What went wrong?

>America was on the verge of overthrowing the globalist financial elite just six years ago

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ironically, decentralization of their message.

(((they))) infiltrated the movement and infected it with the cancer of identity politics.

SJWs and liberals sabotaged it.

This. It went from "muh 1%" to "muh FUCKING WHITE MALE". That doomed it.

Dude a bunch of socialist hippies camping out on Wall Street didn’t solve anything. They had a list of like 100 demands and couldn’t organize. The FBI probably destroyed them using their own stupidity as an attack vector.

All OWS needed was one or two simple demand.

Get money out of politics and term limits.

That’s it. They would have succeeded and our country would be way better off now as a result.

But they failed. They failed due to hubris, idiocy and sloppiness.

Now they have white guilt and pretend that minorities are unfairly targeted by the police.


The original inhabitants of Veeky Forums were all extremely liberal.

Wonder (((who))) was behind that

They were on the verge of nothing. When did liberals, SJW, feminists, hipsters changed anything ever.

(((they))) did the same thing with the Tea Party movement on the right - it was basically a Libertarian overthrow of the establishment Republican Party that was then infected with Christian Identity / Pro-Zionist politics.

rite, we could have socialism by know because these kids totally knew economics and who's at fault, which totally was the bankers and not the last 20 years of government policies which demanded for cheap credit. heil hitler or whatever you fucking collectivists says, comrade.

They were controlled opposition to begin with. You would have never heard of them if there wasnt a Democrat lobbyist behind them.

Why would a couple hundred smelly hippies camping in a street solve anything?

Nothing can be changed, the government can't be stopped. It functions as an organic body that will actively destroy threats. You can't stop this with a weak willed, vague protest.

If you asked the common man what is fiat currency, they'd look at you like a dog that has been shown a card trick. Unless you solve that, you don't change shit.

The intelligence apparatus is so advanced and insidious that i fear no movement truly has a chance unless the spooks approve of it


They were hopeless, clueless, directionless, leaderless.They thought peace, camping in tents and trying to be open-minded matters one shit to the people they are angry with. In the end all they ended up being was a honeypot for crazies, hippies and rapists.

If you want to make a change you have to understand what you want to change, why, how have a chain of command and be willing to kill for it.

UG99, that's what will fuck us up

Hodling BTC was suppost to be evolution of Occupy Wallstreet but every greedy faggot turned into daytrading faggot who knows how to leveraged short and assist bankers in manipulating price

Right now the perfect storm is forming.

It became a publicity stunt. JayZ started selling shirts, the media began to forecast all of the people as a bunch of hippies with no jobs. And that was before people stopped trusting the media. So, the media created that narrative and that’s what it quickly became.

liberals literally started it, mongoloid

Tea Party was always supposed to be a classical liberal movement, it quickly became the South Park stereotype of it.

What? Lefty scum hate crypto for some inexplicable reason. One plank of the bridge that can free us from serfdom of the global elites and they vehemently hate it. You can't make this shit up. It's like when they go on and on about world hunger then in the next breath talk about banning GMOs. How the fuck you think we're gonna feed all these people? Fucking subsistence farming techniques from the Pleistocene? These people are a joke.

So Interstellar irl? Just in time for daddy Elon to finish his BFR and get us out of here.

Obama fixed the economy and people stopped hating wall street

This is the real reason but you faggots will deny it because accepting it would hurt your fragile feelings

It's always (((them)))

more like the 10 plagues, or riders of the apocalypse or some other religious shit.

What other factors are there in that "perfect storm"?

Oh well, rice is healthier anyway.

The problem with people gathering in masses is 90% of those there have no idea why.

OK ...if you say so Mao

economic crisis and an increased likelyhood for war, all of which amplify each other in likelyness,

with 70% of the crop of the largest producers of wheat destroyed, rice too will increase in price. wheat is the primary source of food for more than 1 billion people. increased food prices lead to less social stability, lead to more conflict both nationally and internationally.
the moment we introduce even small amounts of 'malnutrition', the incident of diseases will rise.
with disease comes disgust ...

classical liberal my ass.
It was always a movement of degenerates
>muh build the wall
>muh government is evil corporations are good
>muh rich people are job creators
>muh libertardanism is the answer
KEK fucking deluded "classical liberals"... you're just a bunch of dumb hillbillies!

90% of occupy wallstreet was unemployed left wing scum that just wanted to feel like they were a part of something

So 3rd world niggers and pajeets will be culled?
>inb4 EUcucks open borders for them

They didn't buy LINK


oh, and fun fact: due to speculation on that event, wheat prices rise, which gives farmers the signal to produce more wheat, because more demand (or for the farmers profit), and because stem rust destroys the crop 2 to 4 weeks before harvest, we will waste even more production capacity on this shit. eh ...

It was a leftist movement. It depends on Wall Street in order to fund it and at the same time attempted to destroy Wall Street. The same contradiction destroys every leftist movement in the long term. They destroy their food source and then starve. See:Venezuela

>citation needed

America had that chance with Sanders. Instead, they voted the man who has shitty hair who literally comes from wall street and sucks corporate jew dicks on a daily basis.

