Hey guys, I plan to dump this shit at huge loss, nearly 50% Sats

Hey guys, I plan to dump this shit at huge loss, nearly 50% Sats.
Which coins I should go all in for recovery quickly, at least it will be better than FUN?

Thank you, faggots.

TRX @ 501sats

Hold till platform release. It's in March I think


i dumped it for xrp. don't know if it pays off tho.


So you held till now to drop It with 50% loss? I'll wait a couple months but if you want to switch Just get btc

Obviously patience is the best option. It’s the one thing I’ve actually learned

Why are you dumping FUN before it even releases?

It looks like dead for months, the team is slow and lack of /communication/marketing/hype is killing this shitcoin.

selling at a loss


Selling FUN???

this is no Veeky Forums

Read their new Facebook post. They just applied for their license today. Weak hands deserves to stay poor

LINK right now

Also why would you want to announce something like a release in a bear market


thinking, thinking, thinking

There has been daily FUD on Veeky Forums for FUN Token...\

this can only mean 1 thing....


by the state of these posts i'd say we still have another 7-10 days to wait before launch/pre-launch

I'm holding this shit but 4 months in crypto like 4 years in real life, I wonder there are any Fun bagholders left after that 4 months. LOL

Because this is Veeky Forums way now, buy high, sell low. Those new low IQs millenials are incapable of hodling more than a week, it a token has not risen by 100% it's a shitcoin. They never learn. They probably would have sold eth at $1 in 2016 calling it shit.
Go on brainlets, sell me your bags!

i'm deep in the red on this piece of shit too but now is not the time to sell user. the conference just finished they are likely in discussions with potential customers that could be announced any time.

wtf are you doing user get in LINK RIGHT NOW

Go all in on smelly coin it suits you

Dump please I want more.

Weak hand bitches

It’s on the dump part, you know the part that comes after pump, for shitcoins, like link?

dont please, im holding onto 30k please hold on for a few more days so i can sell at 650

Holding 26k, just hodl and forget desu

IOST. easy gains with testnet release coming up. coin hasn't mooned yet, literally the floor. can only go up.