Hiding from the tax man?

I used my real identity and credit cards to purchase crypto. How can I make my Blockchain footprints disappear for good? I am looking for a restart.

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dont know too much about crypto, but i DO know of a way you can get off scot free while running a business that pays absolutely ZERO fucking taxes, and likewise, how to launder money through a small business.

i learned this handy tip at a restaurant i worked at.
first you have to find some dumb broad that will sign anything. tell her youre worried that getting married will be too much of a hassle/legal trouble but you want to own this business with her. then, when you are getting all your papers in a row, you put HER name on the all the papers for the business. get her to sign all of it. IMPORTANT: DO NOT get married at any point during this or you will be fucked. then its business as usual, on the surface, she runs and owns all of the restaurant, and you just work for her. this is when you cook the fuck out of all of your books. if you know a crew of sketchy bikers/mafia types, keep them a speed dial away at all fucking times. you can even use this setup to launder OTHERS dirty money.

when the IRS finally figures out what is going on, they will be pissed. expect non stop harassment. this is when you tell your girlfriend that you unfortunately HAVE to go out of town. tell her you are going to fix this at all costs, and that she shouldnt worry if she hasnt heard from you in a while, and if the IRS calls her that she should get herself a lawyer and just hold them off till you get back.

this is when you disappear entirely. smash your phone, sell your car, fuck off down to mexico, whatever floats your boat. the important thing here is to absolutely never reconnect with your girlfriend. she, after all, turned your dream of owning a restaurant into a tax evasion nightmare electric-IRS-boogey. and since she is the one with her name on everything associated with the business, she will be the one that goes to prison.

i saw this method first hand when i was working at my first job. dude got off not paying 1mill+ in taxes. he got a new girl and did it again.

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if you ruin someone's life like that, I truly hope someone puts a bullet through your temple



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i didnt do it. my boss did. twice. that greasy WOP bastard. its simple and effective. as far as i know he has not gotten his bullet. nor has he had any legal trouble. but yeah, you gotta be pretty fucking heartless

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I genuinely don't understand why would someone go through so much effort for small potatoes
If you're a sociopath, just do an ICO, run overpriced seminars on successful real estate investing or stock market trading, join a charitable organisation and funnel money, become a lawyer and work in Dubai, become a broker and work in Wall Street, make videos appealing to either political side and ask for donations on Patreon... There's infinite ways to make millions of dollars being a scumbag and most of them won't require you to leave the country

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should've anonymously tipped the IRS or whatever you burgers have to deal with scumbags like him

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It's like you've deliberately come up with the most contrived way to avoid tax just so you can fuck over a woman

why would you go to such efforts to hurt someone? I'd rather pay tax than do something that selfish. But there are much easier ways to avoid tax anyway

I'd say there is, although it is hard to admit it. Ever since ww2, some people has been afraid of it and sought to disrupt it. You know who I mean.

Stay poor

what im confused about is how theyre going to go after the taxes from swing trading. should people who live in the US just not swing trade? every trade is a taxable event? crazy.

and do they only tax you after you cash out?

XMR (an unknown quantity of) up and "oh dang it I just lost my paper wallet"


I also have a worry

I have used btc to buy drugs on the darkweb... If I end up cashing out and reporting my gains to the taxman won't they want to see all my deposits, they'll see btc that went to someone else's wallet (to buy weed)?? :/ Or is that none of their business....


Local Eth/BTC

I'm on there. I provide this service for 7-12%, I move minimum 50k, and the most so far has been 750k.

I run legitimate businesses that have accounts on exchanges that can match the fund and cash it out.

The company then goes under. Identities also work, if you want to be a bit unethical. Online banks or banks that allow you to open an account without going in person are great. Majority of banks allow this.

I'd suggest an international bank if possible, so you can cash out easier.

Also, casinos are useful in foreign countries --- to create a legitimate paper trail and money converters. You'd be surprised how many people pay over for USD.

I'd go into more detail, but it'd compromise my margin.

