were going sub 8k today get in here boys

Look at this fucking grandpa struggling for 9k. Had MACD, SRSI and volume advantage for last 5 days and couldnt do shit. Now daily MACD and SRSI are turning bearish...its time to just it

maybe in your timeline, omega

if you keep doubting it then you're just a brainlet

Post proof of your long or you’re full of shit

Your last calls were bad. Here’s copypasta for you because I care about you, you tripcode god complex retard:

TA fags: please stop what you’re doing and hold. Please.

TA can’t beat whale manipulation, breaking news or institutional money.

Don’t liquidate yourselves.

This is gambling. Please fucking hold. You guys piss me off and I understand that you’re right more often than not, but all it takes is one big overconfident call that really fucking bites you.

Please stop guys. This market is a million times more volatile than penny stocks where TA is also untrustworthy.

I want you faggots to make it more than I hate you. Which is a lot.

It's not a struggle, it's wall-street money accumulating.

>trading a bear market
>hodling a crashing coin because of a meme

This idiot has been wrong for over a week. Looks like we heading back over 9k tonight.

maybe Thursday
not wed

> supporting the best TA guy on /biz
> his calls are consistently wrong

Aren't you the time traveler?

this picture is great

We are likely going to test 9k again and perhaps even break it, I still think we're in a bear market though so sub 8k prediction is probably going to be right eventually.

y u think so?

This. I was so confident in the crash today until Omegle posted.

I agree that he is an idiot.

In all fairness I have to say though that everybody predicting moons or crashes was wrong. We are going sideways... Eventually it will moon or crash.

TA is bullshit.

How is x100 short doing, brainlet?
How do you keep posting, when Oracle BTFO you so hard yesterday?

my liquidation price was above 9k. and it wasnt touched so im doing quite good actually

Why won’t you respond to


not for long fucko

At 8.5k? Kek

Sorry I think I did not make myself clear enough.

TA is B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T.


yep this shit is going to break down. (currently playing with 8.5k resistance

you heard it here first, folks. TO THE MOON WE GO!

Shhhh and breath

this is not the thread for you brainlet

shhh, we up now
caress, gentl
shh now

Nah.. We'll be 11k by end of Feb. Just go and do something else and chill out for a while. Everything is still on target.

Everyday there’s another one of these retarded ass posts... bitcoin is here to stay

Yeah but it's always by the same fucking retard

>this guy posts its going down
long my life savings 100x

We're probably going to test 9k today or tomorrow.

hope you meant to put 8k

We're not even half way to matching the longest bearish period of the crash. I wouldn't be surprised if watching the ticker today puts me to sleep

Calm down will you, yes we will eventually go down to 8k and far lower. But until the next big downswing we will be going slightly upwards.

new TA coming soon!

Dude, the crash is over. We will NEVER get below 8k again. Keep dreaming faggot.

ANOTHER apex point. We've had like 3 already. Just fucking die grandpa. Or revive, whatever.

Abandon your filthy trip like you promised you would