Close to liquidation

>close to liquidation
>short more to avoid the inevitable

my stomach is churning, almost out of funds....

When did you short? Leverage?

7800 x25

I thought we were going to 6k / 5k forsure

Damn. With your whole capital?

It didn't start that way, but I kept shorting to avoid liquidating, rather than taking loss. Now i'm in too deep........ Totally fucked.

Haha, no pity for you shorters.


eat shit greedy fag. should have bought some decent coins and waited 1-2 years

How does taking a bigger position avoid getting you liquidated ?

Ah, what the fuck man. Hope it isn't too big of a sum for you.

trading on margin without stop losses, what were you thinking

That was a dumb as hell move.

There was talk of Bitcoin going back down based on TA. And it still might. But it's WAY too uncertain at the moment. It could keep going up, or it could go up more before it goes down.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Good luck user

giant head and shoulders day, it is gonna blown down like shit, normies gonna get REKT

I made the trade based on advice from a private group.... which I paid to be in.


>belonging to a private group
>belonging to a paid private group
>not doing the opposite of what they say
>actually following their signals

At least post excerpts from the chat for our entertainment.

Lol like these pajeets know anything thats gonna happen in crypto. No one does.

Wow, shorting a recovery prior a bull run

No pity for bears.

Fuck you cunts, we told u we would recover after 6k, we're going to test 9k again.

TA fags: please stop what you’re doing and hold. Please.

TA can’t beat whale manipulation, breaking news or institutional money

Don’t liquidate yourselves.

This is gambling. Please fucking hold. You guys piss me off and I understand that you’re right more often than not, but all it takes is one big overconfident call that really fucking bites you.

Please stop guys.

I want you faggots to make it more than I hate you. Which is a lot.

Close it.

Simple user
Buying or selling more contracts moves you liquidation price and entry price by using an average.. That's the layman explanation.

This is good advice. Professional traders have traditionally stayed away from penny stocks due to rampant manipulation. Crypto is a million times worse.

>implying I don't use 100x leverage for fun

this, so much this. fucking nobrainers.

I hodled through June/July. I could've been very rich right now. Why am I so stupid, boys?

Wtf? No I don't want btc dropping to 6k so this faggot banks while we suffer

Was +70% profit.
then greed
I'm liquidated and broke now.

You never stood a chance.


I'd honestly never dream of shorting with leverage in crypto. This shit is way too volatile. It can bounce around 10% or 20% in a day, and will often go in the opposite direction enough to liquidate a short before it eventually does what the shorter wanted it to do.

Christ guys. There's no investment opportunity on earth that provides the potential for such rapid gains purely though traditional trading and holding. Doing huge short leverage in this market is pure fucking greed.

For every person who succeeds, there are probably a hundred that fuck themselves over.

This. Unless you have insider whale manipulation info I would never consider margin puts/sells

Please close out so that I can buy my drugs cheaper.

Stop gambling on bitmex fag, broke losers can't play the margin trading game.

gg no re

You’re just a gambler. You were never going to make it. Sorry.

OP how much was your initial investment and how much total?

how you holding up big guy ?looks like we might be going back down

As long as we don't break 9k, there may be some hope.

If I survive, I will never short again.

can someone explain to me what shorting is? so you bet $ that BTC will hit a certain low by a certain time?

i tried reading it, but it's complicated.

it is gambling, plain and simple. everyone lises their money... gamblers lose to the house

wait what the price is 8600 now, what do you mean not break 9k?

shorting from the bottom is a bad habit
if you missed a good entrance just skip the trade

Another omegamaker victim?

go long. he gets liquidated @ 9k

b-but how are you winning in this game? if it goes up you get liquidated, if it goes down you get liquidated

we will use a random price and number for simplification.