Funny but that is not what happened

The original inhabitants of Veeky Forums were contrarian fucks who idolized dumb political trends like Ron Paul and lolbertarianism.

t. been here since 2004 (there really is no escape)

Roastie or shariablue detected. Fuck off either way

exactly. or they come to europe ...

So why is this on your radar user? You've got some interesting tabs open.

>dumb political trends like Ron Paul and lolbertarianism

Let me guess, you're a zionist

>The original inhabitants of Veeky Forums were contrarian fucks
>who idolized dumb political trends like Ron Paul and lolbertarianism
Wrong. They were a left wing version of /pol/, which was cool before sjw's made being a lefty gay

Do you not remember the days of the Ron Paul copypasta?

>due to speculation on that event, wheat prices rise, which gives farmers the signal to produce more wheat, because more demand (or for the farmers profit),
Which is why the US subsidizes other grains. Can't have all our corn fields disappear because the price of wheat went up a bit.

Loving this.

that was pretty late in the game.
For the most part, Veeky Forums was apolitical. Only the news boards got into politics much. The rest of us were talking about cats, warhammer vs. Dune, video games, and how to get Snakes on a Plane the Best Picture oscar.

Don't forget about chanwhores like Cracky

Occupy was an orchestrated movement designed to kill the actual danger, tea party.
Leftist movements are never a danger to the current state because their fundamental demand is more state control

They had it wrong. Its not the bankers fault if you sign a document that you dont understand. Its not the bankers fault if you buy a house you cant afford.

"Millions of americans lost their homes!"

You mean the homes they bought on credit? Lost something that was never theirs? Go fuck yourself.

>For the most part, Veeky Forums was apolitical
True but it was openly hostile to christcucks also the racism wasn't so tryhard and politicised like /pol/

wheat futures. might be profitable.

>They were a left wing version of /pol/
>Veeky Forums
>left wing

dude being left wing was pretty damn socially accepted since Veeky Forums was born

lot of ppl come to an image board because they don't want to have their name associated with what they are saying

Veeky Forums was always far more right leaning than other social media sites in my expereince

if lefties get to be the outcast ones soon they'll probably occupy Veeky Forums, but in Veeky Forums's history, there were leftist people here ofc, but i think right wingers far outnumbered lefties pretty vastly

'tits or gtfo' and let me just not mention the rest of Veeky Forums's invented phases ALMOST all have have more right than left tendencies

even most hopeless NEETs here had an oversized EGO and thought they'd be billionaires in a true llibertarian society

Oh please there was no fucking to begin with in this "movement".
Also this ain't a Veeky Forumsy topic get out of here.

Just because we are next door to them dont think a rational lefty doesnt hate SJW as much as anyone. Im pretty far left but i dont acknowledge those fucks either... It feels like they are an alien species

Type like normal person you retard.

yeah. cats, video games, snakes.
that's what Veeky Forums was famous for in the mid 2000s, lol.

actually the us should not have any problems, because they eradicated the barberry bush, another host for the disease, in the 1930s (because of the last outbreak)

I wondered why it showed up on the tracking map. I did not find anything about it, but it serves my 'the-end-is-near-larping' (it's still serious, though)

also it's not about 'not having anything to eat', but about food prices. increased food prices destabilise nations, and can lead to revolutions and war.

Most of the movement was uneducated liberals not knowing what they were protesting. All that 98% of them accomplished was looking stupid on national TV and making America cringe

Bernie endorsed Clinton, the establishment candidate, after it had already come to light the primary was rigged against him. We missed the chance for every state to become California.

i've been here for 13 years, how i type IS normal.

Kek this thread needs context

Multiple Veeky Forums and 4ch 'oldfags' have been banned short term for thotposting
Veeky Forums is currently getting raided by literal queers from reddit that have decided Veeky Forums is the next bandwagon to hop onto

4ch was never left wing, I have been here for over a decade and before it swayed right it just cared about freedom, freedom to troll
There are gays here that want to change the board and change you user
They are trying to claim this place like they have others
Just look at the literal shilling and random irrelevant threads, it's like a blog
But they will never drown out thot posting
Most of this thread is leftist revisionism

Remember dumbasses
They are shutting up Veeky Forums and it will only get worse
Look at /pol/
That used to be coherent
But the same shilling and slide threads made it the shitheap it continues to be today

Not gonna stick around ATM ;)

holy shit kill yourself. Trump is saving America from the hoard of shitskins. I would take to the streets with my guns if a socialist was elected.

>Germany was on the verge of overthrowing the globalist financial elite just eighty years ago
Shit happens mate and plans get spoiled. Americans don't do anything anyway.

thank god

"on the verge"?
i think the problem was all the most dedicated occupiers were in fact homeless degenerates

fuck I'm so sad though, those two negresses better know they took the election from that poor man, where the fuck was the secret service to put a bullet in every orifice in their body?

