Where do you work in order to accumulate crypto?

My crypto is accumulating by itself
You have been warned
Next month it'll be too late

>pretend to be a girl on r9k and soc
>scam robots and desperate virgins for cash on top of my NEETbux
>botting on oldschool runescape 24/7, sell gold directly for crypto
>getting 5x what a wageslave does per month
>been doing this for over a year
>my parents still think i'm an autistic neet, quietly accumulating wealth, have cashed out $60k, still $150k in crypto and growing.

Wagecuck for gubment. 6 figures, plus benefits for family. Crypto is fun money for me.


I'm a business executive for a software firm

Strategy group in a major bank

80 hours a week in a pizzeria called purgatory


Nanotech process developement engineer in one of the most innovative RTOs in the world.

How are you avoiding a ban on osrs

The nerds tightened everything
I honestly didn’t bother looking back been years now

buy private scripts, they are cheap like $10-20. runescape black market caters heavily to crypto so its easy to make transactions with trusted suppliers

This place?

I work my ass off in a iron and steel factory(melting and storage) even though I studied IT. Still happy with my work and my co-workers because I get my daily work out and females think I'm a chad

Haha this is nearly me. I dropped out in 3rd year data engineering to be an electrician. Earn about 60k a year but idgaf since I hold 130k link.

you're cute desu...where do I send money to see your cleavage?

Unironically working at the biggest model railway in the world.

send ETH to this address :)

I drive a semi when I want currently being neet

>PhD in Extra Tricky Integrals
>any job I want
>300k starting

Work in Information Pajeetology at a fortune 500 corp. Also work as a caretaker at my apt building cause it's easy extra money and I have no life.

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>european city
where are all the shitskins?

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So, if you're a chad. Then you do hold Nano right?

not enough of merkel's guests for that to be a realistic model


Investment banker for one of the 10 largest firms in the world.

I can't wait to get rich off of crypto (or anything really, I'm reasonably diversified) and never wear another fucking suit again.

>not full of shitskins

Build semi trailers in a factory surrounded by subhumans. Save me

How do you know you are not a sub human?

IT/data analytics for healthcare industry feels good actually doing something that sort of helps people as opposed to being a cubicle dwelling code monkeyfor a bank or marketing company. Still want to make it in crypto and only work like 2 days a week tho.

Manufacturing making a cozy $21.50 an hour

In a bar. Can drink whatever I want when my shift is ending and take girls home sometimes.
Not even good looking, but women love to go for the bartender.

Hi user, I'm about to graduate and I am an intern doing analytics/IT at a healthcare org. Mind if I get your email so I can pick your brain about the industry?

ppl actually send 5x wageslave money to a fake girl on Veeky Forums? v hard to believe tbhdesu

LARPs are getting more elaborate.

Doing marketing surveys in a bank for 37k € a year. It doesnt really compare to american or STEM money but I only have a master in political sciences so I'm doing ok.

I had crypto since 2012, i just held and held. I had 4 jobs within that time until a year ago.

Every time i "earned" fiat with a job I just blew it on random stuff. I cant value fiat