REQ $100 EOY

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>60b market cap

hahahahahahahahaahahaha *inhales* bhaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahagaha

i am dumping this shit as soon i can break even, holyshit what a boring pos of a coin

I'd be happy with .50 at this point

i used to make these threads but i dumped after coinbase payment processor news.

Lol this faggots don't know this will really be 100$ eoy, all this FUD about a button. You don't know shit

$10 is quite possible if the software is slick and they implement most of the functionality.

$100 is a bit of a stretch...

Same... REQ is dead
>muh it's about more muh whitepaper
Stfu you damn well know that the only selling point was that paypal button, everything else was just to satisfy the autists
Normie money won't enter req anymore

Mfw Coinbase won't ever get kyber network and will tax lots of normies while I don't pay shit with req

Okay hold your 20 cent tokens... normies don't give a fuck about fees as long as it is under 5%

>5% vs 0.1% lel who cares

Literally every single person I know trading on coinbase hates getting JUST'd on fees kiddo

all the req holders act like we can't use the pltform if we dont hold thousands of some shit erc20 token.....

if... IF this ever releases a useable stable payment platform, anyone will be able to use it

REQ will be burned for fees you fucking retard. The value of tokens will be increasing continually as the network is used.

REQ $2 by April 2018.

If we ever see any moons again in this shit market REQ will be one of them.

a month ago i was very optimistic, but now we have some serious competitors. i hope req delivers soon, if not, i dont see a future for req.

lets see what the friday update brings

FUD levels are critical, through the roof. People are claiming they sold the absolute bottom as a wise decision. New update around the corner. Mainnet launch in about a month. Chinese New Year tomorrow.

It is all brewing for REQ to see one of the biggest bull runs crypto has ever seen. I don't believe REQ will be more than 30$ by EOY but 10$ is a 33x from here, and IT WILL happen.

Bullish as fuck

I'd be a millionaire from REQ alone if it hit $20. $10 is a reasonable target at

yes 10$ is absolutely possible IF the team delivers soon

would be fucking nice if req is at 10$ EOY

I can't believe someone is still shilling this POS on Veeky Forums

Well, the mainnet launches next month, but the whole roadmap stretches til EOY. It's alright though, REQ doesn't really have a competition.

coinbase, although they both are backed by YCombinator, and paybear

paybear is a more serious threat than coinbase, i think

Both are centralized pay buttons. That's literally it. How can you even compare it? You fell for a literal pajeet-tier FUD.

well, of course req is decentralized, but normies dont give a shit if the platform is centralized or not

they want low fees and a easy payment system thats it

Reqs chart looks exacrly like early ethereum and neo
10$ EOY is possible 100$ 2019 is also possible

I feel as if the full scope of what Request could become is out reach with what most people can comprehend. Autonomous IoT payments, continuous payments for companies and governments to pay their employees, automatic crypto taxation, the list goes on.
The shocking thing is that people are tied up on the notion a button that was first introduced by bitpay in 2011 and don't realize Request is an entire payments ecosystem.
Most think of what request can do in 2018 and not what request could do in 2020+.

You haven't read or comprehended the REQ whitepaper if you think they offer even 10% of what Request will.

not even close to the same use case dude. coinbase payment = a person can pay in BTC, ETH, or LTC and the store receives whatever they pay in. REQ = a person can pay in any currency and the store receives USD (or whatever they prefer) + much more. I can't believe how many brainlets don't understand this.

I agree with you my dudes! 10$ between August-December 2018! Lets do this!

i must admit, the last time i read the whitepaper was 4 months ago
maybe i should read it again

This. The market can stay irrational for so long only.

Where do you people think institutions will invest their millions? TRX or some other useless currency shitcoins? Or legit projects bringing about a new paradigm such as LINK and REQ?

the normies never pay the fees idiot. I can pay for shit with Paypal for free right now. its the business owners that matter. as a business owner I could use the coinbase button to accept payment in a few coins and pay high fees, or I could use request to accept payment in any coin with low fees plus its automatically converted to the currency of my choice. not even close.

I myself read it from time to time just to refresh my memory. It also helps to cope with constant FUD. Feels good when you realize you've invested into the Amazon of Dotcom bubble.


Maybe not end of year but if you hold until 2020 and beyond, it might reach that price due to token burn on use

Not aiming this at you specifically, but I think people overestimate the burn rate quite a bit.

This simple image is all one needs to follow for 2018.

If you ever considered buying things like TRX, XRB, Ripple or Verge, you don't belong here.

Not convinced about QSP.

It's a little niche, but has some talented autists behind it.

Niche with the market cap of LINK/REQ. There's no justifying investing in it over the aforementioned. RLC seems to be a much better 3rd choice, though I haven't bought any yet.

REQ is not gonna make it. More and more copetition everyday

There's no brainlet wojak to describe this post, so here's a blank image instead.

Deluded REQtie. Read this and tell me why REQ holders shouldn't be scared.


Why the fuck are you FUDing on a horse cock worshippers forum? Is your life that sad? Everyone here knows REQ has no real competition. Stop man, for your own good.

FUN is the correct token in the LINK and REQ triad

Shitcoin as far as I'm concerned. Sorry.

I forgive you

The answer here is KNC.
Sadly, I'm already an in on REQ

How come average joe cares about being centralized or not? Does not people use PayPal anyways? Like a lot, even with better alternatives around?

Fair enough. KNC is a really good stuff.
Average joe does not decide which payment method a business uses. Paypal is an expensive garbage and merchants will dump it as soon as there is a better alternative.

Do all these posts support REQ come from an indian call center or something? Even link and xlm meme coins are doing better, what the fuck. This shit is going to dump hard come friday.

10 fudpoints credited, Ranjeet. Good work.

See. Heres another one.

Is that your only argument?
>hngggghfgdg why is this not muning guyz?
Fuck off. I bet you'd have sold ETH and BTC when they crashed a year ago.

And another one.

I don't get it. Does it bother you to see that you're the only retard here in this thread or...?

Anyone else want to publicly reveal their nationality? And also, you call center guys are probably part of that outsourced team paid in REQ lmfao.

I'm an American. REQ is a good project. Nice meme.

South American. Venezuelan, more specifically.
>outsourced team
Oh you're a retard, I see. Damn, sorry then for hurting your feelings, mate.
>inb4 lmao you're a wetback!!!!1!1!1!
Great ad hominem lad, now can you give me real arguments on why is REQ such a shitcoin or you'll only throw shit out of your mouth?


Oh look an educated third worlder. You're parents must be so proud.

They are, thank you very much. Yours must be tired of getting your cookies and milk to your room every hour or so.