Dat volume doe

Dat volume doe

what about it? Im too lazy to check

921 BTC


it was 150 BTC like 2 days ago and now is up to 931 and growing

Nobody knows the time of the price singularity.
But when it happens, everyone will know.
All across the world, voices will echo "..what's wrong? Is everything ok?"
A few vehicular accidents will occur seemingly for no reason.
Several pilots, delivery drivers, and one pajeet who forgot to close a submarine hatch will all last be seen yelling at their phones.
Binance will crash. Everyone scrambling to buy LINKs will see 404.
Etherdelta will become so overwhelmed with traffic it will slow to a halt. It will become unusable.
The only orders that will happen will be buy orders that have already been placed.
LINK will reach unimaginably high prices within minutes.
Every noLINKer's eyes will watch. The tiny LINK cube on coinmarketcap will be reflected in their eyes.
However, the ones who knew..the ones who had heard, but didn't listen...
their cubes will be distorted by tears.
As these tears fall onto rapidly moving fingers that are refreshing binance or etherdelta multiple times,
Haunting music rings in their ears infinitely.
The harrowing noise of the bells causes the noLINKer's soul to shiver..and scream.
Biz will be filled with LINK memes. All threads will be titled "You had your chance."
Monitors will be smashed. Laptops broken in half. Weddings, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, and other social events across the world will be plagued by the audible cries of noLINKers who knew the path but didn't take it.
Their hopelessness crushes them inside, but they keep having to wageslave, and forcing a smile on their face every day to avoid ever being asked "what's wrong?" again will eat away at their sanity.
This soon becomes a worldwide phenomenon, and noLINKer syndrome will be added to DSM-V and heavily studied.
Most normies will continue enjoying their playpens.
But the ones who knew..
they will become uncomfortably intimate with despair...
For they know they missed the opportunity of a lifetime, and another precious path to freedom has disappeared forever.


Yup last time it went to 1.2$ it also had this build up of volume out of fucking nowhere

Fuck me I am gonna fomo in, fuck xlm, ven and icx gonna sell that shit at a loss

holy kek link is preparing for take off

Dat volume

don't be stupid right now its highest point since bitcoin went below $10k

Buying LINK during the crash a was an excellent decision on my part.

LINK will definitely dump again so he could get a better entry point, but the super conference is in 2 days so it will probably go up some more. Got a strong feeling it will dump after/during the conference just like SIBOS. Too scared to sell my stinkies so I will just wait it out though.

Was just about to make a thread asking this exact q. The increase in sudden volume is crazy compared to what it was 2-3 days ago. I saw an 80k sell wall get eaten like it was nothing this afternoon.

I am so fucking pissed. I was commenting on threads all day sunday debating when the moon related to the conference rumors would start so i could buy in, then it went up a little yesterday so i thought meh ill wait for it to dump a bit, now im facing a cheeky buying 30 percent above wherei could of gone in. still holding alot , but wanted to be like 75 percent in link soon.

>best pasta

Favorite pasta... I like with a little more salt added as well. I heard Sergey like his pasta with a side of Mac sauce

I expect that dip too unfortunately, it's just a conference. Like yourself I'm in for the long hall though.

Purchased 1k linkies 8 hours ago. Feels good

Tfw my buy wall@ 46966 initiated this bull run





Is 50001 link enough biz?

>buy the dip


moon mission confirmed

Logic says it'll drop after conference but I'm too afraid to lower my stack so instead I'll just buy more.

moon soon
$5 before april

Would 50k ETH be enough for you now? Answer this and you'll know

I came

uniroinically thanks just bought 100k

>Most normies will continue enjoying their playpens.
>But the ones who knew..

my favorite part

>mfw i have no choice to buy LINK
i would have to kill myself if link actually does go up after all the posts by stinky linkies here

fuck it, i'll throw 5% of my portfolio in it.

call it the Veeky Forums tax

Should i market buy or put a limit in?

If you want to buy it right now because of FOMO then do a market buy, don't get fucked for 10 minutes by a constant price increase. You should have bought your suicide insurance a while ago though. Don't get me wrong, I want more time to accumulate but I have 5k LINK just in case.

oh shit abandon ship grichka is here

I've got 13k LINK from last night. I have 30 ETH sitting here to buy more. Aiming for a nice round 50k LINK and i think that's good

That's what I kept telling myself, but trust me, it never stops

Volume just surpassed 1000btc. We moonin

but seriously why is it mooning

I don't put more than 5% into anything that could be vaporware

lol k

these 2 posts don't make sense.

you trying to trick me, gooby?

>but seriously why is it mooning
Could be pre-conf pricing in, but this shit is too fucking surreal, it isn't healthy grow and hopefully won't last for long. Personally, i've sold my stack at 6100 and right now on suicide watch.

>but seriously why is it mooning
it's insanely undervalued right now. call it a correction.

What's even being announced at the conference?

Fomoing after +30% seems retarded, it's just gonna dump after a few days anyways.

