Damn son its not stopping

damn son its not stopping

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I should have bought back in again, but I'm glad I still 3x'd my money. Have fun with this coin, but be careful as you get closer to the fork. There wlil probably be a big sell-off right after the fork, but some traders might not care about getting BTCP and start selling right before, too.

still not too late, this will go to $500-$600 EASILY

wait for next dip then buy anons

i'm selling half a few days before. just gonna see where it starts topping out ~3-4days before snapshot.

I believe in BTCP but i've already been holding this for over a month now so i'm just going to sell before fork if it moons hard. If I sold at ATH I would've been able to increase my stack nicely, hindsight is a bitch.

>not stopping
>down from over $200


sat value didnt change, remember its still 2 weeks until the fork and they already are in discussion about listing on binance


25BTC wall coming up.
thinking to swing trade..



sell wall @ .150 just crumbled. shit's getting good

.0152 shieeettt

and theres 15 days left

what the fuck the FOMO is real

Only have 150 of these bad boys.

i only have 25 but im happy anyway

you greedyfags won't sell before the dump anyway

jijo i will sell two days before fork, maybe three

It’s free money. Why would it stop?


I'm probably gonna hold my entire stack through the snapshot. Not sure if I'd be able to buy back the same amount of BTCP I'm going to receive from the fork if I were to sell a few days before.

here comes the whale manupulation

Still don't understand how stupid people on biz are.

It has been posted for the last month - "You buy ZCL you will at least double your money."

You dont even have to stay till the fork, the closer to the fork the more profit you will make. No other coin at the moment can give you that guarantee 100%.

im starting to feel pretty stupid. i keep thinking btc will tank but it is not.
is there a set date on the zcl fork now ?

I told you it was cheap two days ago.


duh you kidding? the date its been already set like two weeks ago, its the 28 or 27 i think

If you were stupid enough to buy into every FOMO argument made on biz, you might have doubled your money on one, but you would have lost it on 50 others.

No. That's the snapshot date.

don't buy on Veeky Forums recomendations without DYOR.
if you would have done any research then it would have been pretty apparent this was a matter of time.

DYOR of course but thanks to BIZ I got in at $30, its been all profit since then and almost daily people have been posting about this - its so obvious that you can make profit.

what btc tanks before then. to around 5k ?
zcl tanks too...

I think the fork fomo will ensure it fairs better than any other coin if bitcoin does tank to 5k.

Speculation though....

How high we going? 300-500 eom?

>is there a set date on the zcl fork now ?
28th is the snapshot date, fork is happening 2 days after that

.02 today lol

Potentially, depends on what BTC wants to do and how high volume we get.

Bittrex opening registrations again soon. They fixed the eth wallets and rich essentially said new registrations asap on twitter.

By the weekend at the latest we are looking at massive amounts of new money coming to bittrex and zcl hopefully.

Fucking bullshit coin is going to get dumped the second it forks and the fork. Itself will also get dumped like a hot stone, enjoy your bags faggots

It will happen sooner than that; expect the peak to be 3-4 days before the snapshot

that's why most of us here are planning to sell it couple days before the fork

has bittrex officially said they will honor the zcl fork ?

BTC needs to break $9000 if it doesn't we'll see a massive dip for the next couple of days and it looks like it won't

good im short on btc

like if i care what happens to the coin after i make money lol

No not a deal breaker if they don't but it would be nice

we still going up bois

Bittrex announced opening registrations soon(leading exchange for ZCL)

you know what this means


200 end of today, screencap this. Just needs more volume

Oh shit, it’s happening bois

why post fake shit....

what's the point user?


at least post real shit.
>ZClassic (ZCL): Here’s Why Investors are Stocking Up on this Privacy Coin

I hate this level of shill posting. You undermine the coin by posting shit like this - go post it for your shitcoins like Axpire and Block Array.


no..lmao, stop listening to 1 week technical analysts on biz

BTCP twitter updated. Looks like we going to the moon today.

lmao like i'd ever trust information found on Veeky Forums