>Still in disbelief I cashed out over 100 BTC during December.

i was 15. i had no idea what was going on. it was my first job

Figure out a way to “loose” your investment on a chink exchange but in reality buy monero.

Can you go into more detail about your casino story?

Payfair will be able to acomplish this with more than just BTC and ETH. That will be another viable option soon for sure


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OP just transfer everything to Monero then back to whatever you want on a decentralized exchange. If they ever ask you about those credit card purchases just say you lost your keys.

i would never. i was just sharing a nightmare story that i became aware of at my first job as a kid. it really opened my eyes to how shitty a lot of small business owners are. they will go through the craziest lengths to keep their small piece of the pie. i also think the guy was washing mob money with his restaurant, so i dont really think the girl was entirely innocent. dumb, maybe, but she knew better. you dont frequently "cater" for a dozen italians in expensive suits smoking cigars indoors and playing cards until 4AM, without it crossing your mind that you might possibly own a front for the mob.

the crazy thing about this story isnt that he simply got away with it, he had apparently done this to his previous girlfriend as well.

Transfer it between a few seperate wallets, then to an Electrum wallet.

You'll be fine, they can't prove it wasn't stolen from you.

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That's retarded as fuck. If she has even an IQ of 70 she will sell the business immediately and you'll be left with nothing.

Say I cash out 100k through local btc/eth. How do I use all that money?

Obviously I'm not gonna keep 100k in cash in my home. I can't deposit it into the bank, I can't put that money into hedge funds, stocks etc because they will ask me "where all of these 100k cash come from?"

I can't also purchase a house or a car with 100k in notes. So how do I get around with this?

>GF hands the business over to the IRS to satisfy the debt then cooperates fully in giving them all of your information for their fraud prosecution
>you're left with some untaxed money, but forced to life in third-world shitholes the rest of your life

With this scenario you have to assume they're a kind caring woman lol...

either u funnel it through a legitimate business or simply pay ur damn taxes man
or wait til ur a multimillionaire and leave the country to cash out if u want this
the only reason all the baby ancaps here are "muh taxcuck" is that their are only have lunchmoney and no one cares if u "launder" ur pennys with amazon giftcards to buy the new playstation
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Cash out legit, pay your token tribute to Israel, then re-enter in stealth mode now that you know what you're doing. You niggers all make shit too damn hard because you watch too much Jewlivision. It fills your stupid goyim heads with stupid goyim ideas.

Yea its actually smarter to use the restaurant in your name. Jesus laundering money is so easy in a restaurant. Make a friend that sells meat. Buy meat of him, expensive meat. Sell meat but never declare, or dont sell but write off expense.

Just pay the damn taxes and spend your money out in the open.

> fake your own death, live in the shadows
> set up ponzi chain with a bunch of people who might flip on you
> set up off shore accounts, etc.

Let me give you a pro-tip that almost no one in here is going to believe...

First time criminals think they have come up with a new idea for stealing money.

But they forget that the people on the other side catch criminals for a living. There is no scheme you can think of that they haven't seen dozens of time.

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No. It's common for Money Laundering though, but do the work yourself.

Simple, you don't do it all at fucking once. The biggest issue is documentation and time.

Do you need to deposit 100k in a bank at once?
> No.
Do all the banks ask where 100k came from?
> No.
Do you travel alot? Well you do now.

Do you have a foreign bank account, No?

Well get one.

If you're in the USA, which it sounds like you are - yes, the bank needs to complete a fincen notice if you deposit over 10k. That's not bad, it's not evil.

While banks have to report every transaction over 10k, it only involves CASH.

If possible get your localeth/btc seller to wire the money, many will, I do. It's a part of doing business, but at the same time many won't because they're paranoid as fuck.

Even better if you go to another country and open a bank account, but I won't say which ones are open to foreigners or which ones you can swing in with fake ID and not give a shit - but imagine a country that's going through growing pains, majority of population is undocumented or very little documentation. That is a country that's golden for opening bank accounts. Also great if casinos are established or enough of a financial district with foreigners and semi open to foreign investments.