FOMO starting to kick in

fuck, I think of this scene whenever I'm thinking about being lazy or making a rash crypto decision. Aiming to be a LINK Captain soon.
If you're in for the long-haul, it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. This is a precarious pump, in the middle of BTC going sideways and the upcoming conference. Hedge your bets and play it safe, whatever that means for you.

I will bet 1000 Links this shit is going over $1 the day Sergey speaks. You all should not have sold...

Nothing actually, Sergey gonna speak about smart contracts and oracles, but i highly doubt he's gonna mention LINK at all

It's just the conference being priced in. Will probably dump on the conference similar to how SIBOS went down. I'd take the risk and be patient if you are looking to buy in a bit more. I know I fucked up and bought during an Assblaster thread once only for it to dump afterwards for a week.

The true moon event is the singularity, and no one will know when that is.


absolute MANIAC

Going parabolic, I would suggest selling when the curve goes straight up linear, then rebuy on the correction. ez swingz

I love you, guy

Will we eat through that huge fucking sell wall?

I'm responsible for this pump. Sold 1/3 of my stack this morning to rebuy lower.

75 eth sell wall was getting eaten away quick...the guy pulled. hahahah

um did that sell wall just vaporize or did it get pulled

it just ate a 200k gwei buy wall in seconds

At this rate we break $1 end of day.no pull back lads

I pulled 15 ETH out of the fucker as soon as i saw fellow linkbros buying it.

sorry 200k link
time for acceleration buoys

about a quarter got eaten then he pulled...these walls are just to keep the price down..they don't want to sell their precious linkies

at this rate we break it in 15 minutes

Damn, in retrospect i should have just dropped my 30ETH into his wall as soon as it got near it

iExec is getting a boner too

Quick, switch guys, LINKs about to crash back to .0006ETH

Just think of the potential for chainlink to also be able to be used to secure online bets

I wrote down the volume yesterday to track what happens leading up to the big day...
>was 327.58 BTC
>now over 1000BTC
>tfw can't swing trade because high volume coins make my web browser act screwing on binance's page
>tfw don't really want to swing trade

Do you seriously not know the answer to that question? Because you should unironically kill yourself if you don't.

t. 8k Linker


Assblaster 2 nights ago said watch the price in 2 days lo....

Ye, that is what made me worried
The volume has gone x10in these 2 days
This doesn't look like a pnd at all, which I was hoping for and which is why I have lost 25% my stack

Anyone got an idea which coins/tokens might moon along side of LINK? I'm seriously debating going *almost* all-in before we reach 8000 sats.

Chain link is getting added to Coinbase during the conference

Hope you bought in

Link 15k eoy

Its link or nothin baby

you will not find ANYTHING with more long term moon potential than link right now

Volume increased from 1200 to 1500 just in 1 hour, really fast increas

REQ has seen several spikes in the past 2 days. Will pump before Friday's update. Target 4200 sats.

Is this gonna dump during/after the conference? I'm all in at 2.2k linkies, but I want more. Never swing traded before but I'm considering it.

Everytime I sell my Cardongo, it reaches new ATH. I just might though...

>at 2k now
is it too late to buy?

yes don't touch now it can crash any time now

LINK would be a great buy even if it was $10 right now

>tfw need more LINK

The CEO of Salt is speaking at the same conference and its very low at the moment.

Yeah I didn’t expect LINK to get much of a pump from this conference. Honestly I don’t think what we’re seeing right now has anything to do with the conference.

Alright, I’ll sell you as much as you can buy for $5 each

Aaaaand dump.

Totally expected. The parabolic growth stopped, an imminent correction was obvious ~45min ago.

You know these Ranks, you know your Duty, Iron Hands Marines

+ Officer Ranks
- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 500001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
- Major General: 175001-250000 LINK
- Brigadier General: 125001-175000 LINK
- Colonel: 75001-125000 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 50001-75000 LINK
- Major: 35001-50000 LINK
- Captain: 25001-35000 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 20001-25000 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 15001-20000 LINK
+ Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
- Sergeant Major: 10001-15000 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 9001-10000 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 7501-9000 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 5001-7500 LINK
- Sergeant: 3501-5000 LINK
+ Enlisted Ranks
- Corporal: 1501-3500 LINK
- Specialist: 501-1500 LINK
- Private: 1-500 LINK

Sergeant Solid Snake reporting for dooty!

Stop this faggotry seriously.

wait fagot don't fomo in.

Lieutenant General reporting for duty

>tfw demoted from Second Lieutenant to Sergeant Major

>Lieutenant General: 250001-500000 LINK
I-is that y-your 7BTC sell wall at ~7290 user? Please sir, take it down kind sir

Welcome SGT!

Stow that talk son, you'll never make it with that attitude.

Glad to have you with us Sir!

Damn it son, what happened?

I know dat feel. But I got demoted from Serge Major


Traded 5.6k LINK for 10k REQ, hoping to increase my stack. But LINK continued pumping while REQ absolutely shat on me.

We all gotta learn to hodl at somehow. Don't beat yourself up. Take those newly minted Iron Hands and accumulate more.