vital innovation in human development.
Sainsburys beans, but it doesn't matter. Just whatever's cheap without being gross.
Not protein powder, mycoprotein. The brand name is Quorn, it's fungal protein with egg white binders etc. It's a pretty good chicken simulant. I just cook it all in the same pot with the rice/pasta, then add beans, cheese, and spices; portion it up and put it in the fridge/freezer. Minimal washing up.

people are literally eating shit wrapped in tin foil these days

Bulgaria. Never even stepped foot in the US.
Hard rock cafe > absolutely every place in Rome city centre / around These's some cool neighbourhood places around Circo Massimo, but I usually go to Rome for business (around Barberini) and I don't have time to visit neghbourhoods.

And as for Barberini there isn't a single place around there which doesn't make me puke besides Hard rock cafe. Sorry.

Beef stew. Make it Sunday and eat it all week. Very nutritious.

salami comes from every fucking place where there is pork
and greek food is awesome but really different from the italian one

eggs, bacon, and sausage you eccentric faggots