Honestly 100k is not a big deal, and a standard money/gun safe is $200 at Walmart. Buy that, make sure you get $100's and you're good. Overtime you can deposit 5-10k over 30-60 days.

Not a big deal at all. I've had clients that cashed out with me 250k at once and never had an issue depositing 50-90% of it at once.

But, hey this is Veeky Forums so take my advice with a grain of salt as it's just a giant roleplay, right?

50k is minimum, but how can the seller of bitcoins trust you with that much? Do you give them your home address? Do you break the transaction into small parts?

learn how to use VPN and proxies and have a friend "hack" you...
but make sure to make it untraceable...
or else... unironically...

PREPARE YOUR ANUS (for prison)

Simple, word of mouth/referral.

In person, usually conduct a few low transactions, 5-10k.

Then that's it.

Tons of people are paranoid and don't go through, I had today a flaked person from local eth for 30k, I funded the escrow and he's bitching about how he may get scammed. Time wasters.

I'm in it for money, I don't get money from ripping people off.

It's a transaction, I'm the final end of a decentralized blockchain. I give people money that want to avoid using an exchange.

That itself comes with the territory of risk.

The goal for anyone in my positions is:

>Advertise services.
>Be punctual.
>Telegram, wipe messages and hope other person isn't a fed.
>Low volume transaction first. Establish Trust.
>Attempt to establish clients that need weekly servicing. Some of my main clients were koreans that wanted arb. I even flew to fucking seoul to make sure I could conduct business, had f2f meeting after doing 300k in arb over a few transactions and established a business account by enrolling in a uni. This is because of 50k yearly limit.

Hilariously, I think I'm going to follow up with the Hangul classes, it seems like fun and korean girls are hot as fuck. I'm not doing anything else productive with my life. I'm a failed office worker like the rest of you.

But yeah, 50k minimum preferred because at my lowest rate that is $2500, great for a month, and shy of 5k at highest.It means I don't have to whore myself out for shitty $500-$3000 deals.

happening all the time, friend...

there's only wolves and sheep in this world...
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Just don't file your taxes for a few years, and use that time to make more profits. Then after a few years, file all the past years at once.

I did this myself. I didn't file for five years because I owed money the first year. Then I just waited an additional four years for enough tax credit to build up to offset what I owed the first year.

Then I filed all five years at once. The IRS ended up sending me a refund check because I had built up enough tax credit during the extra four years of not filing.

Good times. I would highly recommend this strategy.

Ah, yes that is what I would like. To find 3 or 4 local bitcoin traders who are trustworthy and do small regular weekly transactions over the year to cash out. Seems like this would dodge the taxman best.
LBC trading is like a game of prisoners dilemma, if both trust get a pay off, if one betrays, he gets a big payoff, if both betray, get nothing. For a single game of prisoners dilemma the game theory optimal move is to betray. But for repeated games of prisoners dilemma, one after another, trust can be establish and it's optimal to trust.

Have you ever been hit by a scam? What other methods do you use to mitigate people not going through with the trade?

Scamming is both ways, the feedback system of localbtc/eth/ltc helps to find good buyers/sellers.

But, nothing stops a person from making accounts and doing fake feedback like ebay 2001.

I find that if someone is willing to do a simple KYC/10 min phone call, where you establish each others needs, wants and how you'll be successful.

I don't even do a huge KYC, my main question is just: Are you ISIS? I'll even take lies as long as it makes sense. The escrow system is supposedly immutable and if we can work out a system to benefit each other, why would I kill the hand that feeds me?

I've had shitty scams like someone says they wired and send me a poorly doctored wire confirmation, I just reply "hahahaha."

I've had people give me sob stories, don't care

Most scariest was someone bringing a gun to in person exchange. I laughed and showed mine.

He turned out to be alright, questionable, but alright. It's just bullshift confidence games, I swear.

Yes reddit!

I see, right, so just trying to have a conversation to feel them out, avoid any major investigation like terrorism