How to spot a redditor:

How to spot a redditor:
>Posts the bog meme
>Posts emoji ball memes
>Doesn't understand that > means implying
>Thinks Roger Ver is a bad guy
>HODLs his entire net worth in a scam coin
>Shills ChainLink and probably owns some
>Brap posts despite it not being remotely funny
>Sniff posts despite it not being funny and shitting up the board
>Is a faggot

>SAGE bcashies threads
>IGNORE bcashies arguments
>HIDE bcashies posts

>Is a faggot
aren't you one as well?

All is true minus bog and Link. Both of those are our memes, not theirs

Found the redditor
Its that easy

>implying implying isn't a decade old /v/ meme

I forgot one:
>Plays video games

>he thinks it's redditors behind the brap and sniff posts
>you know what to do

Bog is corebiz
Link is the chosen coin by Kek and it will shoot up to become the next microsoft
Other than that I approve of this message

Redditor found
I was in the original bog thread on pol when it was first ever posted, no joke, and no its not biz at all

Who are you quoting?



You seem really mad OP what heavy bags are you hodling? ripple? vechain?

he's a cashie

Hi I'm from reddit

t. pleebit

None of those

Bitcoin is Bcash, urinonically

If you’re not holding Link, you must be a redditor.


sigh... tfw you're having a daughter soon and now not only have to worry about her becoming a huge whore but also publicizing it. Where are these girls' parents? Also, would def bone.

LINK is Veeky Forumscore
if you aren't holding LINK you're a redditor

>another confirmed cashie shill thread
>Bitcoin = Bitcoin = gen 1 shitcoin
>Bcash = gen 1 shitcoin fork of Bitcoin
you reddit cashie faggots are getting desperate

I fucking wish I was being paid to shill BCH

It would be ideal

However, its right though, you'll wake up and DYR one day and see yourself

>Doesn't know about Bitbean/Bean Cash

Who are you quoting?