Anyone else here slowly dying from boredom?

Anyone else here slowly dying from boredom?

how the fuck can you be bored on the internet?

theres more to life than shitposting and jerking off.....

Same... the prices are so fucking stagnant and the volume is low and this is ridiculous.

For a particularly cringe example, I hold ARY (good price right now if you want some) and the ARY/ETH trading pair on Kucoin is over 70% of the total volume of trading, and its at... 96ETH in the last 24 hours


fucks sake

then why are you shitposting after you jerked off

bro , take a break , go do something else for a bit and come back. just staring at it isnt going to make a difference.

It's just the calm before the storm...

Expect $0 soon

KYS scum.

>can't read
kYs idiot

Stop holding shitcoins.

No i have been playing shit tons of ps4

>american ven
>one of the few coins american investors (not funnymoney/biznessman) will be hold due to being fully sec compliant

I may be annoyed at the low volume right now, but I'm not a fucking retard.

ARY is about as far removed as you can get from a shitcoin. If you unironically believe it is, you need to learn how to read.

Legitimately considering suicide if I haven’t close made it in the next 3 months. I’ve got 30k in crypto, no job, $5k savings, backend of a 6 year existential crisis that ended with 2 years of psychosis, depersonalisation, dissociation etc, can barely understand what is real anymore, let alone get a bar job or whatever. Lost my girlfriend who I thought I was going to marry, nobody understands what I’ve been through and nobody really wants to know because if I dare speak about it I open their minds to the thing they fear the most.
>I have complete faith that I will be free soon

Going to /gif/, brb.

This board is fcking boring lately. It follows the market trend kek Very stagnante.
I miss the wojacks of mid january

dude, then i got some bad news for you
btc will reach his low in april, then uptrend

since u baited, what have u been through?

Crypto has become very fucking boring the last few weeks.

When a big rat and a little rat play, the little rat has to win 30% of the time to keep playing.

The whales raped all of the normies. They left because none of them won. Crypto will bleed out until a fresh batch of pray arrives.

Try going all in on LINK and see how bored you are.

There's always so much digging to be done on LINK because daddy sergey never gives us any news we have to rely on wild speculation to keep entertained.

The funniest thing about Chainlink is that most of the holders haven't even read the whitepaper, and everyone knows this, so it's super easy for whales to just say
>this white paper is incredible! you're missing out if you don't buy this
>DYOR tee-hee
Yeah, well I did read the whole thing, and if you actually put the time in to read the damn thing, you'll realize that the what they're trying to do is impossible, and they know it.
Basically it boils down to this two man team came up with a philosophical question, attempted to answer it with a fancy white paper, and are selling it to the unwashed masses to make a profit.
>two people
>1 philosophy major
Get the point?

Yeah, also I loose money trying to swingtrade and then getting fear or fomo and exiting trades I would easily make profit off, bullmarket was way easier to handle

That quote is absolutely based