Why is someone trying to sell 46 LINK for 0.6 btc each?

why is someone trying to sell 46 LINK for 0.6 btc each?

Same reason people set eth buy orders at $4

This or they don’t understand decimal places

On shitty DEX they are trying to bait fat-fingered people

I've seen some of those retarded offers go through in my time, but only a handful

He's prepping for the singularity

This guy is a confirmed time traveler vom Q3 2018 (BTC at 50.000$)

>He doesn't know about anons ED bot that makes 200k a month from fat finger orders

Jews most likely

Probably going away for a while and hoping on some fat fingering while he's gone.

Could be a time traveler from next week slightly confused


user purchased a time travel machine in the future with his Link profits. He came back and forgot what year he was in

Does this mean that some1 could actually buy coins at that extra high cost if they ordered a hiher ammount than what's actually available for sale?

EtherDelta newfag
It means whenever someone messes up an order, the bot fills it instantly
Sometimes making as much as 30 ETH in a trade

1300 LINK for 0.1btc now

lol anyone can do this easily

They're setting up for a pump and dump.

Putting a tiny amt of their stack at pychotic prices and hoping the FOMO market buys will eat up the sell book and trigger it before bots can slot new orders in.

imagine buying eth at 10$

What did he mean by this?

means hes a nerd

Is there a L33T hacker watching us?