Are raves fun

Are raves fun

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They can be a good time just bring your own water and condoms

They where back in 96/98 vehemently didn't even know where they where until you bought a ticket, became to big in 99 never went after

yes, just be safe.

No. People go to them because theyre boring

>water and condoms

yes with some MDMA or speed they are.

Yes. Stay hydrated.

yea what he said

don't worry about getting laid though, just have some fun. anytime i took that stuff it took a day for my dick to start working again.

gotta enjoy the (music) if you dont, you wont have a good time. take some coke/mdma and enjoy urself

How do you get MDMA

i like to put the mdma's in my bum bum

you gotta have friends or buy em off on tor, or ask for some at the rave people who look that will have it

Dream market friend if you don’t know people already.

When you go to a rave, the dealer will usually be in the centre of the room, at stable with a few others an most importantly of all, wearing a beanie hat. Just ask guys with beanie hats at raves for md they will help you out

Take acid in line before security. Take e 4 hours later. Yeeeeee


Silk road

Depends on where you live. In Amsterdam we have shit like this. It's almost feels legal this way.

why the fuck would I go to a rave if I could do the same thing in my mansion without a bunch of sweaty people on drugs rubbing up against me?


looks like a sausage fest

that looks like shit.
youd have to be high on drugs to enjoy that

Well 10€ for a gram speed in netherlands? Where a speed kitchen is in every second street? Thats much. But I like this service.

look up dirtybird campout

cialis is cheap as fuck and gives you a diamond dick for as long as you want, couple that with the mdma/speed energy and you are on for a sex marathon.
Have some magnesium on hand. kek

YES I played one last weekend and I was rolling my balls off MDMA. Amazing. The molly will also help you approach people if you're too timid. Just don't act like a fucking neet and be social.

And yeah bring your own water! Be safe and stay hydrated :)

True, this service is more expensive. But you pay for the convenience of having everything delivered in like 15 minutes. Speed ranges from 1 to 10 €a gram depending on how much and where you buy.

Unimportant that's not why you go to raves.

nummer en is het goeie spul?

definitely have to be on drugs for that

20€ per g mdma and 10 for speed.
Strange almost.
If mdma is that cheap speed should be 3-6 per gr

De X is goed, de coke is prima, de keta is insane. Deze doet het alleen niet meer. Ik geef je het nieuwe nummer als je bewijst dat je niet AIVD bent.

God damn I am jelly

Yes they are, drink water, do some stimulants and get lost in the music that's what I've always done and it hasn't disappointed me. You're probably not gonna know where it is though until the day of the rave just an FYI

oke hoe bewijs ik dat dan? gucci gang, swag, yolo, hoeren neuken. goed genoeg?

Until the drugs wear off
Then its actually pretty depressing, a bunch of adults gnawing their faces off

Yes lots of fun if you can enjoy the music. I go to raves/festivals almost every month or so. sometimes twice a month. Mostly techno/disco/house. Drugs are fun too but not neccesarry

ok fuck it, nul zes vier drie acht vijf acht drie zeven vijf. Vraag om de lijst via whatsapp. Als ze worden opgerold, ben toch gekapt met die shit.

If you're into the music they are great. If you like to indulge in drugs they are even better. Some of my best memories are from rolling deep with good mates. Just thinking back on it now gives me the tingles. If you're gonna do drugs, don't take too much, and know when to stop and call it a night so the entire next week is not ruined.

Also get informed on 420chan. They are the drug experts. Best to do some research before you try anything to stay safe.

Yes. Music, friends and drugs.

Hoe duur is ket bij deze boy?

30 per gram de laatste keer dat ze de lijst stuurde. Best duur, maar je doet er kankerlang mee.

Bit cheaper in den haag but in Groningen shieeet it's cheap as chips
3euro pingas

Is best een normale prijs als je geen bulk dealers kent. Maar je doet er inderdaad fucking lang mee zelfs als je uitdeelt

Pretty cool they also offer 2C-B


This is now a thread for dutch degenerates -_-

Are fake drugs/rcs a concern with you euro trash? Can't believe no one here has said get a test kit or bring your own drugs. All kinds of sketchy shit is sold as mdma here in the states. I only party with trusted sources.

>dutch supply
>fake drugs

Here in the Netherlands the quality is so consistent that it's almost not necessary. It's so prevalent that it doesn't really make sense to sell fake shit. In America it probably is a different story.

>good people
>good music
>good drugs

choose two

as your neighbour I can confirm, it's always high grade

Heb je iets voor mij? km uit groningen

In all of middle europe the quality is great.
I got bunk stuff one time in 5 years
And that was because I bought some bs pill from a guy in a club.

When I was buying ounces off the silk road from Germany for 15 dollar bitcoins it was fire and cheap as fuck and I made abunch of money flipping it at festivals. Not as much as if i would have just held the goddamn bitcoins but guess if you can't buy an ounce of real euro molly for 300 dollars you buy a kilo of some Chinese mystery drug for a grand and that's why people die.

What the fuck does this have to do with business and finance? KYS

Fuking degenerate to The maximun; its sugar-baby style
Play stupid games, supervolcano in every rave

absolutely checked

Also in amsterdam, even better deals sometimes

Raves are fun but once you mix in drugs it becomes a fucking headache. And no, youre not going to be fucking hot stacies unless youre a 10/10 chad.

What the fuck is this monkey language

This is how you know speed is a shit drug for losers
I bet that coke is fishscale though