You want to short, so you go to your broker and say ''1 short plis'' Hes gives u 5 btc with the condition you give them back after some time, each day you keep the 5btc he will charge u 1% interest, just like when someone lends you money.
So you immediately sell these 5btc at 10k each because you know BTC is going to crash soon, which is why you are shorting, so now you have 50k USD, a couple hours after BTC crashes hard and 24 hours later BTC price is 5k.
You use your 50k USD and buy the 5btc which are worth 25k, you give back the 5btc to your broker plus the interest which is only 1% so like idk a couple hundred worth of btc and now yu have effectively closed your short making 25k profit.

i'll be here for 5min and answer any brainlet questions.

never mind i decided to educate myself and google what it means

I understand trading with leverage and have made a couple of successful shorts. I can't follow your explanation.

You have 1 BTC and you borrow 9 BTC from me @10k$
You now have 10 BTC
You sell 10 BTC @10k$ BTC for 100k$ total
Price goes down to 8k$ per BTC
You buy 12.5 BTC @ 8kBTC
You give me back 9 BTC +fee
Now you have 3.5 BTC worth 28k$ and you made 18k$ while price of BTC went down 20%

this is literally the easiest and fastest way to make money on this market if you go all in and use a big leverage like x25 or even x100 (it means for every 1 BTC you have you borrow 99)

At least you learnt that TA is bullshit.

Can somebody please explain to me how this works? what is the leverage and how do you get "liquidated"

>can someone explain to me what shorting is?
shorting is selling high and buying low btc you don't own and taking price difference to yourself

>This is literally the easiest and fastest way to lose all your money on any market, if you go all in and use a big leverage like x25 or even x100 you will lose ur money 25 or 100 times faster.*


why didn't you reduce the leverage instead of adding?

God dammit user, learn about risk management before playing with margin.

>BTC market price is 10k but you think is going to 5k
>you take a short, broker loans you 5btc which u market sell for 50k
>a few hours later BTC crashes to 5k market price
>You spend 25k to buy the 5btc and return them to the broker
>once you return the btc your have effectively closed your short and pocketed 25k profit.

What's hard to understand about this.

They are not smarten than the market.


this absoulutely not how it fucking works at all what so ever. you dont know what the fuck you are talking about

Nothing's hard to understand about that, because you actually explained it in terms I can understand with no background in trading. Trying to learn it from Google is near impossible because they explain it as if you know all the basics

Thanks man

We are. You're good, op.

First you have to understand what going ''Long'' or ''Short'' means, I'm assuming you know what it means.

Leverage is basically taking a loan to be able to buy more of whatever asset, now you're wondering why the fuck would brokers lend u money to trade shitcoins or stocks and the answer is Leverage, they don't lose, if things don't go according to plan u lose and they still get their interest.
Here is how it works.
you want to go long on Bitcoin *10k current price* so mr bittfinsberg gives u 100k usd as long as u keep 1% leverage, meaning 1k usd, you buy 100k worth of bitcoin.
If the price of bitcoin goes down close to 1% you will get a margin call, if you don't put more money in as margin, mr bitfinesberg will Liquidate your position to avoid losing money, he market sells the bitcoin to get his 100k and you lose the 1% or 1k.
Now instead if btc goes to 20k, the 100k worth of btc turn into 200k, when u close ur position mr bitfinesberg gets his 100k plus interest and u get the rest as profit.
Usually interest is collected daily and varies from broker to broker.
Margin is the money you put as collateral, for example when you take a mortgage your house is the collateral for the money, if you can't pay the bank sells your house to recover their money.
If the losses exceed the collateral they will liquidate your position to make sure they don't lose any money.
A margin call is a request to put more money to increase ur margin before they liquidate your position.

now, this is how it works

Lmao what the fuck are you on about brainlet.
that is exactly what taking a short is.
Go ahead point out where I'm wrong and correct it.

That is Leverage trading, not Shorting.
The initial question was ''can someone explain to me what shorting is?''
you can short without leverage you know.

you dont sell shit. where not using brokers either. the exchanges match your money on what leverage you pick. i have $1000 to short. i want to short $2000 of btc, thats 2:1 leverage. they match my 1000 now im shorting 2000 worth of btc. price rises 40% margin call. lose most my 1000. price goes down make money close and pay margin rate fees. brainlet, tell me thats wrong.