>trump is saving america

you fell for it bro, but desu I hope the infrastructure stuff passes

and I think that was on purpose. you NEVER hear about Occupy anymore- it's been completely erased from any mention in ((their)) media. Identity Politics was a cover-up. a way to claim that "it's white males oppressing you" not us elite from finance and the corporotocracy.

>Tfw you're wearing an expensive watch around black people

unironically this

(((They))) had the Social Justice marxists sitting in the wings for this exact reason. (((they))) throw marxists at something like this and it'll disintegrate, when all the leaders (white men) leave the group, the movement fails.

What (((They))) didn't think would happen though, is that those white men realized that a liberal revolution will never work. We realized that a radical traditionalist revolution is immune to these tactics and began growing a new political movement deep in the wild mongolian throat-singing boards.

GamerGate provided the impetus for our resurgence and for the growing radical traditionalist ideology to take hold around a single common ideal. The beast we created became what is now known as 'the alt-right' and elected a president and numerous senators and representatives... and we're not done yet.

We've achieved our first series of victories, but we're not stopping until (((they))) have been wiped out, root and branch, and the earth salted.

Never Again.

> Bunch of hipster neets think they're going to overthrow world capitalism by banging a drum and occupying a starbucks.

Yep, they're this dumb.


Fell for what? You act like there was a legitimate alternative. You think we'd be better off with Hillar "Liar liar pants on fire" Clinton at the helm? Her and Bernie were so deep into the identity politics shit they still don't realize that's half what lost the democrats the election. That shit is cancer and it needs to end or we're all fucking doomed. We're being played and that includes you, oh so Mr. Condescending.

haha this.

it's ShareBlue. their ideas are so weak they have to pay people to spam.

>believing that the answer to a political movement is another political movement

you had me going there for a second user, keep sucking statist dick, you seem to like it

you're right they gave us no alternative, but it doesn't matter which overlord we 'pick', (((they))) will run the show until the world ends

>Mate, they weren't the left-wing version of /pol
>Source; I'm an oldfag, I was there.

They weren't the leftwing version of /pol/ they WERE /pol/. As much as /pol/ was politically incorrect and loved hitler, us faggots were onboard with OWS until the marxists showed up to destroy it.

Being left-wing was the thing on-Veeky Forums, and it took multiple iterations before we figured out the truth of what's going on, and how to make actual changes in the world with dank meme magic

The first attempt was 'Le Anonymoose' which ended about as well as every one remembers. Then we worked on OWS and the Arab Spring (sorry bout that) until those things fell apart.

It wasn't until the end of OWS at the hands of marxists that we a realized leftism is universally doomed to failure. We needed a revolt of radical traditionalism and ethnonationalism if we ever wanted to have functional nations.

So we created one.


You guys complaining about the smelly hippies and whatnot are RIGHT buuuut the true problem was ALLOWING the smelly hippies to take part.

Occupy Wall St. did not begin as a stinky hippie tent colony across from my office at the time, but it evolved into that. If it would have had a true leader who would have said "Hey, these fucking hippies are damaging our message" and if they would have organized and centralized and excluded certain parties, we might have seen a true revolution.

Nice bait


Quite generous of you to characterize setting up some tents on a park as "on the verge of overthrowing the global financial system"

Hey, I think the tax man can suck my dick just like you, I'm just telling you what happened.

OWS was our second attempt at political change, after that failure, we build what is the modern Trumpian Right.

You're welcome.

These people were protesting straw-men, "unregulated capitalism" and "corporate greed" as the source of all their ills.

Mediocre people blaming others for their shortcomings and asking government to level the field by making others mediocre too.

They had absolutely no understanding over the causes of the crisis and that's why today we're doing the same that lead us to that crisis.

This shit right here makes me want to see hippy heads on pikes, to be honest.
Faggots like this drove me to the right. youtu.be/W81A1kTXPa4

apparently it was a big deal considering the feds had to illegally invade the park and smash everyone's laptops and destroy their things.

trump 2020

nah NAFTA is bullshit. get a grip. we've lost 100,000 jobs per month on average after its signing. aka mid

aka our middle class*

>We needed a revolt of radical traditionalism and ethnonationalism if we ever wanted to have functional nations.
Cuz that always works out...

/pol/ and Veeky Forums in general has always been contrarian because that's the one thing everyone can agree on w/o truly having to align their ideologies. I think you're forgetting the general climate in the mid-2000s. It was extremely family values conservative, so the counter to that was agnostic scientific liberalism.

Enter ~2015 and the mood is incredibly different. It's multiculturalism all over again; identity politics; victimhood; etc. Veeky Forums took a leap to the right. KEK at anyone who thinks this was a anything more than a reactionary shift. In 3-5 years then the zeitgeist changes again, you bet your ass /pol/ will be something completely different.

The focus of the movement shifted from fighting against the banking/political establishment in the United States (a cause which drew in people across the political spectrum and apoliticals) to identity politics bullshit; alienating the bulk of the movement.

That's a skin-deep analysis. Claiming NAFTA was the reason for the loss of jobs would be like claiming open inter-state borders allowing white rich people to fly away is what ruined Detroit.