Bitcoin currently does 3.3 transactions per second with a theoretical maximum of 7 transactions per second

>Bitcoin currently does 3.3 transactions per second with a theoretical maximum of 7 transactions per second
>the mid-sized company I work for does 70 transactions per second

and BTC is supposed to become a global payment system?

You’re missing the point bruh, bitcoin is uncensorable money whereas your single entity is not

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You bank just do one big transaction every day (yes, 1 transaction per day) and distributes the dollars to different accounts stored in the database. It's still one transaction chopped into smaller pieces. Oh, and it's not anonymous.

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The only transaction I care about is 1. The one where I cashout my millions from BTC to USD. Get rekt, punk

>some time in the near future
>BTC is crashing hard and fast
>goes from ~$15k to less than $100 is less than 5 hours
>keeps falling
>"I need to sell and get my stuff out now", you say
>queue a sell transaction
>everybody had the same idea and now the ETA for a transaction is going to take weeks
>by the time you cash out the price has gone below $1

>goes from ~$15k to less than $100 is less than 5 hours
Come on man. Seriously man. Get real man.


The kind of drop you are talking about has literally never happened. BTC will go up and down like it does for the forseeable future and people like me will make money on this volatility. If you don't think so then just get out of the space. Good luck to you whatever else you get into.

btc went from 1200 to 80 in 2014. dont talk shit faggot

nobody thinks gen 1 pow shitcoins are going to be part of a global payment system except for the crypto-ignorant and the crypto-delusional. which one are you?

Sounds like you already figured it out

Well, you just invalidate yourself. I was there in 2014 and the price never went anywhere near $80 so get the fuck off you ignorant fucking dumbass.

bitcoin fanatics pretend that real world transactions will be done on the lightning network and that bitcoin will only be used as a settlement layer for big transactions

Of course once you acknowledge that a L2 solution is necessary you might aswell use fiat

At its height at the end of '13 it peaked at just shy of $1200.
At the very beginning of '14 it crashed very quickly to just shy of $500, and throughout '14 the ATL was about $200.
So you are correct.

This so fucking much.
LN is just cucks mindfucking themselves about
>how can we stop using blockchain while still inflating our ponzicoins value?

Of course LN wont ever get adopted.

>and BTC is supposed to become a global payment system?

Bitcoin will be a global payment system for the elite, for corporations and government. In 20 years it will be absolutely insane to send less 50 million dollars via bitcoin.

Except it's already censored and banned in asian countries.

You are really missing the point with that statement. It is uncensorable so even when the most autocratic regimes in the world come down with a big fat "NO" it doesn't mean shit. People will still use it. Why? Because they want to and they can.

Oh no, not regulations! how will those poor asians ever get around it???

And that's why it might get b& at G20. I'm putting money in Ripple/XRP. They are working with establishment banks.

Does anyone know of any other cryptos that will work with big banks?


I got some bad news. You ain't gonna make it, user

I'm also going to invest in ChainLink. Please extrapolate why Ripple will fail.

Also, won't ChainLink be worthless if Ethereum gets b& too?