That's just called selling

You're a fucking dumbass shorting in that kind of market. Zero sympathy from me.


He’s right close that shit ASAP

Look the definition of shorting my son, I want to help you, I really do, The exchange is your broker, so off the start you're already wrong.
What you just explained is Leverage shorting, as I said you can short without leverage.
>i have $1000 to short. i want to short $2000 of btc, thats 2:1 leverage. they match my 1000 now im shorting 2000 worth of btc.
But how exactly are you shorting? Do you even understand what happens the moment to press the button that says ''Margin sell'' or ''Sell'' ?
You're doing exactly what I just said, it happens automatically, you marketsell the underlying asset at market price and that's your position, if it goes up u get fucked if it goes down the moment you close your position what happens is you buy back the underlying asset and give it back to the broker and pocket the difference.
I can tell you're new to the game, watch yourself, leverage trading is no joke, the moment u miss you're gone for good, don't do it often as it can be addictive, the more you do it the more likely you are to fail and lose everything.

which is exactly what shorting without leverage is you dumbfuck.

The absolute state of biz.

I lost $50k on bitmex in a couple months, dont do it

>Hurr durr look at me xD
It's just fucking selling. Nobody calls it shorting without leverage.

ok maybe u do know what you are talking about. u could do it without the name calling though. 2:1 is pretty managable, i think its when people start 10x, 50x, 100x'ing when people get into trouble

You win a few 2:1 and then u feel ready for x25.
I've lost 20k in a single trade and made over 100k in multiple trades.

Don't leverage trade too often, do it when you're rock solid confident in your position, don't rush in, time your entry is probably the most important thing.
and finally if you find yourself doing x25 constantly take a break to educate yourself before u get rekt.

This advice is not necessarily for you user because you might know what you're doing, but for the people here asking about leverage.

Afaik, it's just selling if you actually own the instrument you're selling, it's short selling if you do not own it. Leverage doesn't matter.

Feel free to correct.

looking a little better, pretty stagnant.

This, you do not own it, this is why you HAVE to give it back at some point in time. In theory, your losses can be infinite, if you short an asset that is worth $100 dollar, and the price of the asset goes up to $10m then you have to buy one for 10m to give it back to the real owner.
Exchanges prevent this by liquidating you as soon as all your capital can barely pay the original owner back his asset, but it's only for their convenience, since it is easier to liquidize you on their exchange than it is to find you on a different continent and force you to pay them millions of dollars more than you invested at first.


I feel you, I was in the opposite position, longed and liquidation at 7600, shit started falling like a brick, moved up to 7800. I've started going much more conservative where I close positions after a 20% ROE. Good luck man.

ask yourself this - if that private group was so smart and could predict the market to the extent that their advice is worth to be paid for, would they even care for that irrelevant payment in the first place?


Brainlet here: I understand everything except the x25 or x50 x100 stuff.

Does x100 mean you're borrowing 100 times your initial stake? Like I put up 1k of Bitcoin and the brokerage offers 100k of Bitcoin?

That sounds insane.

>eat shit greedy fag. should have invested in the s&p and waited 50 years

Can someone here explain margin vs leverage trading? They seem like the same thing yet have different names

You'll be fine

>Does x100 mean you're borrowing 100 times your initial stake? Like I put up 1k of Bitcoin and the brokerage offers 100k of Bitcoin?

Yes but when u borrow 100x if the price goes 1% in the wrong direction u are liquidated and lose all

ur all to stupid to use google and wikipedia?
pls mongolian streetshitter forum, enlighten me

if u can't figure out the fundamentals for ur own, then better don't touch it at all

i'm doing u a favor here

Yep, but losses are magnified x100 too.

In very basic terms, if you short bitcoin x100, you can x100 your gains from the short. But if Bitcoin increases even 1%, it will liquidate your investment. So there's pretty much no room for error.

If you back up your investment with more collateral, you can deal with more losses before your position is liquidated. But again, if you put $100,000 of collateral in, and your margin trade resulted in a $1000 loss, it would multiply x100 and wipe out everything.